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Chapter 528: 528: Fourth Uncle Helped Lu Jingye Find a New Job

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Zi Yi asked, “Will you be meeting with that influential figure then”


Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “Then I had better go back to school then.

It just so happens that theres a chemical I need in the School of Science and Technologys Department.

Ill go and get some from the Dean and try to extract the substance by the afternoon to use it for the robot.”

Lu Jingye thought for a moment and said, “Tll go over to M.Uni with you.”

Zi Yi slightly widened her eyes.

“Hmm What are you going there for”

Lu Jingye had smiles in his eyes as he said, “Theres something I need to do.” He then stroked her head and added.

“Give me a call when you come out of the laboratory and Ill come over to pick you up.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and leaned her head on his shoulders once again as she swiped across her phone.

Upon arriving in school, Lu Jingye sent Zi Yi to the School of Science and Technology before he left.

Zi Yi went to look for Dean Zhou first.

‘As soon as he heard that Zi Yi wanted to use a small quantity of the meteorite in the laboratory, he knew that she definitely planned on researching something and so, he straightforwardly agreed.

“You can, but you have to write a research report on your research subject.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and nodded her head.


Dean Zhou was happy with the response.

He personally gave a call to the person in-charge of the laboratory and informed him about it.

By the time Zi Yi made her way over, the person in-charge was waiting to bring her over to where the meteorite was being kept.

It was encased in a special glass box.

“Student Zi, how much do you need Ill help you get what you need”

Zi Yi used her hand to give him an estimate of how much of the meteorite she needed.

“This much will do.”


The person in-charge left to find the tools to break off the meteorite, leaving behind Zi Yi alone to stand there and wait.

Just then, she could hear a rushing sound of footsteps from behind, followed by the voice of someone talking.

“Many meteorites contain substances and elements that are not found on earth, but most of the radioactive substances within are harmful.”

Zi Yi heard this voice and turned around, only to see a professor around his fifties leading his group of Ph.D.

students over.

She hastily made way and stood aside.

The group of people had also seen Zi Yi.

‘The Ph.D.

students whispered with a hint of excitement, “Junior Zi, why have you come to the laboratory of our school”

“Shes standing next to the meteorite.

Could it be that shes interested in it”

“Shes too beautiful.

I really wish that I could go over and say hello.”

Clearly, he planned to watch her break off a small piece of the meteorite.

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Zi Yi looked away and aimed the small hammer at a protruding corner before she knocked it.

However, she was a little heavy-handed and broke off a piece that was as large as a bowl.

Professor Li felt his heart aching.

“Why did you break off such a large piece”

Zi Yi also felt innocent.

“I originally planned to break off a small part, but the rest of it just followed by itself.”

Professor Li glared at her.

No matter how he looked at it, he felt that she did it on purpose.

Zi Yi used a plastic bag and put away the piece of meteorite before she closed the special glass box.

While Professor Li was glaring at her, she said, “Professor Li, Ill be leaving first.”

She immediately left after that.

Professor Li looked at Zi Yi who ran away even faster than a rabbit and his frown tightened while he muttered to himself, “The higher ups are allowing a little girl to fool around, arent they afraid of spoiling her.”

He headed downstairs with a worried expression.

After obtaining the piece of meteorite, she went to look for the person in-charge to get him to open a special research lab for her.

She had spent a whole three hours inside.

By the time she came out of the research lab, it was almost time for classes to end.

Zi Yi walked to the side and gave Lu Jingye a phone call.

Unexpectedly, Lu Jingye drove over very quickly.

“Ah Jing, why did you arrive so soon” Zi Yi walked over and opened the door.

“Tve been in M.Uni throughout the entire afternoon.” Lu Jingye said, “Fourth Uncle got me to hold a lecture on his behalf.”

“Hmm You held a lecture”


Zi Yi was a little unhappy.

“Why didnt you tell me in advance I also want to listen to the lectures that you give.”

“Lwas only giving a lecture to a group of teachers.

Ill inform you in advance when I hold a lecture for students next time.”

“Next time”


Fourth Uncle helped me get a part-time job.”


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