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Ian ended up being carried away by his bodyguards.

Zi Yi and the others then sent Dou Zerui back to his room.

Dou Xiangling helped Dou Zerui fetch some warm water to wipe his face and prepared a glass of water to place by his bedside.

Following that, the three of them left his courtyard.

After they came out, Dou Xiangling said to Zi Yi and Lu Jingye with a concerned tone, “Yiyi, you two should also rest early.

Youve all drank so much tonight, remember not to go soak in the hot springs.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and said in response, “Got it.



After seeing Dou Xiangling returning to her room, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye turned and headed back to their room.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Zi Yi immediately headed for the bathroom.

She said in disgust, “Its good to have a barbeque, but its just that the lingering scent is too strong.

I feel that Im the one being barbequed instead.”

Lu Jingye found it funny as he saw her quick footsteps.

He reminded her from behind.

“Bring your pajamas inside.”

“No- I cant stand the smell anymore.”

Having said that, the door to the bathroom closed and the sound of water falling could be heard.

Lu Jingye could only walk over to fetch her pajamas and called out to her outside the bathroom.

‘Yiyi.” Zi Yi responded from inside.

Lu Jingye pushed the door open.

The bathrooms shower was separated by a glass wall and hot air flooded the cubicle.

Zi Yi was currently undressing.

Lu Jingye said to her, “‘Ive placed your pajamas here.

Wear them when you come out.”


Only then did Lu Jingye head out.

When Zi Yi finished taking a shower, Lu Jingye had already finished bathing and changed into his pajamas as he sat on the single-seater sofa next to the bed.

He had a laptop on his lap and he was currently typing on it.

Zi Yi looked at his half-dried short hair and walked over to his back and lay down on his shoulders.

Lu Jingye tilted his head and he just so happened to touch lips with Zi Yi.

Zi Yi ended up giving him a deep kiss on the lips before she squinted her eyes and glanced at his laptop screen.

“Ah Jing, who are you taking care of now”

“The Ouyang Family reached their hands out to my familys jewelry store while I was busy during this period of time.”

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“Ouyang Family.” Zi Yi thought of the crazy Ouyang Ming and snorted.

“Sure enough, the Ouyang Family are

all cut from the same cloth.

Devious, insidious, and fond of playing small tricks… Could it be that they have not suffered enough under your hands a few days back and want to extend their suffering”

Lu Jingye responded with a hum and continued typing on his laptop.

Zi Yi was not worried in the slightest that he would be light-handed with them.

After looking at his screen for a while, she walked over to grab her tablet before taking off her shoes and lying down on the bed while she quickly started swiping.

It just so happened that Little Loli sent her a message.

After Zi Yi saw the message, she said, “Ah Jing, Little Loli said that Rick has been staying in the territory of an influential figure.

Moreover, He Fei and Ouyang Ming are also there.”

Lu Jingye stopped what he was doing and looked up at her.

“Which influential figure

“His English name is Demon.

To think that this person had actually come up with such a name for himself.

Its obvious that he isnt a good person.

He Fei and Ouyang Ming are really daring to get in contact with someone like that.”

Lu Jingye thought for a moment and said, “Demon specializes in the arms business.

There are many different channels in his hands and he also has contacts with pirates in the Southern Ocean.

It is rumored that this man is familiar with the leaders of pirate X, and they might also be working together…

For He Fei and Ouyang Ming to be in touch with him, I believe they should be wanting to do business with him.

If the business is successful, it will be very profitable.”

“Hmph… to negotiate business with this kind of person, its a matter of wits and courage.

I didnt expect He Fei and Ouyang Ming to be so courageous.

Why do I feel that they might end up getting detained there and wont ever be coming back”

“Well…” Lu Jingye did not seem to be very concerned about them.

“Its very likely.”

Neither was Zi Yi.

Since that was the road they chose for themselves, it was dependent on their luck to whether it was a blessing or curse.

Zi Yi directly connected to Little Loli and asked, “What is Rick thinking of doing in that Demons territory”

Little Loli said, “He wants to buy a batch of arms from Demon, so that when Oppa Lu heads to Country Em, he will be able to deal with him.”

“Hmph!” Zi Yi coldly snorted and a streak of killing intent flashed past her eyes.

“Then find a way to take care of him now that youre there.”

Little Loli responded, “Master, I am unable to touch Ricks body.”

“Why” Based on the invisibility function after the upgrades, it should be very easy for her to kill Rick.

Little Loli explained.

“Rick has a powerful person next to him.

That person has something that can interfere with my ability to make judgments.”

Zi Yi furrowed her brows.

“Have you detected what that thing is”

Little Loli said, “That interference item is not found within my database.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment.

Even though Little Loli had a large database, there were tons of things in the world, and there were also many things that she might not have known or had missed out on.

Zi Yi said to Little Loli, “Send the interference electromagnetic wave to the No.

I detector.”

Little Loli confirmed with her.

“It has been sent successfully.

Master, please check.”


Before I find out what it is, pay attention to your safety.”

“Yes, Master.”

Zi Yi ended the connection and she met Lu Jingyes eyes when she looked up.

Lu Jingye placed the laptop aside and came over to the edge of the bed and looked at her.

Zi Yi said, “1 feel that the person who harmed Yunxiao must be the one helping Rick.

They had discussed this issue before.

Zi Yi held her tablet in front of him so that he could see it and leaned into his embrace.

With traces of killing intent, she said, “I can feel that the identity of the person who harmed our younger brother is not simple.

Perhaps they have some special skills or powerful items in hand.”


Lu Jingye had also thought about this possibility.

However, what Zi Yi was concerned about the most was Rick.

She said to Lu Jingye, “Rick is planning to attack you when youre in Country Em.

We have to find a way to take care of him.

Leaving someone like him alive is simply a hidden disaster.”

Lu Jingye held her waist and said, “Okay.”

Zi Yi looked up at him and furrowed her brows.

“Previously Little Loli was blocked by a special magnetic

field and now, there is a special item that is interfering with her functions.

Even though my robots arent particularly advanced due to material constraints, no one in this world is capable of creating them.

Say, where do you think they got those materials”

Lu Jingye thought for a moment.

“Its possible that there might be someone similar to you here.”

Zi Yi laughed at his words.

“I wish that was the case.”

She was an influential figure in the interstellar era and she had never been afraid of anyone in the aspect of technology.

Lu Jingye raised his hand and touched her face.

“They possess powerful items in hand, and I cant compare, but I have you with me.”

Zi Yi was overjoyed by his words.

She threw the tablet in her hand to one side and put her arm around his neck and pulled him over.

The second before their lips touched each other, she said, “Youre right.

You have me and no one can ever hurt you.”

Lu Jingye tightened his grip on her waist and gave her a kiss.

The room was filled with a romantic atmosphere.

The snow finally stopped after having snowed the entire day.

Dou Xiangling was having a good sleep, when she vaguely heard the sounds of a violin, causing her to wake up subconsciously.

There was no need for her to head out to take a look to guess that Ian was playing the violin.



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