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Chapter 537: Little Zi, Is It Alright For Jingye To Be Drinking So Much

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Patriarch Lus expression turned stern.


‘The First Madam dared not play any more tricks and hastily said, “I heard that Jingye has gone to that womans bar and is currently competing in drinking with those young people from the high-society.

The reason for it is because those people caused some trouble at that womans place and she was

upset, so he went to help her vent her anger.”

‘The First Madam finished the entire explanation in one breath and quietly observed her Fathers expression.

There was no change in his expression and instead, he continued to wipe the gun in his hand.

The First Madam could not tell if Patriarch Lu was angry or not, and she continued to speak.

“I also heard that Jingye has either been staying at that womans place or going to the Dou Familys residence.

He has not once personally gone to his mothers jewelry company.”

What Patriarch Lu liked about Lu Jingye the most was his skills and abilities.

The First Madam thought to herself, “Ive already said it like that and I dont believe you wont get angry.”

Sure enough, Patriarch Lus expression darkened.

The First Madam thought that he would call Lu Jianlin over to give him a scolding, but unexpectedly, Patriarch Lu said with an expression of displeasure, “If you have nothing to do all day, learn from my third sons wife.

When did the daughters-in-law of the Lu Family become such gossip mongers”


The First Madam choked and instantly, her face flushed red.

Patriarch Lu waved his hands.

“Go out if theres nothing else.”

Since Patriarch Lu had said that, how would the First Madam still dare to continue to linger She then hastily said,”Then Ill head over to the kitchen to see if dinner is ready.”

She turned after saying that and took her leave.

As soon as the First Madam went out, Patriarch Lus expression instantly sank.

He raised the gun and fired several shots at the target hanging on the left side of the wall.

Shortly afterwards, he shouted angrily in the direction of the door, “Housekeeper!”

The housekeeper standing guard outside quickly came in.

“Sir, what can I do for you”

“Go and call my eldest son over.”


Just as the housekeeper was about to make the call, he turned around and saw Lu Jianlin striding in from outside the courtyard.

He hastily reminded Patriarch Lu.

“Sir, the Second Master is here.”

Patriarch Lu turned towards the door, while his eyes were fuming in anger.

After Lu Jianlin came in, he did not even have time to notice Patriarch Lus expression and said in haste, “Father, something big happened in the Southern Ocean.

The million tons of oil our country had purchased from Country Z were hijacked by pirates and all the soldiers who were on the ship have been


“What!” Patriarch Lus expression turned serious and he hastily asked, “Who is in charge of the ship”

Lu Jianlin mentioned an individuals name and continued to speak.

“The Marshal has given an order.

Either I or Third Brother will lead troops to rescue those who are captured.”

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Patriarch Lu furrowed his brow and asked, “Wheres your Third Brother right now”

“Hes currently in the guard camp.”

“Then youll go.”

“This…” Lu Jianlins brows knitted together.

His eldest son was about to get married and if he left at this moment, he would definitely be unable to return in time to preside over his wedding.

How could Patriarch Lu not know of Lu Jianlins thoughts He deepened his voice and ordered.

“As one of the Lu Family members, we have to be prepared to head to the battlefield at any time.

Not only do you have to rescue those soldiers, you also have to retrieve all the stolen oil.”

Lu Jianlin straightened his body.


He turned around and left after he said that.

Other than those at the main residence who knew that Lu Jingye was competing with a group of people in drinking, the other aristocratic family heads also knew of it.

As to what they had discussed in private, only they themselves knew of it.

Soon, Mrs.

Lu also got to know of this.

She directly made a video call to Zi Yi.

It was impossible to say she did not feel anything when looking at her son drinking one cup after another.

“Little Zi, is it alright for Jingye to be drinking so much”

Zi Yi typed a reply to her in the message function instead of directly speaking, “Mom, dont you worry, I have prepared medicine for him in advance.

When it encounters alcohol, the medicine will directly cause the alcohol to be expelled through his pores.

At the very most, he would be making a few more

trips to the washroom later.”

Lu Jingye was drinking alcohol like he was just drinking water and obviously, one would visit the washroom when they drank too much water.

‘When the spectators saw that it was his third trip to the washroom, they were thinking in their hearts that he must have left to vomit.

As for the group of young masters and young ladies who were competing against him, even if their minds were already buzzing, they were feeling extremely excited in their hearts.


Lu could not hold back her laughter after she saw the scene.

“Thats good.

Let those self-opinionated young people receive a lesson.”

“Thats right.

All of them had drunk some medicine that would expel alcohol in their bodies at a faster rate and I had drugged their alcohol with medicine that can counteract the ones that they took.

Mom, just wait and see.

In less than half an hour, all of them will be on their way to the hospital.”


Lu laughed without the slightest sympathy for them.

Just then, the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside.


Lu looked up and saw that it was Lu Jianlin.

She said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, your Dad is home.

The two of you should end things early and get dinner soon.

Ill be ending the call here.”

Zi Yi replied, “Okay, bye Mom!”


Lu hung up the call and when she saw Lu Jianlin who appeared to be in a hurry, she immediately sensed something and hastily stood up to ask, “Jianlin, what happened”

Lu Jianlin went over to her and said, “I have to leave the capital for a period of time.”

At the thought that her son and daughter-in-law were about to hold their wedding, Mrs.

Lu asked in anxiousness, “How long will you be away for Where are you headed to Why do you need to leave now”

After she threw him a barrage of questions, her expression instantly changed.

“Was it Father who ordered you to leave He clearly knows that Jingye and Yiyi are about to get married.

He must have done this on purpose.”

Speaking of this, tears welled up in her eyes.

Lu Jianlin could not bear to see her like that and he pulled her into his embrace.

“Something happened in the Southern Ocean and I must head over to resolve it.”

“I forbid you to go.” Mrs.

Lu clutched his clothes and there was a hint of a whining tone in her voice.

“Why must it be you Cant the others go instead”

Lu Jianlin lowered his eyes and looked at her.

“This is the Marshals order and I have to obey it.” He tactfully avoided mentioning that the Marshal said that either he or his Third Brother had to go.

As soon as Mrs.

Lu heard that it was the Marshals order, no matter how angry or anxious she felt, it was useless.

“Then can you rush back before your sons wedding” That was what she cared about the most.

Lu Jianlin pursed his lips and did not answer her.

‘The meaning was self-evident.


Lu ended up exploding, She roughly pushed him aside and pointed at his nose in anger.

“Im sure your Father has played a hand in making you leave the capital at this juncture.

Lu Jianlin, Im giving you choices right now.

Either you shall push this task away or Ill be leaving and live with my son


Lu Jianlins expression stiffened.

“Lingluo, dont be unreasonable.”

“am I being unreasonable” Mrs.

Lu felt aggrieved in her heart and her voice increased several octaves higher.

“If Im being unreasonable, I would not have let your Father do that to my son.

Its precisely because my son has a nice personality that you Lu Family people dare to do that to him! Lu Jianlin,m

telling you.

If you really leave now, you wont have a wife anymore.”


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