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Chapter 545: Zi Yi Talks About a Condition With the Higher-Ups


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The moment Zi Yi entered, the uniformed individuals made way for her.

She walked in and only stopped when she was about a meter away from the sofa.

‘The middle-aged man wearing the military coat gave off a very strong and robust aura.

Within his firm gaze was contained a sharpness that made people unconsciously feel respect for him.

While the middle-aged man was sizing her up, Zi Yi stood with composure and returned his gaze with a nod before she looked at the Dean.

“Dean, why were you looking for me”

A trace of surprise flashed past the middle-aged mans eyes.

There was actually someone that did not fear him

Even the Dean was also momentarily surprised for a moment before he said with a smile, “Its not me thats looking for you.

Its Mr.

Zheng over here.”

The Dean did not introduce Mr.

Zhengs identity and Zi Yi did not inquire any further either.

She turned her head and looked at Mr.


After meeting him face to face, Zi Yi noticed that there was a long scar from the left cheek of his face to the base of his ears.

This scar was very light and it should have been from quite some time back.


Zhengs appearance was very masculine and even though the scar had faded, it would still cause peoples heartbeat to quicken if they took another peek at him.

Zi Yi stopped sizing him up and asked, “I wonder why Mr.

Zheng is looking for me”


Zheng was silently nodding in his heart.

There were only a few people that could stare at him straight on, not to mention the person standing in front of him now was such a young lady.

He went straight to the point.

“I heard that you are able to melt the snow on the road surfaces and prevent it from

accumulating more snow.

I hope that you can help us remove the accumulated snow in the capital and the surrounding expressways.”

Zi Yi lowered her eyes and did not immediately agree to his request.

The Dean who was seated saw Zi Yis reaction and thought that she was in a difficult situation and so, he asked, “Student Zi, are you able to get rid of such a large quantity of snow”

Zi Yi glanced at the Dean, but she still did not immediately speak up.

She was calculating the range and quantity of snow there was to remove throughout the entire capital and the surrounding expressways.

The Dean could not discern what she was thinking and was afraid that Mr.

Zheng might get angry.

Therefore, he took it in his own hands and explained.


Zheng, the scale between M.Uni and the city is very different.

The project scale to remove the accumulated snow for the entire capital must be very

large and Student Zi is only a young lady, and so how could she possibly accomplish such a feat”


Zheng nodded his head.

“Student Zi doesnt have to worry about that.

People from the States Chemical Laboratory will be there to assist you.

Also, I will dispatch a team of guards to follow your arrangement.”

Zi Yi suddenly had an idea upon hearing what he said.

She finally looked up and said to him, “I can help, but I have a condition.”

The Dean felt his heart palpitating.

How could this child bring up the matter of a condition in front of Mr.


It had to be known that working for the country was something glorious and it would be beneficial for her reputation in the future.

Why did that child become so muddle-headed during such a juncture


Zheng was also surprised that Zi Yi would mention a condition.

However, he did not immediately reject it and said, “Speak.”

“When this incident gets reported, put my name at the forefront.”

‘The Dean and Mr.

Zheng were surprised at the same time.

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However, if she was really able to resolve the problem of the accumulated snow, she ought to receive fame.


Zheng agreed to her condition.

Zi Yi was finally satisfied and she asked, “Other than those people that Mr.

Zheng had mentioned earlier, are there others who are involved”

“Other than a few other professors from the Chemical Laboratory, theres also your Second Uncle and his team.”

Speaking of this, Mr.

Zheng even deliberately added and said, “Little Lu is also involved.”

“Ah Jing”

“Thats right,” Mr.

Zheng said.

“During the car accident, thanks to him rescuing the injured from the cars, our medical team gained time to rescue the patients.

Otherwise, the casualties would have been very severe.”

Zi Yi subconsciously asked, “Why is Ah Jing there Is he alright”

“Little Lu is fine.

He had just left the city when he encountered that car accident.

Moreover, it was Little Lu who suggested that I come looking for you.”

Zi Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing his words.

Everything is okay as long as her Ah Jing was doing fine.


Zheng saw her reaction and suddenly discovered that the young lady in front of him was, in fact, rather adorable.

It could be considered that Little Lu had benefited greatly.

He continued to ask, “Are you willing to leave with me now”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Fine, but before this, you had better get people to prepare some things.”

“Tve had a conversation with the Dean earlier and got to know what chemicals you had used.

Ive already gotten my men to prepare them.”

“No.” Zi Yis expression turned serious.

“The chemicals used in M.Uni cannot be used in the city.”

“Why” Mr.

Zhengs expression turned serious.

Zi Yi said with a kind expression, “Because the costs are too high.”


Zheng suddenly noticed that the young lady was also a little mischievous.

Zi Yi did not bother to look at Mr.

Zhengs expression as she continued to speak.

“Take chemical X as an example.

We only need a few hundred grams to cover the area of M.Uni.

However, a single gram costs tens of dollars and if we are planning to use it throughout the entire city and the expressway, not

to mention how much money would have to be spent, there might not even be enough chemical X to go around.”


Zheng nodded his head.

“Then what do you need”

“Ineed…” Zi Yi told him a list of chemicals she needed.


Zheng motioned for a subordinate who was writing down the chemicals.

“Immediately inform the respective departments and get them to prepare.”



Zheng stood up from the sofa and said, “Lets leave now.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and followed him as they went outside the office.

“Get the School of Science and Technology to add your credit points,” the Dean said.

Zi Yi nodded her head and left together with Mr.


After coming out of the office building, Mr.

Zheng called for Zi Yi to take his car.

‘When the car drove out, he suddenly asked, “I heard that you and Little Lu are getting married soon”

“We are already married.” Zi Yi spoke while Mr.

Zheng looked at her with a surprised gaze.

“However, we have yet to hold the wedding reception.

Therefore we have scheduled the wedding banquet for the 24th of this month.”


Zheng was momentarily silent before he said, “You seem as if you had only just turned eighteen.”

“Cant I get married”


Zheng did not expect Zi Yi to ask him such a question.

However, he became interested and started chatting with her.

“Disregarding the fact that you have yet to reach the age of legal marriage, based on my understanding of Elder Lu, he would not agree to your marriage.”

Zi Yi remained silent for a few seconds and muttered, “Ah Jings Grandfathers overbearingness is indeed well-known.”


Zheng opened his mouth.

He very much wanted to remind the young lady seated next to him that he and Elder Lu belonged to the same system.

Even if he had retired, it doesnt seem to be a good idea to badmouth him in front of him, right

Zi Yi glanced at Mr.

Zheng and the comer of her lips curved up.

“Ah Jing has already been kicked out by Patriarch Lu.

Hes now my man and isnt it normal for us to get married”


Zheng: “…”

He had also heard about this news.

He did not expect that Little Lu would take it to this extent for such a young lady.

He did not know if he should admire him or describe him as being over courageous.


Zheng thought that Zi Yi still wanted to say something, but he did not expect her to take out her phone and start scrolling on it.

He suddenly felt that the young lady next to him was not a simple character.


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