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The one shouting was Zi Haos wife, Li Mei.

Standing beside Li Mei was her Second Aunt, Zhang Guizhi.

Behind them were her cousins.

Li Meis eyes seemed to be able to shoot out poison.

She glared at Zi Yi and her voice was sour and bitter.

“Third Brother did not give you his assets before and now that youre married, youre an outsider.

What rights do you have to inherit his assets!”

Zi Yi stared at her with an indifferent gaze, before she shifted her gaze to the few other individuals who obviously thought the same as her.

“Unfortunately, what you say doesnt count.

Since the law has deemed these assets to be mine, they are mine.”

“The law!” Li Meis voice suddenly reached an ear-piercing decibel.

“Who knows if you did anything behind the scenes! Zi Yi, let me tell you, you must move out today.

A married daughter is like water thats been spilled and this house doesnt belong to you anymore.”

“You want to mess around with me” Zi Yis gaze turned cold.

Lu Jingye spoke up then.

“If you dont wish to talk to them, Ill settle this.”

Lu Jingye gave off a powerful aura.

Even if the Zi Family members knew that he had already been chased out of the Lu Family by Patriarch Lu, they were still stunned the moment he opened his mouth.

Just then, Zi Lian who was standing at the back suddenly said with her voice sounding pretentious, “Third Uncle has willed for all his assets to be given to Xuanxuan.

Now that shes not around, shouldnt we be the ones inheriting his assets”

Zi Yi glanced at her and suddenly, her lips curved up.

Zi Lian felt a chill up her spine.

Zi Yi asked, “Its been months since weve met.

You still havent found a good family to marry into yet”

“Zi Yi, what do you mean!” It was fine when Zi Yi did not bring it up, but at the mention of it, Zi Lian exploded.

She felt ashamed and angry as she pointed at Zi Yis nose while she shouted, “If you hadnt released those words that slandered my reputation, would not I have dared to leave my house”

“Isnt it because you didnt succeed in drugging the He Familys Fourth Young Master and got ridiculed by him

Not only that, you even had the cheek to say that I stole your boyfriend.

If I didnt return you a present, wouldnt I be disregarding your kind intentions for me”

Zi Yis words were full of the scent of gunpowder.

Zi Lian was breathing heavily out of anger and her complexion alternated between red and purple… she wished that she could strangle Zi Yi to death.

Zi Yi did not intend to let things end like that.

“Oh, how could I have forgotten You have tons of lover boys and perhaps one of the fools decided not to chase after you anymore and you put the blame on me instead.”

“You–… you!”

“Yiyi.” Just then, Zhang Guizhi who had not uttered a single word spoke up.

“We are discussing Third Brothers assets and yet youre trying to shift the conversation to another topic.

Are you trying to muddle through things again”

Zi Tao who stood next to her immediately added on.

“In my opinion, Zi Yi doesnt want to sign the papers!”

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Zi Yi revealed a smirk and looked at both of them with chilliness in her eyes.

“Isnt it obvious that I dont want to sign the papers Whats wrong, are you trying to force me today Id like to remind you that my husbands bodyguards arent easy to deal with.

Perhaps before you can even do anything to me, they would break your arms or legs.”

While their expressions turned darker with every second, Zi Yi continued to speak.

“In any case, my fathers assets are plenty.

At most, Ill compensate you for your medical bills and if youre not satisfied with that, Ill sue you for coming over to my house and threatening my life.”

“Zi Yi, do you honestly think were here today without preparations If you dont sign the papers, Ill commit suicide right here.

When the time comes, everyone here will give their testimony, including the helpers here!

At that time, you can just stay cooped up in jail.

As long as you go behind bars, there will no longer be any share of yours!”

The group had evidently planned everything out in advance.

After Li Mei finished threatening her, Li Guizhi continued to threaten her too.

“If you think one suicide on your hands is not enough, Ill commit suicide too.

Well see how the law will punish you.”

Zi Yi swept her gaze across the helpers standing at the side.

Their eyes were radiating with a greedy glint and they had obviously been bought over by them.

Zi Yi shifted her gaze back to Li Mei and Zhang Guizhi and asked, “Dont tell me you dont know there is surveillance in the house Other than people on your side, I have people on my side too.

Or perhaps the court belongs to your family and they will believe in whatever you say”

Li Mei and Zhang Guizhi laughed at her words.

Their laughter was eerie.

Zi Yi saw through them.

“It seems like youve already made plans in advance.”

Following that, she laughed out loud and kindly reminded her cousins.

“You can take a look at the biggest forums.

Theres a surprise.”

At her words they panicked and subconsciously took out their phones to do a quick check, only for their faces to turn white.

Zi Taos voice changed and he said with trembling lips, “Our conversation is being broadcasted live!”

His words caused Li Mei and Zhang Guizhis expressions to change dramatically.

Zi Yi laughed, but her laughter was filled with chilliness.

“Do you honestly think Im that easy to bully by using the excuse that my father willed his assets to Zi Xuan to get me to give up the inheritance Haha… Eldest Aunt, why dont you go back and ask your husband My father has raised his daughter for seventeen years and shouldnt he be expressing his gratitude right now”

Li Meis expression instantly turned livid.

She subconsciously felt that Zi Yi was deliberately sowing discord in their relationship.

“You slut, you… ow!”

One of her front teeth suddenly dropped out of her mouth and everyone was dumbfounded.

Zi Yi turned her head around and looked at Lu Jingye who didnt seem to have moved the slightest.

She then looked at the ground, and the cufflink that had bounced before resting, and revealed a smile.

Lu Jingye spoke with a hint of dominance in his voice.

“If you say those words again, what drops the next time wont be just one of your teeth.”

Lu Jingyes skills had stunned everyone present and after a moment of silence, Li Mei lay on the ground and started crying hysterically as she rolled around.

“Owww, Ive been hit by someone of a younger generation.”

Zi Yi looked at Li Mei who was crying hysterically and the corner of her lips twitched.

She had occasionally seen such a situation on records of the ancient Earth.

There was a description of a certain type of person, which was basically identical to how Li Mei was acting right now.

Not only were they shameless, but their ability to cry is also superb.

This type of person was capable of defeating their opponent with their crying.

However, Zi Yi was not affected in the slightest, as she did not intend to give her a chance to continue crying.


A silver needle flew out and Li Mei became obedient.

However, the complexion of the others turned white out of fear.

“Zi Yi, what have you done to my mother!”

After Zi Lian reacted, she quickly ran over and cried out in fright.

“Mom, whats wrong with you”

When Zi Lian turned Li Mei over, everyone saw that her eyes were wide open and fear could be seen from within.

She was still breathing, but she could not move at all.

Zi Lian turned to Zi Yi and shouted angrily, “Zi Yi, what did you do to my mother!”

Zi Yi looked at Li Mei and smiled..

“There are acupuncture points in the human body that can control ones movements.”


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