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Chapter 536: Lu Jingye Competing On Drinking Capacity With a Group of People


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Inside the bar.

After a minute or so had passed, one of them said, “We can set the bets again.”

Lu Jingye looked towards him.

‘That person dared not speak anymore.

Lu Jingye said, “We can accept your original bet.”

‘As soon as they heard what he said, there were no traces of joy.

Instead, they were surprised.

Sure enough, Lu Jingye added an extra condition on and there was a strong sense of indifference in his voice.

“If you lose, each one of you shall have to leave behind an arm or a leg.”


Everyone got the shock of their lives and they exploded immediately afterwards.

“You dare!”

“You are a nobody now and if you dare to do that to us, do you believe that I cant close this shop at once”

Lu Jingye raised his eyes at his words.

“Why dont we give it a try”

‘As soon as he said that, a group of robots appeared out of thin air.

The group of young masters and young ladies blurted out their threats without thinking and so how would they possibly expect Lu Jingye to call out the robots

Zi Yi looked at the group whose expressions had changed drastically and she started to giggle.

She found it particularly interesting to watch this group of peoples faces change.

She even interrupted and asked, “So are you going to accept the bet or not Dont waste our time if you dont dare to gamble.”

Her words had provoked them.

“sure, why not!”

“We can reset the bets.

If you lose, give the bar to us.”

“Hmm Youre pretty ambitious.” Zi Yi smiled.

“Sure, but if you lose and cant bear to leave behind an arm or leg, each of you shall give me 200 million.”

Even though these people were young masters and young ladies from high-society and did not lack pocket money, where could they possibly get such a huge sum of money like 200 million

However, in their minds, they believed they had outnumbered them and would definitely be able to win against Lu Jingye.

Therefore, a few of them agreed to the bet.

As soon as one person agreed, the others had also followed suit.

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Before they started drinking, one of the women said in a sharp voice, “Since Second Brother said he would be drinking with us alone, you cant make the robots drink on your behalf.

Only Second Brother shall be drinking.”

Another man added on.

“At most, only the both of you can drink.”

‘As soon as they said that, everyone stared at Zi Yi and Lu Jingye nervously.


Lu Jingye hinted at Zi Yi with his expression.

Zi Yi said into the air, “Go and print out the conditions we just talked about.”

Everyone subconsciously furrowed their brows.

One of them said in displeasure, “Why the need to print it out”

Zi Yi looked at them coldly.

Well have it in black and white then and our signatures will also be present.

Its to prevent you from losing and trying to wriggle your way out of the agreement!”

“How is that possible How could we possibly go back on our words!”

“Black and white So be it! We should be the ones worried that you will go back on your words!”

“Thats right.

Zi Yi, just wait to hand this bar over to us!”

Each of their voices were louder than the previous one.

From the looks of it, it was as if they had already pictured the scene of them chasing Zi Yi and Lu Jingye out of the bar later.

All of them revealed a complacent smile.

Zi Yi swept her gaze across them and snapped her fingers.

Following that, a few bottles of alcohol floated towards them.

The bottles automatically opened themselves and poured into their glasses.

Be it the people in the bar or those spectators outside, all of them widened their mouths and eyes at the sight of this scene.

All of them looked shocked.

Only then did they know that there was such advanced technology in Zi Yis bar.

At the thought that this bar would soon fall into their hands…

‘The group of young masters and young ladies were all flushed with excitement.

Just then, Lu Jingye lifted up a glass of alcohol from the table.

“Well compete in the simplest way.

Ill have a glass and then it will be your turn.

Whoever can hold out until the end wins.”



Even though Lu Jingye was a legend in their hearts, all of them knew that he did not drink much.

Lu Jingye directly drank his first glass.

His elegant movements gave off a sense of superiority.

The people in front of him had subconsciously finished the contents in their glasses too.

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye who held the lead control in his hands and the corner of her lips curved up.

She was also about to drink the glass of alcohol in her hand.

However, when the glass reached her lips, Lu Jingye leaned his head and whispered in her ears, “Madam, dont drink so much.

When Im drunk later, I still need you to take care of me.”

Lu Jingyes voice was very low, similar to the most potent alcohol which made one intoxicated.

The tone of his whisper and the intimate way of addressing her caused her heart to tremble.

She tilted her head and looked at the handsome face in close proximity and smiled.

Only then did Lu Jingye turn back and continue looking at the group of young masters and young ladies.

Everyones glass was automatically filled again.

Lu Jingye picked up the glass once again.

Everyone subconsciously followed him and drank the second glass.

This continued on and on.

Those who were drinking did not feel it, but the spectators who were standing in the heavy snow and watching the show were shocked by the speed of their drinking.

In less than half an hour, everyone drank two bottles of alcohol.

“Oh gosh, with their speed of drinking, it would be strange if they dont get hospitalized.”

“The cheapest alcohol in [Futuristic] costs tens of thousands and the more expensive the bottle, the greater the after-effects.”

“To think that someone like Second Young Master Lu would have a day where he acts so rashly.”

“Sure enough, since ancient times, heroes have found it hard to pass the beauty trial.

With such a beautiful woman like Boss Zi next to him, even I would be willing to give up my life for her.”

“I wonder how much Second Young Master Lu can drink”

“I suddenly noticed that it is also pretty good to be able to see Second Young Master Lu when hes drunk.”

The spectators outside became more and more excited as they talked.

The news of Lu Jingye competing against a group of young masters and young ladies in drinking was soon spread to the Lu Familys First Madam ears.

She was extremely elated deep down.

“This is the grandson that Father values.


To think that hes competing on drinking capability in a place like a bar, just for a woman… Now that hes been chased out of the family, he doesnt even want his dignity anymore.”

Obviously, she must let Patriarch Lu know of this incident.

‘The First Madam specially brewed a pot of tea and brought it to Patriarch Lus courtyard.

It was snowing today and Patriarch Lu had been holed up in his room as he wiped his guns.

He had been in contact with guns for his whole life and he had the most affection for them.

‘The First Madam placed the tea tray on the table and walked over.


Patriarch Lu did not even bother to look up and asked, while he wiped his guns, “How has Zhiheng been managing the company recently”

Recently, Lu Zhiheng had fired numerous senior executives from the company and several major events had also happened.

He dared not tell his family at all.

As his mother, how could the First Madam not know that something big must have happened in the company from how anxious her son was in the last few recent days

However, she certainly would not reveal anything in front of Patriarch Lu.

Instead, she said with a proud expression, “Father, you can rest assured that Zhiheng has been managing the company well.”

Patriarch Lu was satisfied with her answer and continued to wipe down his guns.

The First Madam breathed a sigh of relief and casually brought up the reason she had come over.

“Father, I heard something earlier and I wonder if I should inform you about this.”

‘The First Madam revealed an expression as if afraid that he would get angry.

She purposely stopped talking after saying this sentence.


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