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When everyone expected to see a rejection, Lu Jingye took the alcohol from Zi Yi and said, “Thanks.”

Everyone present: “…”

That was somewhat different from their expectations!

He Fei suddenly had a sense of crisis.

He panicked and raised his glass towards Lu Jingye.

“Second Brother, Yiyi and I will be family in the future.

Please take care of us.”

Zi Yi looked at He Fei with slightly narrowed eyes.

He Fei felt her gaze and drank the alcohol before she could interrupt.

Just as he drank the alcohol, he felt warm and asked Ouyang Ming.

“Ah Ming, did your air conditioner break down Why do I find it warm”

Everyone looked at him with a strange gaze.

Ouyang Ming clicked his tongue.

“I think youre feeling hot in your heart instead.

The air-conditioning here is so cold that one would get goosebumps.

Yet, you still find it warm”

“Is that so” He Fei suddenly looked toward Zi Yi and grinned.

“Then it must be because the person I like is here.”

His words had caused a round of hubbub.



Zi Yi looked at He Feis reaction, then at Zi Lians expression that was already slightly flushed.

A sharp glint flashed through her eyes

She picked up the glass and raised it towards He Fei.

“Even though I dont fancy you, your courage is commendable.”

After she said that, she raised the glass towards Lu Jingye and drank it.

Zi Yi drank for his sake and He Fei was delighted.

He hastily filled up his cup and drank it.

Lu Jingye had also followed suit.

When everyone saw that Lu Jingye drank, the atmosphere warmed up.

Many people started to propose a toast to him.

However, Lu Jingye was very disciplined.

He stopped after the second cup.

No one dared to propose a toast after he refused.

Some went back to dance while the rest of the men circled around Lu Jingye to chat about financial affairs.

The women also looked at him with admiration and loving gazes.

Zi Yi was more concerned about He Fei and Zi Lian, along with Xiang Wei who furtively looked her way.

Xiang Wei found it weird.

Why hadnt Zi Yi reacted

Could it be that the staff had spiked the wrong glass

Just as she was about to observe the others who were served the alcohol, Zi Liang could no longer endure it.

Her eyes kept shifting to He Fei as she was wondering why he had yet to leave.

He Fei had also felt something off just then.

He immediately realized the alcohol was spiked and he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

He stood up with an unchanged expression and said, “Im heading to the restroom.

You guys can continue.”

After that, he walked in the direction of the restroom.

When Zi Lian saw that he left, she rejoiced and followed behind eagerly.

Xiang Wei saw He Fei and Zi Lian walking in the direction of the restroom and thought about what He Fei had said earlier.

Her expression changed and she immediately stood up.

Just then, Zi Yi called out to her.

“Xiang Wei.”

Her voice was not loud, but everyone nearby had heard her.

All their gazes shifted to Zi Yi and Xiang Wei.

Xiang Wei looked at her with a frown.

Zi Yi suddenly looked up at her, released a trace of mental energy, and said, “Lets toast.”

Xiang Wei subconsciously picked up the glass and drank it.

She seemed to have forgotten what she was about to do and sat down again.

At that moment, Lu Jingye who was in a conversation with the rest suddenly glanced at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi gave him a smile, deliberately raised her glass to propose a toast, and emptied the glass.

Lu Jingyes eyes flashed with disapproval.

Not only did she skip classes, participate in racing cars, and climb over walls, she even drank!

Old man Dous granddaughter should not act like this!


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