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Chapter 542: Everyone, Stop What Youre Doing, Zi Yi Is About to Unleash a Big Move.

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After Patriarch Lu ended the call with General Tang, he received a call from other military regions urging for the delivery of the supplies.

Patriarch Lu has never dealt with such trivial matters in the past and for a moment, he did not know where to start.

In the end, he could only reply to them and say, “Ill send someone to bring you the supplies right away.”

After he hung up the phone, he calmly thought for a moment and said to the housekeeper, “Go and call the eldest and the third.”

The Eldest Master and the Third Master came back in a hurry.

Patriarch Lu asked with a stern expression, “Several regions military camps called to press for supplies today.

Who shall take charge”

As soon as they heard that, their expression slightly changed.

It had to be known that dispatching military supplies was not a simple task.

If something goes wrong, the consequences would be very serious.

The eldest certainly would not take over and he said in haste, “Father, Ive been preparing to head abroad with the leader these days and I wont have much time on hand.

Why dont you get Third Brother to take care of this”

The third son did not expect his brother to throw the trouble towards him and he said, “I only know how to organize troops and fight.

I am unfamiliar with this matter.”

Patriarch Lu did not expect both his sons to shirk responsibility and he became furious.

“You cant even get such a small thing done! What else are you incapable of!”

The two middle-aged men who were reprimanded immediately lowered their heads, but none of them spoke up to take this job.

Patriarch Lu got even angrier at the sight of them.

He said with a dark expression, “Third, you shall handle this matter.”

“Father, but I…”

“This is an order!”


After the Eldest Master and the Third Master came out from Patriarch Lus courtyard, the eldest patted the thirds shoulders and said earnestly, “Third Brother, dont blame me for not taking over this matter.

I really dont have the time and you have been in the military camp for long periods of time, and

so you should be more familiar with this.

Im sure that you would know which regions require what supplies.”

The Third Master immediately got angry at his words.

“The hell with that.

Do you think dispatching military supplies is organizing and leading troops You wont know which military camp requires what supplies if youre not an expert and you wont be able to do well, even if you have the list in your

hand! Moreover, I dont know where Jingye previously stored those documents at all.”

The Eldest Master thought for a moment and suggested.

“Third Brother, if youre really not sure what to do, you can look for Jingye.

You should be aware, now that Zhiheng has taken over the Lu Group, Jingye must be angry at my family.

If I were to take over the dispatching work, he would certainly

refuse to help.

But its different for you.

Perhaps he might agree to help if you go and look for him.”

The Third Master thought for a moment and found his brothers words to be reasonable.

His expression finally eased slightly and he turned to leave.

The Eldest Master looked at his departing back view and a flash of light streaked past his eyes before he then turned and headed towards another direction.

At MUni.

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After Zi Yis car stopped at the parking lot of the School of Liberal Arts, she headed towards the Archaeology Department.

Just as she walked through the doors, she saw quite a number of students with brooms and shovels in their hands as they swept and shoveled the snow.

Everyone greeted her with a smile at the sight of her.

Zi Yi responded to them one by one and headed towards the freshman area.

She immediately saw Li Xia and a few other classmates who were also sweeping the snow.

Li Xia smiled and greeted her the moment she saw Zi Yi.

“Youre here!”

Zi Yi asked her, “Youre just going to shovel and sweep the snow like this”

Their department was not a small area and the building is considered an old building.

It would take at least more than half a day to clear the snow here.

Li Xia responded.

“We dont have a choice.

When we arrived in the momning, the snow outside had even reached the height of our knees.

If we dont shovel and sweep the snow away, attending classes will prove to be even more difficult.”

It has been snowing really hard these last two days.

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and took out two balls from her bag.

“Ill try and help.”

“How do you intend to go about trying”

Li Xia looked curious.

Zi Yi stood in the middle of the courtyard and quickly opened the two circular balls as she re-assembled them together.

Soon, the two balls combined to form a drone.

She quickly took out a pen and paper to write down a few words.

Following that, the manless drone flew away.

Li Xia and the others watched the drone fly away and asked, “Zi Yi, what are you planning to do”

“I made the drone borrow some things from the chemical lab.”

“What things”

Zi Yi swiftly listed several chemical names which made Li Xia confused.

However, in the end, she asked, “Will they lend it to you”

“Yes, they will.”

‘As soon as Zi Yi said that, she quickly typed some words and sent out a message.

Everyone stood in the courtyard and waited.

Less than ten minutes or so later, they saw the drone flying back.

On it were tied several bags of bottles.

Zi Yi took down the items and said to Li Xia, “Call everyone to stop and tell them to come to the corridor.”

“Oh, okay!”

Li Xia answered her and immediately shouted to everyone, “Stop what youre doing, Zi Yi is about to unleash a big move.”

Zi Yi who was currently in the process of mixing the chemicals: “…”

Soon, she managed to mix what she needed, and seeing that everyone was standing in the corridor, she tied the chemical on the drone and got it to sprinkle the chemical powder on the snow.

Soon, plumes of smoke could be seen from the front and the snow soon turned into water and flowed away.

In less than three minutes, the entire building seemed to have undergone a spring cleaning and it was simply a sight to see.

“Oh my! Zi Yi youre so amazing!”

Some of the students directly uploaded the photos of the Archaeology Department building onto the school forum.

Soon, the forum became lively.

“The Goddess is indeed worthy of having the title of Goddess.

To think that she had even thought of using chemicals to melt the snow.”

“It is snowing so heavily today and even if she made the snow melt, it would accumulate very soon afterwards.

Why do I feel that her actions are a little redundant”

“Many chemicals have side effects.

With what Junior Zi has done, what if she damages the plants and buildings”

After finishing half of the lessons in the morning, the students who had been paying attention to the Archaeology Departments building quietly came over to have a look.

They were all surprised at the sight.

‘The building and plants were not affected in the slightest.

Most importantly, even if it was snowing heavily right now, the snow would immediately melt and turn into water the moment it came into contact with the ground.

Those who came to take a peek had posted this on the school forum, which had once again reignited the lively discussions.

Soon, Zi Yi had been called by the schools higher-ups.

One of the higher-ups smiled and looked at her.

“Student Zi, since you are able to clean up all the snow in your department, why dont you work a little harder and clean the other places too Of course, you only have to clean the roads and if you need any helpers, Ill immediately call a few students over.”

Since they had asked for her help, Zi Yi certainly would not reject.

“I need… XX, XX… these chemicals.

I would need a larger quantity than before and you can get someone to bring it over.”

“Is not a problem.”

The ones who delivered the chemicals to Zi Yi were three male, third years from the Chemistry Major.

They were all excited at the sight of Zi Yi.

“Hello, Junior Zi.

My name is Ge Tao.”

“My name is Zhang Zhibo.”

“rm Ou Li”

“Were here to deliver the chemicals you need.”

The three of them said in unison, “Junior Zi, just tell us what we need to do.

You can leave such menial tasks to us..”


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