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Zi Yi was the only one who felt that there would be deviation if she were to do it herself.

In fact, injecting the cell regeneration liquid into the patients brain was only a small matter to her.

She located the place for the injection, raised her hand, and emptied the contents in the syringe

She then announced to the two of them.

“Its done.”

Elder Hu, who was surprised by Zi Yis swift movements that were without any hesitation, said, “…You stinky lass.

Did you tell me you were bad with hands-on application”

Zi Yi replied innocently, “Im really bad at it.”

Elder Hu suddenly felt his hand twitching and he had the urge to beat the young woman in front of him up.

Zi Yi seemed to have noticed his train of thoughts and directly hid behind Lu Jingye while she said with a giggle, “Elder Hu, dont hit me.

Otherwise, my Ah Jing will feel worried.”

Elder Hu: “…”

Never in his life has he seen such a thick-skinned lass before!

After the cell regeneration liquid was injected, what remained was for them to wait.

“How long do we need to wait for” Lu Jingye looked at the patient submerged in the nutrient solution and thought of his younger brother, which made him ask that question.

He hoped that Yunxiao could regain consciousness as soon as possible.

“This depends on the patients survival instinct and physical condition.”

If the patients survival instinct was very strong, the cell regeneration would react well with his brain and start to reinvigorate his dead brain cells.

Otherwise, it would be the opposite.

If their physical condition was bad, it was the same situation too.

“Weve nurtured Yunxiaos physical condition, so that he is now at his best condition, and I believe his survival instincts are also very strong.

Perhaps he will be able to regain consciousness very soon.”

Lu Jingye also believed in his younger brother and nodded his head in agreement.

Zi Yi and Elder Hu could not possibly wait for the patient they experimented on to regain consciousness before they started the treatment for Lu Yunxiao.

They only observed the reaction of the cell regeneration liquid in the patients brain for two to three days.

After making sure that there were no problems, they started preparing to operate on Lu Yunxiao.

On the day of Lu Yunxiaos operation, snowflakes started descending from the skies and the temperature was freezing cold.

The temperature around the secret base was already originally colder when compared to the city.

After Zi Yi got up from bed, she leaned against the windows and watched the snow falling for some time.

Following that, she said to Lu Jingye, who had just come out from the washroom, “Ah Jing, look.

Theres a thick layer of snow outside.”

Lu Jingye took out a thick cloak from the closet and draped it over her.

“Its cold outside.

You should wear more layers.”

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Zi Yi turned around and allowed him to help her wear the outerwear.

Lu Jingye was someone who did everything swiftly and without hesitation.

However, his speed when tying Zi Yis cloak had slowed down considerably.

Zi Yi also knew of the thoughts he had deep down.

She grabbed his large palms and assured him.

“Ah Jing, dont worry.

With me around, nothing will happen to Yunxiao.”

After Lu Jingye finished tying the belt of her outerwear, he pulled her into his embrace.

“I know.

Im not worried.”

He was only feeling a little excited.

If one had not personally experienced the change from despair to being hopeful, they would not understand how he felt.

Zi Yi rubbed her cheeks on his neck and ended up raising her head to kiss his jaw.

She then spoke coquettishly.

“I wish to eat apples before starting the operation for Yunxiao.”


Ill immediately go pick some for you.”

As soon as he said that, he released his grip on her as he planned to head out alone.

Zi Yi grabbed his hand and said, “Lets go together.”

There were not many people who resided in the secret base.

In order to keep the place fully confidential, those who were selected to come here were his subordinates that he trusted the most.

The two of them walked around the base and the scenery was entirely covered in white snow.

Two rows of footprints slowly made their way towards a certain direction.

When they arrived at the back of the canteen, there were no longer any apples on the apple trees.

Zi Yi made a guess and said, “Someone must have picked them because otherwise the apples would freeze and spoil during the snow.”

Lu Jingye took out his phone.

“Ill ask who picked the apples and get them to send them over.”


Sure enough, the apples were picked by the kitchen staff.

Not long after Lu Jingye finished making the call, they saw someone hugging a large carton and running out of the kitchen.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Madam.”

The kitchen staff said, “I saw that the weather had turned chilly these days and so, I harvested all the apples and kept them in the cellar.

Second Young Madam, are these enough If not, Ill go down and grab more for you.”

“This is enough.”

Lu Jingye took the carton and they headed to grab breakfast together.

After the meal, they left for the laboratory.

Unexpectedly, not only was Elder Hu present.

Even the five managers of the base were already waiting outside the room.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Madam.”

The five of them were obviously tough men, but they were all extremely nervous right now.

Zi Yi looked at them and turned around to grab a few apples from the carton Lu Jingye was carrying, and handed them out to everyone as she said, “Theres no need to worry.

Have an apple and calm down your emotions.

Yunxiao will definitely be safe and sound.”

Originally, the five of them were wondering how on earth could they possibly be able to digest the apples at this point in time.

However, after hearing the end of her sentence, all of them grabbed an apple.

Elder Hu held an apple and said, “Even our experimental patient has met with success.

The Third Young Masters physical condition is far better than the patient and so why are you so worried”

The five of them held the apples and remained silent.

They knew that they should have faith in Zi Yi and Elder Hu.

However, the concern and worry stemmed from their hearts and unless the Third Young Master really regained consciousness, they would always feel worried.

Lu Jingye swept his gaze across the five of them and said, “Do your job well first.

There is Elder Hu and Zi Yi here.

I dont wish for there to be the slightest mistake inside the secret base.”

The five of them immediately stood at attention and answered, “Yes!”

Zi Yi, Elder Hu, and Lu Jingye headed inside the laboratory.

The five of them saw the doors of the laboratory open, then close, and they remained standing there for some time before they took their leave.

As soon as the three of them made their way inside, Lu Jingye connected to Lu Jianlin via a video call.

His parents were obviously waiting in Lu Jianlins study room in advance and as soon as the call connected, they just so happened to hear Mrs.

Lu saying to Lu Jianlin, “Dont show any bad expressions when you see Yiyi later.”

“Father, Mother.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye greeted the two of them.

“Yiyi.” Mrs.

Lu quickly put away her serious expression and carefully sized her up and down.

In the end, she said out of concern, “Youve lost weight.”

She then started to nag Lu Jingye.

“Jingye, did you not take care of our Yiyi”

Lu Jingye pursed his lips and remained silent.

“Mom, I didnt lose weight.

Dont blame Ah Jing.” Zi Yi immediately became protective of Lu Jingye.

Her response elicited a smile on Mrs.

Lus lips.

“Its good that youve not lost weight.

You have to eat more while youre there.

Only then will your body be healthy.”



Lu quietly pulled on Lu Jianlins sleeve at that moment.

Lu Jianlin tried to make himself look less stern as he said, “If you need anything, get Jingye to send someone out to get it.”

Zi Yi smiled and nodded.

“I will!”

Lu Jianlin nodded and looked towards Elder Hu.

Elder Hu subconsciously straightened his back and gave Lu Jianlin a salute.

After Lu Jianlin returned his salute, he said, “Elder Hu, please dont take it to heart that we took you to the secret base before informing you in advance.”

Elder Hu answered in a loud voice, “Dont say that.

The Third Young Masters condition needs to be kept a secret and its good for everyone that I wasnt aware of it beforehand.”

Elder Hu was not the type of person who was inflexible.

If he were to know of this matter in advance, no matter where the news of the Third Young Master was leaked out from, it would only implicate him and his family..

In fact, when the Lu Family chose not to tell him at the very start, they were protecting his family and he understood why they had done so.


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