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Chapter 556 Why Dont We Give You a Live Broadcast


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Dou Xiangling responded with ayes.

Zi Yi was suddenly silent.

Dou Xiangling found her reaction strange and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Its nothing.”

Zi Yi took out her phone and passed it to her.

“You can try to see if my phone can make a call.”

Dou Xiangling took her phone and soon she got through to Zhang Hanyus phone.

However, the ringtone continued to ring until the end and there was no answer from the other end.

Dou Xiangling passed the phone back to Zi Yi.

“Hanyu didnt answer.

I think he doesnt have his phone with him.”

Zi Yi did not take back her phone and said, “Since you can get a connection with my phone, you can hold onto it first.

Perhaps Teacher Zhang might call you back later.”

Dou Xiangling nodded her head and put the mobile phone into her pocket.

The three of them then headed outside the villas entrance.

By the time they reached Dou Zerui, he had already fixed the parasol in a relatively wide-open space with the help of two staff members.

However, the wind in the mountains was rather strong today and despite fixing the parasol on the ground, it was still swaying back and forth.

The fixtures obviously were unable to stabilize it.

The two staff members

could only use their hands to hold onto the fixtures, and they dared not release their hands at all.

The moment Dou Zerui saw the three of them walking over, he asked Zi Yi, “The winds on the mountains are so strong and the parasol cant be fixed at all.

What should we do”

Zi Yi pointed at the thermal generator next to him.

“Place the thermal generator in the direction where the wind is coming from.”

Dou Zerui hastily did what she said.

Zi Yi made her way over, pressed a few buttons on the generator and it started to operate.

Zi Yi then said to the other two staff members, “You can leave now.”

“Eh…” Dou Zerui wanted to say something but gave up in the end.

Lu Jingye walked over and asked, “What help do you need”

Lu Jingye walked over and asked.

“What help do you need”

Lu Jingye put down the painting tools on one side and went over to grab the parasol that even the two staff members found it hard to support together.

He then effortlessly fixed it on the ground.

Zi Yi called out to Shadow II.

“Go and gather some snow.”

Shadow II soon gathered a large pile of snow.

Zi Yi then got him to build a three-sided snow wall that was 1.5 meters tall and 1.2 meters wide.

Lu Jingye placed the parasol in the middle and it formed a roof.

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Zi Yi then got Dou Zerui to place the thermal generator at the side without the snow wall.

Soon, a warm gust of air filled the inside of the compacted snow room.

Dou Xiangling asked in surprise, “Yiyi, how did you manage to achieve that”

“This has a similar principle to the generation of wind power.”

Zi Yi gave them a brief explanation.

Dou Xiangling placed the painting tools in the interior of the snow wall.

Not only was she able to see the scenery outside, but she also did not feel the slightest chill.

She then started to mix the pigments.

Seeing that there was nothing for them to do, Lu Jingye asked Zi Yi, “Do you want to go skiing”

Zi Yis eyes brightened and she hastily nodded her head.


Lu Jingyes lips curved up.

“The boss said that there is a ski resort at the back of the mountain that was specially developed for tourists.

Lets go, we can ski for an hour or two and Ian would most likely have reached

here by then.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and turned to Dou Zerui.

“Do you want to follow us”

“Nope.” Dou Zerui did not want to be a third wheel.

“Ill stay here and accompany Xiangling.”

Dou Xiangling looked up and made eye contact with him.

“Brother, I dont need your company.”

Dou Zerui said, “Youre a girl who is alone outside.

What if you encounter some dangers later”

“What dangers could I possibly encounter Its just right outside the entrance of the villa and the boss has also mentioned that there are no large-sized wild animals here.

Besides, even if theres really something

dangerous, the boss and the staff members would arrive very quickly if | were to scream or something.”

Dou Xiangling did not think of how Dou Zerui would become a third wheel if he followed Zi Yi and Lu Jingye skiing.

She only wanted for him to let loose and enjoy his time here.

Dou Zerui was just about to refute, when Zi Yi could not take it anymore.

She simply pulled his clothes and dragged him away.

“Ill send an invisible robot to guard her.

You shall go skiing with us.”

“…” Dou Zerui struggled for a few seconds before he finally said, “Alright then.”

The three of them headed to the back of the mountains, while Dou Xiangling remained there alone to paint.

Supposedly she should be able to devote herself to the beautiful scenery, but she was somehow absent-minded today.

After painting for a while, she would check the phone next to her.

She found it very strange.

In the past, as long as she sent a message, Zhang Hanyu would usually reply instantly.

Even if he did not manage to answer

her call in time, he would always return her call in a minute or two.

However, half an hour or so had passed and there was no news from him.

She even thought that Zi Yis phone had lost signal again.

She picked up the phone to take a look.

The signal bar was full.

She thought for a moment and gave Zhang Hanyu a call.

The phone rang for some time and just when Dou Xiangling thought that no one was going to pick up, it suddenly got connected.

A foreign mans voice sounded from the other end.

Dou Xiangling was a little surprised.

She thought that Zhang Hanyu was together with another foreign teacher and politely said, “Hello, please can you help me pass the phone to Zhang Hanyu.”

Unexpectedly, a burst of laughter sounded from the other end and shortly after, she heard the foreign man speak.

“Baby, theres a woman looking for you.”

The moment Dou Xiangling heard the wordbaby, an awkward feeling surged forth in her heart.

She did not expect to vaguely hear Zhang Hanyus flustered voice from the other end.

“Quickly hang up.

Tell her that I

am busy and Ill call her back soon.”

Zhang Hanyus voice clearly came from another place and Dou Xiangling only managed to hear what he said by straining her ears.

The foreign mans voice sounded soon after.

“Zhang said hell call you back later.”

He then suddenly lowered his voice and said with a smile, “You should be that new girlfriend Zhang had gotten Im pretty curious, because he is a bottom, how does he have s*x with you”

Dou Xianglings mind suddenly went blank.

The man continued to speak.

“If you dont believe he is a bottom, why dont we give you a live broadcast”

Having said that, sounds of him putting the phone down could be heard, but he did not disconnect the call.

Dou Xiangling tightly gripped the phone and she felt that her mind was even more chaotic.

n particular, Zhang Hanyus dissatisfied shouting could be heard.

“Are you f**king finished”

The foreign man gasped.

“Not yet.

Dont you love it too”

What followed were sounds that were intolerable to the ear.

Dou Xiangling suddenly disconnected the call and there was disbelief and shock on her face.

Zhang Hanyu he…

To think…

How can this be possible!


All of a sudden, the sounds of brakes could be heard and Dou Xiangling recovered her senses and stuck out her head to look at the car that almost hit the ice wall.

Shortly afterwards, she saw Ian alighting from the car.

Ian was someone who paid attention to his image wherever he went.

An example would be right now.

He had clearly taken a ten hour plane ride, followed by a two hour car ride, and yet, he still looked presentable and

gave off a noble gentlemans demeanor.

At the sight of Dou Xiangling, he walked over and asked, “Dou, why are you here”

Dou Xiangling replied with a wooden expression, “Im painting.”

Ian revealed an apologetic look.

“Fortunately I managed to hit the brakes in time and stop the car, otherwise it would have crashed into you.”

Having said that, he even asked in a gentlemanly manner, “Dou, did you get frightened”.


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