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Chapter 543: Forever Second Place


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The three seniors were so enthusiastic to the extent that Zi Yi had no chance to work at all.

After she explained to them how they should mix the chemicals, there was nothing else for her to do.

While the three seniors were mixing the chemicals, they chatted with Zi Yi.

Ge Tao, who had a crew cut, asked, “Junior Zi, how did you come to know that by mixing these chemicals together you would be able to melt the snow and prevent the ground from accumulating more snow”

“A mixture of these chemicals has the function of heat dissipation.

In addition…”

Zi Yi gave them a brief explanation.

The three of them listened to her attentively while marveling at her knowledge at the same time.

Ou Li who had thick eyebrows, similar to those male leads from idol dramas, could not help but sigh after he heard her explanation.

“Why didnt we ever think of mixing these chemicals together Not to mention it would have such a reaction.”

Speaking of this, he asked Zi Yi, “Junior Zi, wouldnt the chemical X and chemical Y produce poisonous chemicals if mixed together”

“When chemical Z is added into the mixture, another type of reaction would happen and the poisonous chemical would be negated.”

The three of them were silent for a moment before Zhang Zhibo, who had a square face, spoke up.

“So thats the case!”

“Junior Zi, your basics are so strong! If we knew earlier, we would have called you to join us when our department participated in the International Chemistry Competition.

In that case, we would be able to beat Y University from Country X and get rid of our forever second place title.”

“Forever second place”

“Thats right.

Junior Zi, you might not believe it, but the Chemistry Department of M.Uni has such a curse.

No matter how many competitions we take part in, the highest place we would win is second and we would always brush past first place.”

Speaking of this topic, the three of them suddenly had tons of things to talk about.

While they mixed the chemicals, they explained to Zi Yi the situation of the competition in which the M.Unis Chemistry Department had participated before in the past.

“The eeriest thing is that M.Unis Chemistry Department is ranked in the top five internationally, but the other four schools would always take turns to win the first place.

Only our M.Uni would always be in second place.”

Speaking of this, the three of them sighed at the same time.

Zi Yi was deep in thought for a moment before she asked, “Tell me more about the recent competitions.”

Thus, the three of them started to delve deeper into the details.

Unknowingly, it was already 11 a.m.


Lu was thinking that there would be a crowd after lessons and so, she left for M.Uni twenty minutes in advance.

The moment she arrived at the entrance, she gave Zi Yia call.

Zi Yi was currently sprinkling the chemical solution around M.Uni together with the three seniors and so, she said, “Mom, why dont you head over to my cousins office in the School of Fine Arts Im currently on campus, but Ill be going elsewhere later and you might not be able to find me.”


Lu was a little surprised.

“What are you doing”

Zi Yi told her.

“Im removing the accumulated snow.”


Lu felt her heart ache for her.

“How could the school let a girl like you remove the snow alone Its snowing so heavily outside, dont catch a cold.”

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Everything will be done on my side soon.”


Lu was still a little worried.

“Alright then.

Ill head over to Xianglings place and wait for you.

Make your way over quickly.”

Zi Yis casual tone of voice sounded through the phone.

“Alright~ Ill be there soon!”

After hanging up the phone, Mrs.

Lu got the driver to drive to the office building near the School of Fine Arts.

As soon as the car was parked, Dou Xiangling came out and greeted her with an umbrella.

“Auntie Lu, youre here.”


Lu alighted with a thermos flask and an umbrella in her hand, and Dou Xiangling hastily helped her with it.

Mrs Lu said with a smile, “The weather is cold, so I came to give some soup for you two.”

Dou Xiangling replied with a smile, “Thanks Auntie Lu.”

She then continued to ask, “Auntie Lu, do you want to head over to my office or do you want to follow me to the canteen to order some dishes and wait for Yiyi”

The food selection in M.Unis canteen was pretty good and Mrs.

Lu was well aware of it.

Therefore, she did not get the cook to prepare a full lunch.

“Lets head over to the canteen.

Yiyi said shell be coming shortly.”


Thus, the two of them made their way towards the canteen.

Some of the students who had walked past them along the way were discussing Zi Yi.

“The study god is indeed the study god! Isnt Zi Yi too amazing With such a heavy snow today, she could even think of using chemicals to melt the snow and make it so that no snow has accumulated on the roads.”

“Thats right.

Last year the snow wasnt as heavy as this year and the snow still accumulated everywhere.

There was no way to ride a bicycle and it was easy to fall over even while walking.

I remember many people were late for classes back then.”

Hearing the topic of the students discussion, Mrs.

Lu and Dou Xiangling made eye contact and smiled.

Dou Xiangling said, “Viyi truly has tons of ideas.

It has been snowing heavily in M.Uni these past two days and the accumulated snow has even reached our knees.

I didnt expect that she would be able to easily resolve this problem.”


Lu was also at ease.

As long as Zi Yi was not manually shoveling the snow, everything was good.

She revealed a smile and nodded.

“My Yiyi is indeed smart.”

The two of them leisurely made their way towards the canteen, while discussing Zi Yi.

When they were about to reach the entrance of the canteen, Dou Xiangling suddenly received a call from Zhang Hanyu.

She told him that she wont be eating with him for lunch today and hung up the phone.

After she hung up the phone, Mrs.

Lu asked, “Xiangling, was that call from your boyfriend”

Dou Xiangling nodded.



Lu smiled and did not comment on anything else.

Within the school grounds, when Zi Yi saw that the snow was more or less cleaned up, she said to the three seniors, “Let the drone continue cleaning up the areas we have yet to cover.

Im going to grab lunch now.


Zi Yi originally wanted to say that they should also go and grab their lunch, but before she could finish her sentence, Ge Tao took the initiative and said, “In order to thank you for teaching us so much chemistry knowledge, well treat you to lunch today.”

“My Mom and cousin have already ordered for me.”

Zhang Zhibo said, “Why does that matter Well treat Auntie and Teacher Dou together.”

“Thats right.

Junior Zi.

You must let us treat you to lunch or else it will prick at our consciences.”


Therefore, when Zi Yi made her way to the canteen near the School of Fine Arts, there were three male students following behind her.

As soon as the three male students saw Mrs.

Lu and Dou Xiangling, they greeted both of them enthusiastically.

“Hello Auntie, Hello Teacher Dou.”


Lu was surprised to see the three male students.

Zi Yi explained to both of them.

“These three seniors were helping me earlier and they said that they wanted to treat us to lunch.”


Lu thought that these male students were too enthusiastic and could it be that they had designs on Yiyi Therefore, she deliberately said, “Yiyi, why didnt you tell Mom that your friends are coming over to have lunch together In that case, I would have ordered their share in advance too.”

“Haha… no need for that.

Well order for ourselves and that will do.”

“Thats right.

We originally planned to treat all of you to a meal, but we didnt expect that Auntie and Teacher Dou had already ordered.”

The three male students foolishly laughed with slight embarrassment.


Lus smile became kinder and she said, “Its fine.

It just so happens that my son has purchased some tonics and asked me to prepare soup for Yiyi to nourish her body.

Since the three of you are here, lets drink it together.”


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