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However, Dou Xiangling was so shocked that her eyes were wide open.

All of a sudden, she felt that her cousin was a shining golden doll.

Zi Yi looked at Dou Xiangling and said, “Do you want to choose another bigger place”

Dou Xiangling nodded her head.


Zi Yi then said, “Ill write both our names on the business license.”

All of a sudden, Dou Xiangling laughed and said, “As one of the gallery owners, you should also contribute a few paintings then.”

Zi Yi: “…I miscalculated.”


“What has gotten the ladies to laugh so heartily”

The sounds of the door opening caused both of them to look over at the same time.

They saw Zhang Hanyu and a middle-aged man wearing a suit walking in from outside.

Zi Yi was a little surprised.

Dou Xiangling said to her, “This is a place Teacher Zhang helped me find.”

The man who entered with Zhang Hanyu was the landlord.

His surname was Chang and he appeared to be a nice person.

After Zhang Hanyu came in, he asked, “Xiangling, what do you think of the place”

The landlord said, “If Miss Dou likes it, we can negotiate on the rent.

I am fond of artists like you very much and I feel that renting this place to you as an art gallery makes the place more elegant.”

Dou Xiangling felt a little embarrassed when facing the enthusiastic landlord

Zi Yi glanced at Dou Xiangling and straightforwardly said, “My cousin and I have discussed and we both felt that this place is a little small.

We plan to rent a bigger one.”

The landlords smile stiffened and he subconsciously looked at Zhang Hanyu.

Zhang Hanyu smiled and said to the landlord, “The art gallery is operated by these two ladies and since they said so, they mean what they said.


Chang, I wonder if you have other larger places for rent Or perhaps you could help introduce us to another place.”

The landlord hesitated for a moment and said, “Theres a place, but its a little expensive.

Its on the east side of this street.”

“How big is the place” It didnt matter to Zi Yi whether the place was expensive or not.

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“Its around seven hundred square meters.”

Zi Yi looked at Dou Xiangling.

Dou Xiangling asked, “How much is the yearly rental”

The landlord hesitated for a moment before he said, “That place belongs to my younger cousin and Im not sure how much it would cost.”

It was hard for their thoughts not to wander with how the landlord was acting.

Zhang Hanyu said, “Mr.

Chang, its not appropriate for you to act like this.

The rental prices around this street should be around the same and you just have to tell us the usual prices for a seven hundred square meter place.”

“This…” The landlord was still hesitating.

In the end, he only said, “My cousin doesnt expect to earn money from the rent, so the rent is more expensive than other places.”

“Bring us over to take a look.”

The moment Zi Yi spoke, Zhang Hanyu and Mr.

Chang looked at her with slight surprise.

Dou Xiangling did not say anything.

At the thought of the income Zi Yi earned from her bar and racing club, she also felt that a few hundred grand a year was not considered a lot.

Dou Xiangling nodded her head in agreement.

“Well have to trouble Mr.

Chang to call your cousin and tell him that we wish to take a look at the place.”


Chang was surprised for a moment.

At the thought that both of them seemed to be rich, he immediately gave his cousin a call.

When the four of them made their way over, a man who had a slight resemblance with Mr.

Chang was already waiting for them there.

The younger Mr.

Chang saw the five walking over and subconsciously stretched out his hand towards Zhang Hanyu.

“Hello, I believe its you and your group who wants to look at the house”

Zhang Hanyu quickly waved his hand and pointed at Dou Xiangling and Zi Yi.

“Its these two ladies who want to check out the place.”

Zhang Hanyu introduced the two of them to him.

The younger Mr.

Chang was not embarrassed by the small hiccup either.

He then turned to Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling.

His sharp gaze sized them up and he laughed while revealing a gesture for them to enter.

“Ladies, please.”

As soon as they entered the property, they saw several areas which were divided by walls, but the space of this place was indeed large enough.

When the two of them were checking out the place, the younger Mr.

Chang said, “If youre interested in renting, the walls here can all be knocked down.”

The two of them looked around the place and Zi Yi asked Dou Xiangling, “What do you think”

Dou Xiangling nodded her head, and was clearly satisfied with the place.

Zi Yi asked, “How much are you selling the place for”

“You should have also heard from my cousin that the rent of this place is higher than other places.

If you are not willing… erm… Miss Zi, what did you say earlier”

“Are you selling this place of yours How much are you selling it for”

“This…” He checked out Zi Yi from head to toe and a sharp glint flickered in his eyes.

He then revealed a smile and shook his head.

“I dont intend to sell this place.”

Dou Xiangling was also surprised by Zi Yis words.

After she recovered her senses, she called out.

“Yiyi, what are you doing”

Zi Yi turned around and looked at her, hinting at her to remain calm.

Zi Yi said to the younger Mr.

Chang, “We are only buying it, and we wont be renting.

If you are willing to sell, you can offer a price.

Forget it if you are unwilling.”

The younger Mr.

Chang looked at Zi Yi for a few seconds before he said a figure, “Five billion.”

Zhang Hanyu could not take it anymore.


Chang, this is overboard.

How could there be such an expensive shop”

“Therefore Im advising the two ladies to rent.”

Dou Xiangling was worried that Zi Yi might really buy it and hastily asked, “Then how much is the yearly rent”

“Ten million.”

“The rent Mr.

Chang is asking for is too high.

Ive inquired about the shops around this area and it costs around 60 thousand annually for a place of the same size.

Its only seven million for a years worth of rent.

Yet, your rental is three million more in comparison.”

“The location of my place is good.

Moreover, Ive also said that you can rent it if you like.

Forget it if you dont want to.”

Zhang Hanyu looked at Dou Xiangling and Zi Yi and gave them a hint with his gaze.

“Why dont we check out other places”

Dou Xiangling felt a little regret.

She liked the place, but this person is asking for such a high rent from the start and he would definitely find an excuse to raise the prices in the future.

After receiving Zhang Hanyus hint, she said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, lets go elsewhere.”

Zi Yi glanced at the younger Mr.

Chang who had a look as if it didnt matter to him and nodded her head.

The three of them took their leave.

They had checked out two other locations, but none of them were as good as the initial place.

Zi Yi looked at Dou Xiangling and said, “Cousin, if you really like that place, the money doesnt matter.”

“No way.

The rent there is higher by three million and its not worth it at all.”

To Dou Xiangling, she would rather donate the additional three million.

The three of them took a rest and sat down at a table with an umbrella that blocked the sun.

Zhang Hanyu then said to them, “You can rest here first, Ill go over there to buy some drinks.

Xiangling, Little Yi, what would you like to drink”

Dou Xiangling said, “Lets go and buy the drinks together.”

She was not used to troubling others and she always felt that she was troubling Mr.

Zhang, which made her feel somewhat bad.

“No need, Im here today to run errands.

You two can sit down.

Ill go and get two cups of hot milk tea.”

He strode towards the milk tea shop after that.

Zi Yi tugged at Dou Xiangling and said, “Cousin, lets sit down here and wait for Teacher Zhang.”


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