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While Lu Jingye was preparing the meal, Zi Yi brought a stool over and sat down next to the kitchen door as she watched him cook.

At the same time, she was busy tapping on her tablet.

She was currently attacking Su Familys company.

Su Cis Familys business was around the same scale as Zi Xus company and it was simply effortless for her to attack them.

The Su Family.

After several hours of surgery on his injured hand, Su Ci finally went home with his hand bandaged.

Everyone was seated in the living room and as they listened to Su Cis vivid complaining, their expressions turned livid.

After Mother Su heard the story to which Su Ci had added elements of exaggeration, her voice turned sharp.

“Since he dared to injure my sons hand, Ill break his arm! A mere gigolo dares to act so rampant Does he think that the Su Family is that easy to bully”

Su Cis younger sister Su Peiqi immediately added on.

“The gigolo listens to Zi Yi too.

Why is she so shameless To think that shes thinking of snatching my brothers racing club! Who does she think she is In my opinion, I think that its because she cant obtain the Zi Familys company and as a result, she has shifted her attention to my brothers racing club!”

Mother Su coldly snorted.

“Who does she think she is Ill personally head over and teach her a lesson tomorrow.”

Father Su and Su Cis elder brothers expressions were not very good either.

Su Cis elder brother, Su Hao said, “Today, Zi Yi beat up her Eldest Aunt and even sent all her helpers to the police station.”

Su Peiqu snorted.

“It must be that gigolo next to her that gave her that idea.

Everyone in S City knows how capable she really is.”

Su Hao said, “Then should we go and check who the man is that she has brought along with her first, before doing anything”

It was normal for the Su Family not to know of Lu Jingye.

It could be said that not many within S City knew of Lu Jingyes identity.

After all, their levels were different.

A family like the Su Family was merely considered a small and insignificant rich family in the capitals high society.

“Whats there to check The results will still show that hes a gigolo.

Hearing what our brother said about that man, hes extremely good-looking and his features are comparable to that of celebrities.

If hes not a gigolo, then what is he” Su Peiqis voice revealed undisguised jealousy.

“What is she unable to do Its normal for her to keep a gigolo.”

“Thats right! What is that woman incapable of doing” Mother Su had the same thought as her daughter.

Su Ci suddenly had an idea.

“Since thats the case, lets settle the both of them together.

How dare she try to have designs on my racing club With a single word from father, itll suffice to make her penniless.”

As long as Zi Yi was penniless, he would have free reign over her.

With how attractive her face and figure were, he had long wanted to give her body a try.

“Thats right.

In any case, the Zi Family doesnt like her one bit, so why dont we help them make her end up penniless Id like to see if she still has the money to keep a gigolo and be so arrogant.”

Su Peiqi did not like Zi Yi in the slightest.

Other than that face of hers and figure, she was nothing.

Previously when she heard that Zi Yi enrolled into M.Uni, she felt that she had entered through the backdoor by using her face and body.

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She did not believe that a good-for-nothing like her could really enter M.Uni with her ability.

Just as the Su Family was discussing how they planned to take care of Zi Yi, Father Su suddenly received a call from an executive in the company.

The other party seemed to have said something alarming, causing Father Sus expression to suddenly change, and he swiftly stood up from the sofa.

“What did you say”

His family members looked in his direction.

Father Su hastily gave an order.

“Immediately gather all the executives of the company, Ill be right there.

The hacker must be stopped.”

Having said that, he walked towards the door in his home clothes.

The others had also stood up in haste to follow him.

Mother Su asked anxiously, “Whats wrong Why are you so anxious and panicky You have to change your clothes at the very least, okay”

“Whats there to even change” Father Sus expression was dark.

“The company is being attacked by a skilled hacker and a large portion of the important information has already been leaked out.

I have to get to the company at once.”

Su Hao and Su Ci immediately tagged along.

“Father, lets go together.”

By the time the three of them arrived at the company, those executives who were working overtime were trembling.

“President Su, all our companys companies have been hacked.

The IT Department is unable to recover the lost data and also, something has happened on the finance side.”

Which large company doesnt have a secret account If something happened on the finance side, the biggest problem was their secret accounts being revealed to the public.

The Su Familys father and sons had heavy moods.

“Perhaps only a small problem occurred,” Su Ci thought out loud positively.

Su Hao also added.

“Lets get the IT Department to repair the areas which the hacker breached.

I believe theres still time.”

Just then, Father Sus phone suddenly rang and their nerves became taut.

Father Su took out his phone and checked the caller ID.

His complexion turned white and he answered the phone with shaking hands.

After hearing what the other party had to say, his body went soft and he fell to the ground.


Su Hao and Su Ci hastily went over to support him.

Father Su had actually burst into tears.

“Its the end.

The Su Family has met our end!”

The Su Familys secret accounts were directly sent to the relevant department and they called to inform him that the inspectors would be arriving soon.

They had better obediently remain there and forgo with the unnecessary struggle.

Su Hao and Su Cis complexion had also paled at his words.

The Su Family was destined to have a sleepless night today.

After the instigator was done with everything, Zi Yi put away her phone and looked up to see Lu Jingye finish preparing the beef tenderloin.

She stood up, walked over to him, and hugged him from behind as she said coquettishly, “Ah Jing, Im hungry.

How much time is left before dinner is ready”

Lu Jingye picked up a piece of beef tenderloin with the chopsticks and fed it to her.

Zi Yi opened her mouth and ate the piece of meat before she revealed a blissful expression.

“Its delicious.”

Only then did Lu Jingye say, “Itll be done after I prepare a vegetable dish.

Take this out first.”

Zi Yi looked at the dish that was prepared and responded with anok.

She released her hands from his waist and carried the dish outside.

After she was done setting up the plates and utensils, Lu Jingye just so happened to finish serving the last dish.

After dinner, Lu Jingye went to wash the dishes, while Zi Yi stood next to him as she said, “Next time, Ill add awashing the dishes feature to the robots.

In that case, we dont have to wash the plates after we finish eating next time.”1

Lu Jingye tilted his head to look at her and his eyes seemed to be smiling.

Zi Yi felt her inner beast being provoked by his gentle and elegant smile.

She then wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face over to hers to take a bite.

She really bit him.

Lu Jingye was still wearing rubber gloves and holding onto the plates in his hands while he washed them.

He revealed a helpless expression and said, “There are fruits out in the living room.

You can have some fruit first.”

“I want to stay with you.”

Zi Yi gave him another kiss on his lips before releasing him.

After Lu Jingye was done with the dishes, the two of them headed to the living room and sat on the sofa.

Zi Yi ate the fruit, while he grabbed his laptop and sat next to her.

While eating the fruit, she said unsatisfactorily, “Why isnt the Zi Family here yet I want to sleep already!”

Speaking of this, she paused for two seconds before she angrily said, “Dont tell me they are only planning to come at midnight”

Lu Jingye looked up from the computer and looked at her.

Zi Yi asked, “Whats the matter”

He glanced at the screen and said with certainty, “You attacked the Su Family.” He had originally planned to take care of them after dinner.



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