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Chapter 520: Yiyi, How Much Should We Give Your Cousin

Translator: Henyee Translations| Editor: Henyee Translations

“How long will the preparations take If you can leave after the New Years,

well get your wedding done.

Your aunt and I have checked.

The 24th of this

month is a good day”


Lu felt that Zi Yi would have suffered if they did not hold a wedding


However, Zi Yi did not really mind it at all.

“We can hold the wedding anytime.

After all, Ah Jing and I have already gotten our marriage certificate.”

Zi Yi lifted the cup and took a sip.

She squinted her eyes with a look of


“This milk tea is really delicious.”

Seeing how sensible she was, Mrs.

Lu strengthened her determination to give

them a wedding as soon as possible.

After they chatted a while more, they saw Lu Jianlin coming back.

Zi Yi stood up and called out to him.


Lu Jianlin stopped walking and he slightly relaxed his stiff expression and

nodded at her.

He then asked, “When will your Uncles and the rest of your family members be


“I think they will only be arriving after 6 p.m.

My Uncles have matters to attend


They were either teaching or spending time in their research and it was

considered quite good that they could rush over here by 6 p.m.

Lu jianlin nodded his head and glanced at the snacks on the table.


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that, he headed upstairs.

After Lu Jianlin went upstairs, Mrs.

Lu smiled and said, “Yiyi, did you see how

your Dad glanced at the table at the end Even though he seems cold on the

surface, he is a very detail-oriented person.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and did not forget to praise her man.

“Ah Jing is his son.

Ive seen it from how Ah Jing treats me.”

“Haha, thats true.”

The both of them continued chatting until just after 5 p.m when the father and

son came down from upstairs.

The two of them came over and sat beside their wives.

Lu Jingye looked at how one-quarter of the snacks on the table were gone and

raised his hand to stroke Zi Yis head.

“Are you still able to eat dinner later”

Zi Yi smiled and said, “Definitely.

I didnt finish the snacks all at once.”

Having said that, she placed a freshly peeled pistachio nut next to his lips.

Her actions immediately attracted Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lus stare.

Their son doesnt seem to eat snacks

Lu Jingye subconsciously wanted to tighten his lips, but after he made eye

contact with Zi Yis beautiful eyes, he opened his mouth and ate the nut.


Lu felt inexplicably comforted.

Her eldest son was finally able to show his

real self and relax in front of a person.

“You two should be feeling hungry too.

When everyone from the Dou Family is here, well have dinner first”

The Dou Family people arrived a little past 6 p.m.

other than Elder Dou, all the Dou Family members were here today.


Lu and Lu jianlin personally went out to welcome their arrival.

“In-laws, its cold outside.

Hurry and come in.”

Everyone headed indoors together.


Lu and Lu Jianlin attended to Zi Yis Uncles and Aunts, while Zi Yi and Lu

Jingye entertained the younger ones.

A few of the girls came in and immediately surrounded Zi Yi.

Dou Yueer exclaimed.

“In the past, Ive heard that women who0 get married

would become more beautiful.

Sure enough.

cousin, it seems like you have

been well taken care of by cousin-in-law”

Zi Yi gave her a look and smiled smugly.

“Of course.”

Dou Yueer giggled and whispered, “Cousin, Ill ask for a red packet from

cousin-in-law later.

IfI do, will you feel reluctant”

“Why are you asking for a red packet from him” Zi Yi continued to gaze at her.

Dou Xiangling who was standing at the side laughed and explained on her


“I dont know where Yueer heard this from, but its said that in some

places, the first time the female side family visits the male family, they can ask

for a red packet.”

Dou Yueer nodded her head fiercely.

“Yes, thats right.

Therefore this type of

custom is very good and it should be followed”

zi Yi pretended to think for a while before she asked, “Howmuch are you

thinking of asking for

Dou Yueer said with a serious expression, “Itll depend on cousin-in-laws


Ill take the amount he gives me.

Moreover, I would have a

reference for the future, so that I know how much of a red packet I should ask

for from my fourth brother-in-law.”

As soon as Dou Xiangling heard Dou Yueer mentioningfourth

brother-in-law, her face turned red and she chided her.

“We arent even


You naughty girl, youre not to address him that way.”

“Pft Dou Yueer giggled and said, “Fourth Sis, youre so thin-skinned.


brought him home and you still say youre not official

Dou Xianglings face turned even redder.

“Thats different.”

As soon as Zi Yi heard this, she recalled what Dou Xiangling told her in the


Her Third Aunt told Dou Xíangling over the phone to invite Zhang Hanyu

back home, so that they can personally express their gratitude to him.

In the

end, Zi Yi asked, “Has Teacher Zhangs injuries recovered”

“Yes,” Dou Xiangling said.

“He only stayed in the hospital for a few days before

he was discharged and went back to teach.”

Dou Yueer even helped her fill in the details.

“The gallery that Xiangling

ultimately decided on was also because Teacher Zhang helped her find it.”

Zi Yis robots had informed Zi Yi about this, but she only knew that Dou

Xiangling had found a place to open her gallery.

“Wheres the place”

“Its the place where we visited together.” Dou Xiangling revealed traces of a

smile in her eyes.

“I didnt expect that Hangyu would visit the younger Mr.

Change again several times.

In the end, he was persuaded by Hanyus

thick-skinnedness and he decided to rent it out at the market price.”

Dou Yurui added.

“Teacher Zhang seems like a nice person.

Hes very polite and

good at talking too.”

Evidently, Zhang Hanyu left behind a good impression when he visited the Dou


Dou Xiangling felt a little embarrassed for them to be chatting about her

matters and so, she shifted the topic to Zi Yi.

“Yiyi, since youve decided to donate the assets of the Zi Familys company

away, theres no need for you to retun to S City in the future.

Its good this way


Theres nothing much to reminisce about there.”

They have all heard of what the other Zi Family members did.

Dou Yunhao

guaranteed to Zi Yi.

“Yiyi, you can live in the capital with a piece of mind in the


Since the Zi Family are so unkind to you, they cant blame us for

retuming the favor.

Leave the problem of the lawsuit to me.

Ill let both

families stay behind bars.”

Zi Yi obviously would not have an opinion about that.

They continued chatting for a while more before Lu Jingye came over and said,

“Uncles and Father are discussing our wedding date.

Do you want to go over

and listen

Before Zi Yi had the chance to speak, Dou Yueer spoke up.

“Of course.


knowing when the both of you are getting married, only then can we make

preparations in advance

zi Yi gave her a look.

“Whats there for you to prepare Could it be that youre

going to prepare a present for me

Dou Yueer gave her a smile.

“Presents are a must, but of course, I still have to

prepare soI can check the date on which Ill be asking for a red packet.

Having said that, she even had the cheek to call out to Lu Jingye.


Lu Jingye liked how she addressed him and gave her a nod.

“Do you want a red


Dou Yueer nodded her head in surprise.

“Yes, yes, thats right.

If you didnt

prepare a red packet, you can transfer money directly through your phone too.”

Lu Jingye straightforwardly took out his phone and asked Zi Yi, “Yiyi, how

much should we give your cousin

Dou Yueer thought to herself “shouldnt you be asking me

Zi Yi revealed a teasing smile and said, “Ten dollars.

Its perfect.e”


Dou Yueer was stupefied.

Dou Xiangling and Dou Yunhao could not hold back

their laughter, as they burst out laughing.


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