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Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to their courtyard.

Zi Yi took off the high heels she wore and directly headed for the bathroom barefooted.

While walking she said, “I didnt expect that it would be so tiring to take wedding photos.

We should have got our photos taken in the virtual space.”

Lu Jingye picked up the shoes she had taken off and put them by the side before he brought some slippers to her.

“Wear them.”

After he saw Zi Yi wearing the slippers, he asked, “How does taking photos in the virtual space work”

While Zi Yi was removing her makeup, she said, “Switch on your virtual screen.”

Lu Jingye followed suit.

“Recite the following words in your head:Connect brainwaves.

After your brainwaves are connected, you will notice that the scenery before you has all changed.

Your consciousness will have then entered the virtual space and you can imagine whichever type of scenery you prefer.

If you like a particular moment, you can simply think of the words:Snap.”

Zi Yi continued to remove her makeup after she finished the explanation.

Lu Jingyes acceptance level was very high and he managed to take some photos with her explanation.

Soon, he had completed all the steps she mentioned.

By the time Zi Yi was done removing her makeup, Lu Jingye was already holding onto his mobile phone and swiping on it.

Zi Yi walked over and took a peek, only to see all kinds of photos on his screen.

“Why are they all scenery photos without any photos of you”

Lu Jingye answered as if it were a matter of fact,I l dont take photos alone without you.”

Zi Yi kissed him on the cheeks happily at his words.

She then pulled his hand and said,Then lets take some photos together.”


“All we have to do is just connect our brainwaves.”

Lu Jingye did as she said.

Soon, Zi Yi entered his virtual space.

“Lets take some wedding photos.

As soon as she said that, Zi Yi changed into a wedding dress while Lu Jingye changed into a suit.

Lu Jingye looked at her, who was wearing a low-cut fishtail wedding dress, which made her seem enchanting, and his expression instantly turned serious.

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How could Zi Yi not know his train of thoughts She looped her arm through the crook of his and said, “These photos will be directly stored in the virtual space, and only the both of us can see them.

Lu Jingye looked at the seductress in front of him and his eyes dimmed ever so slightly.


Following that, the two of them took tons of photos within the virtual space.

Lu Jingye chose a few and uploaded them to his phone.

When they came out of the virtual space, Lu Jingye held her waist and asked, “Are you tired”

Zi Yi smiled and shook her head.

“Not really.

We only used our mental energy earlier.”

Having said that, she looked at him with a look of surprise.

“I didnt expect that your mental energy is so strong.”

Lu Jingye pulled her into his embrace and whispered a few sweet words in her ears.

Zi Yis face turned red in an instant.

The both of them made out for a while before Zi Yi ended up lying on his chest and listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

Lu Jingye stroked her back and asked, “Can these types of virtual screens be made available on a large scale”

Zi Yi looked up.

“Are you planning to start a technology company”

Lu Jingye indeed had the idea.


Just the virtual screen would do.

Theres no need to connect our brainwaves.”

The concept of connecting brainwaves to a virtual space alone sounded too sci-fi.

As a businessman, Lu Jingye felt that it was better for technologies that were too advanced to not be made available as of now.

Zi Yi leaned her head on his chest again and thought for a moment.

“If its just simple virtual screens, the 6G technology available now can realize it.

Why dont we add some slightly more advanced technology”


The two of them chatted for a while more before they fell asleep while embracing each other.

Early the next morning, Zi Yi followed behind Lu Jingye who was pulling two suitcases, and walked out of the courtyard

Just then, Ian was ordering his bodyguards to move his items away.

Zi Yi looked at those seven to eight large-sized pieces of luggage and asked, “Ian, youre so high-profile every time you go out, arent you afraid that someone might harm you With your situation, the other party can definitely succeed if they had thoughts of harming you.”

Ian shrugged his shoulders.

“That is why I dont really travel abroad often.

Before Ian had the status as the successor of the Count, there were few people who paid attention to him.

Not to mention, he would often stay in the winery and there was not much of a need to travel abroad.

“Lu, do you need my bodyguards to help you with your luggage”

“Theres no need.”

As soon as Lu Jingye responded, a few other bodyguards walked over to him.

Ian was a little surprised.

“1 thought you didnt bring any bodyguards.”

Other than the photography team, Ian had not seen any other groups of bodyguards.

“They just arrived.” Lu Jingye had sent out his bodyguards to handle some matters just when Ian had arrived.

Just then, Dou Xiangling opened the door to her courtyard.

At the sight of the three of them, she gave them a greeting.

“Yiyi, Little Lu, Ian, good morning.”

Zi Yi asked, “Have you packed your belongings” “Ive already tidied and packed up my things.”

While she said that, she dragged her luggage out.

After she pulled her luggage out, she was about to go in and carry her painting tools.

Ian quickly stepped forward and entered her place to help.

“Sister Xiangling, Ill help you carry them.”

“Ive already said not to call me sister.”

“Dont be angry, how about I just call you Xiangling”

Dou Xiangling acquiesced.

Zi Yi nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Since Ian knows how to correct his mistakes, Ill add less bitter medicine into the prescription for him.

Just then, Dou Zerui had also walked out of his courtyard with his luggage in hand.

He greeted both of them before asking Dou Xiangling loudly, “Xiangling, have you packed your things Do you need me to come over and help you with them”

As soon as Dou Zerui asked that, Ian and Dou Xiangling walked out of the courtyard.

Ian was holding onto two large bags of painting tools while Dou Xiangling only carried a small bag.

Dou Zerui smiled and said in response, “It seems like theres no need for my help.”

After her belongings were carried out, they were taken away by Lu Jingyes and Ians bodyguards.

The group then continued walking forward together as they headed to the house in front.

Boss Wan had already been waiting for them from early in the morning.

There were also several bags of items next to him.

As soon as they saw the group coming over, he hastily came over and welcomed Lu Jingye and Zi Yi.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Madam.

Ive prepared some dry goods and winter bamboo shoots that are found in the mountains.

They arent worth much, and I hope that its to your liking.”

Lu Jingye said, “Thank you.

My wife likes the winter bamboo shoots and dry goods you have here.”

Boss Wan smiled happily in response.

Lu Jingye got his bodyguards to carry those bags of food into the car and he chatted with Boss Wan for a while longer.

Following that, everyone got in the cars and left the hot springs villa.

The snow that had been falling for several days finally stopped last night.

However, the mountains were still covered in snow.

Zi Yi looked out the window and asked Lu Jingye, “Has Dad returned to the capital

“Not yet.

He still has to hand over some stuff to Third Uncle.

He should be able to leave the Southern Ocean today,”

Zi Yi nodded her head and took out her phone to check the situation over there.

After the guards arrived there, it was impossible for a fight to break out immediately.

Whats more, the pirates were hiding near the Straits of Malacca and there were many small islands there.

Not to mention, the geography there was also rather special and they were not easy to locate.

Whats more, the pirates were hiding near the Straits of Malacca and there were many small islands there.

Not to mention, the geography there was also rather special and they were not easy to locate.

Zi Yi casually asked, “Since they are there to rescue people, have they located the place where the pirates have kept the captives”

“They have already narrowed down on an approximate location,” Lu Jingye said, “Those pirates are a group who have been rampant in that area for quite some time.

They have ties with several influential figures from different countries and the higher-ups are planning to try peaceful means before resorting to force.”.


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