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At the sight of Zi Yis expression, Lu Jingye knew what she was thinking about.

However, he was not willing to leave her behind all alone at home.

He raised his hand and stroked her head.

“Do you want to come with us”

Zi Yis eyes brightened up.

“You can even bring along a family member”

Lu Jingye said to her, “We arent strangers to each other.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Yes, I want to go.”

Ian, who was standing by the side, very much wanted to say: “Its a gathering between men.

Why are you bringing along your family members!”

However, he dared not say it out loud.

Just then, Zi Yi smiled and said to him, “Dont worry, Ill play alone when we arrive at the bar.

I wont sit together with you.”

Ian subconsciously looked at Lu Jingye.

Unexpectedly, he nodded in agreement.

Ian was surprised that Lu Jingye gave his approval.

Since they were heading out, Lu Jingye got Zi Yi to wear some warm outerwear.

When Zi Yi headed upstairs, Ian finally could not bear it and asked him, “Lu, are you really going to bring Zi along”

Lu Jingye looked at him and asked, “Can I not do so”

Ian shook his head.

“Im not saying that you cant bring Zi.

But we are going to a bar and appearance-wise, shes considered very pretty, and so arent you worried”

Lu Jingye said that and walked elsewhere to get someone to prepare the car.

Zi Yi soon came down with some warm outerwear on and she said, “Lets go.

Im ready.”

He suddenly thought of a saying: The observers are more anxious than the person involved.

Since both parties involved were not anxious at all, why should he be anxious

However, as a man himself, Ian felt that when he finds a girlfriend in the future, he would resolutely refuse to let her visit places like bars.

The three of them sat in the car and arrived at the street with all the bars.

Ian looked outside the window and sighed.

“This place is still the same as it is in my memories.

Lively and bustling with activity.”

Zi Yi casually asked, “Did you used to come here often Ian”

Ian subconsciously felt that Zi Yi had a hidden meaning behind her words.

She should be purposely trying to use him as an excuse to find out if Lu Jingye frequented these places in the past.

And so, he said with a loyal mindset, “Little Zi, dont you worry.

Lu was extremely busy during his school days and he would disappear as soon as the class ended.

He didnt have time to visit places like this.”

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye and revealed sympathy in her eyes.

Sure enough, this man was an old-fashioned man.

Lu Jingye merely looked back at her with those deep-set eyes of his and did not say anything.

Soon, the car arrived outside of [Futuristic Bar].

The bespectacled man Zi Yi saw the previous time was currently standing outside the door.

As soon as the three of them alighted from the car, Ian enthusiastically waved.

“Hey! Wei An.

When did you arrive”

Wei Ans gaze lingered on Zi Yi for two seconds and he pushed his spectacles up his nose bridge.

“I just arrived.”

He did not even ask why Lu Jingye had brought Zi Yi along.

He turned around, took out a card, and headed to the entrance.

Ian found it weird.

“Wei An, when did you start to like frequenting these places To think that you even signed up for a membership card.”

“Thats not a membership card.” Zi Yi explained out of kindness.

“You need to make a reservation in advance to visit this bar.

After the reservation is made, the bar will send a card to the customer through express.

The customer can only enter the bar with the card.”

Ian said in dissatisfaction, “…This bar is so troublesome.

Wont it reduce the customers who want to visit”

The more customers a bar had, the more money it would make.

The boss of this bar was a little strange.

Zi Yi glanced at him.

“There are many people who want to visit this bar.”

Ian did not believe her at all.

Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi who deliberately concealed the fact that this bar was hers and realized that she had no intention to explain to them at all.

The three of them followed Wei An to the entrance of the bar.

A light wall appeared before them.

Under Ians surprised gaze, An Wei pasted the card on the light wall.

Following that, a sweet voice sounded.

“Identification matches.

How many guests will be entering”


Connected to the customers account and 40k will be deducted for four people.

Please confirm.”

“Deduction processed.

Customers, please come in.”

After the light wall gave entry, Wei An turned to the three of them and said, “Lets go.”

Ian recovered his senses and hastily asked.

“Why did the bar deduct 10k for each person before we have even entered Could it be that we can play all we like after paying that 10k”

“In your dreams.” Wei An glanced at Zi Yi before he stepped inside.

Ian looked at Lu Jingye with a puzzled look.

“Lu, what does Wei mean”

Lu Jingye said, “Its a rule of [Futuristic Bar].

The entrance fee is 10k per person.”

Ians eyes widened in surprise.

When the three of them reached the door, he said, “Why doesnt this bar just rob people instead”

All other bars were crowded looking at their front entrance.

Only this particular bar had a few people hanging around.

Even though the interior of it was rather special, Ian felt that not many people would be willing to come in.

The entrance fee was 10k per person and not even a big celebrity had such an expensive entrance fee for concerts.

However, when the four of them made their way inside, Ians mindset immediately changed.

“Heavens! Everything in this bar is operated by advanced technology!”

Zi Yi looked at Ian who was making a fuss out of nothing and said to Lu Jingye, “Ill go elsewhere and play for a while.”

Lu Jingye did not feel reassured and he whispered, “Keep a low profile.

Dont wager with other people.”

Zi Yi obediently replied, “Got it.”

They turned around to leave.

Following that, she walked away.

Wei An glanced at the country bumpkin, Ian, before he asked Lu Jingye, “Do you want a room or will the lobby do”

Ian quickly said, “Lobby.”

The technology used in the bar had aroused his interest.

If he does not study it, he will not be able to sleep tonight.

Lu Jingye was fine with anything.

Wei An said to the waiter robot who approached them, “Give us a booth.”

“Customers, please follow me.”

When the waiter robot said that, he also greeted Lu Jingye.

“Master, welcome to [Futuristic Bar].”

Ians train of thoughts was no longer focused in the present moment and he did not hear what the robot had said.

However, Wei An gave him a glance.

Lu Jingye had a calm expression on his face.

The waiter robot then led them to a booth.

After Zi Yi separated from the group, the passers-by would all keep a distance when they saw her.

Some of them even acted as if they had seen a ghost.

“Why is this woman here tonight”

“Everyone, keep a low profile.

Dont let her catch your weakness.”

People within the circle had suffered big losses at her bar before and whenever they saw Zi Yi now, especially inside her bar, they would basically make a detour.

Zi Yi glanced over to those people who kept their distance from her and the corner of her lips curved up.

She walked to the bar and sat down.

Subsequently, she saw a group of women infatuated with the bartender robot.

As soon as Zi Yi sat down, she instantly became the center of attention.

Just then, the manager robot came over to her.

Zi Yi pointed at the bar and said, “Go and get me a tablet.

Ill check the equipment inside.”

In fact, she could use the virtual screen available in the bar, but she had promised Lu Jingye that she would keep a low profile.

She felt that using a tablet to check the data was considered keeping a low profile.

As soon as the manager robot left, some people who came from other places had started to have designs on her.

“Look, that woman sitting in the corner of the bar is so beautiful.”

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