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Zi Yi showed Lu Jingye the post with the intention of reminding him to pay attention.

After all, Song Jewelry was purchasing a rather large quantity of diamonds from South Africa.

Lu Jingye also knew of her concerns and returned the tablet.

“I will get someone to pay attention to this.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and continued swiping across her tablet.

The travel distance from Country D to Country M was not considered too far.

The helicopter only took seven hours to reach.

It just so happened to be early morning when they arrived.

The helicopter stopped inside Zi Yis vineyard.

Dou Xiangling and Ian were already waiting for their arrival.

As soon as the three of them descended from the helicopter, they came over to welcome them.

“Cousin Yiyi.”


At the sight of each other, both of them hugged each other happily.

Ian smiled and greeted Lu Jingye and Qin Ze.

“Lu, long time no see.

And this friend here, good morning.”

“Good morning, my name is Qin Ze.”

Both of them shook hands.

Ian turned his attention back to Lu Jingye and said, “I originally planned to attend the Financial Conference too, but I suddenly had something on and couldnt get away.”

Lu Jingye looked at Dou Xiangling who was hugging Zi Yi.

He used his eyes to tell Ian that he knew what thatsomething was that he had to attend to.

Ian did not think that there was anything wrong with not attending the conference just because he wanted to accompany his future wife.

Subsequently, he asked, “How many days are you planning to stay this time”

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling have finished hugging each other by this time.

When Zi Yi heard Ians question, she said, “We wont be staying for long.

We have left the capital for quite some time and Ive been longing to go back.”

Ian nodded his head and all of them headed in the direction of the living room.

“No matter what, have breakfast first.

You guys can take a rest after eating.”

After they made their way inside, someone delivered breakfast.

After breakfast, the three of them went to take a rest.

By the time Zi Yi woke up, Lu Jingye was no longer in the bedroom.

When she washed up and went outside, there was not a single soul around.

She walked out of the living room and saw the green vines and a bunch of newly grown grapes.

She thought for a moment and headed in the direction of the small path.

As expected, she did not have to walk for long before she saw Dou Xiangling seated there with an easel as she painted.


Zi Yi walked over and Dou Xiangling smiled at her.

“Yiyi, youre awake”


Zi Yi looked at the grapes and birds passing through the vines on Dou Xianglings canvas and asked, “Where did Ah Jing and the rest go”

“They went out.

Little Lu informed me that if you woke up, you should have a meal first.

After that, you can head to the construction site to look for him.”

Zi Yi nodded her head, but she did not immediately go back to have her meal.

She stood next to Dou Xiangling and looked at the grape groves in the vineyard.

Dou Xiangling continued to paint and while painting, she said, “This place is really too beautiful.

The scenery is different with every passing hour.

I feel that I can stay here and paint for half a month.”

Zi Yi said with a smile, “In that case, remain here and slowly paint.”

“I cant, I still have to go back to my classes.”

“If you leave, would Ian be willing to separate from you”

Dou Xianglings face turned red from Zi Yis question and she said coquettishly, “Yiyi, youre teasing me again.”

Zi Yi shrugged her shoulders and gave her an innocent look.

“How am I teasing you I mean its the truth.”

Having said that, she turned around to walk back inside.

“You can continue painting.

Ill go have my meal first.”

It was already two in the afternoon right now.

And the others had already eaten.

Zi Yi headed to the construction site as soon as she finished her lunch.

With the help of Ian, the land spanning hundreds of kilometers had been bought over and it looked particularly vast.

Just then, the three men were currently standing in one place and talking while they wore construction helmets.

Zi Yi called out to Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing.”

Lu Jingye hastily grabbed a safety helmet and walked over to help her wear it.

“Have you eaten lunch”

“I have eaten.” Zi Yi raised her chin and allowed him to help her with the helmet while she complained to him.

“Why didnt you wake me up when you got up”

“I wanted to let you sleep a little longer.”

After Lu Jingye put on the helmet for her, both of them headed over.

Ian pointed to the five-story building next to them and said, “This is the office building.

How does it look Doesnt it look magnificent”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Not bad.”

“Lets go.

Ill show you around the other laboratories.

I guarantee that they have all been built according to your requirements… Oh right, the chief architect of this building, Yi Lanke is also here.

You can also discuss with him if you have other requirements.”


The four of them headed to the construction site.

Ian had been used to the sight as he had been the supervisor around here for some time.

On the other hand, Qin Ze was amazed with every step he took.

In the end, he carefully asked Zi Yi, “Zi Yi, why didnt you build this research laboratory in China”

This type of laboratory would benefit the country it was in, no matter where it was built.

He would obviously hope that Zi Yis laboratory would be built in China.

Zi Yi answered him honestly, “The planning of this laboratory was done before I got acquainted with Mr.

Qin and the higher-ups.

Moreover, there just so happens to be land and a supervisor here.”

Ian smiled happily.

“Zi Yi is right.

I am a very responsible supervisor and I also come free of charge.

Where else would she build her laboratory if not here”

Who would not wish for their country to develop and grow

Qin Ze felt depressed and did not say anything else.

All the important buildings of the laboratory were built in the basement so the requirements for the underground areas were very stringent.

After they took a long stroll, Zi Yi finally saw the chief architect, Yi Lanke.

When Yi Lanke saw Zi Yi, there was no need to explain how surprised he was.

“Were you the one who has been making demands and solving the problems related to architecture”

The person in front of him seemed like a little girl and so how could she have such great skills


Yi Lanke, you shouldnt judge a book by its cover,” Ian said with a smile.

“She also provided all the designs of the buildings.

She was also the one who came up with the solutions to the problems you and your team usually encounter too.”

The more Ian spoke, the wider Yi Lankes eyes were.

In the end, he looked at Zi Yi with disbelief and exclaimed, “Youre simply amazing! Could it be that you study architecture”


I was the one who wanted this laboratory so naturally, I know what it should be like.”

The way Zi Yi said it, made it sound so easy.

If Yi Lanke wasnt the chief architect, he would believe that it was really that easy from how she said it.

Zi Yi did not give him much time to remain shocked.

Subsequently, she started discussing with him the subsequent steps she wanted him to take.

The afternoon passed by very quickly.

At dinner, Ian made a suggestion.

“This is such a happy moment and so how can we not have some alcohol”

His suggestion received immediate approval from Zi Yi.

Qin Ze who was seated next to Lu Jingye said, “Why do I feel that this is exactly what Zi Yi wants”

Lu Jingye glanced in his direction.

There was plenty of alcohol in the winery and Ian immediately got someone to retrieve several bottles of wine.

Everyones cup was filled and Ian was the first to speak.

“The construction for the laboratory will be completed in the near future and so lets toast to celebrate the completion of the construction.

In addition, Zi Yis research laboratory will also be completed soon.”

Everyone had a sip and started chatting casually.

Qin Ze asked Zi Yi, “What projects are you planning to concentrate on in this laboratory”

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