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Zi Yi knew that the Dou Family members were worried about Zi Xu and would certainly want to say something to her and Ah Jing.

She nodded and said, “Alright.”

After she came out of Dou Xiaoyongs office, there were many people on campus discussing Zi Xuans incident.

At the same time, her name was also mentioned.

“Zi Xuan is Zi Yis younger sister.

Say, now that Zi Xuan passed away, will Zi Yi be sad”

“I guess so After all, theyre biological sisters.”

“Eh~ Zi Yi has come to school.

Shouldnt she be dealing with her sisters funeral matters”

“Could it be that she isnt feeling sad at all”

“Zi Yi is too cold hearted!”

More and more people started discussing Zi Yi, but in less than half an hours time, the news of Zi Yi taking a leave of absence spread around.

She had not requested a week of leave but instead her request was for half a month.

The voices of discussion had disappeared without a trace.

There were many people paying attention to Zi Yis family matters.

There were also many who felt that Lu Jingye was the one who told Lu Yunxiao to get involved.

“Only Lu Yunxiao has the capability to do this and go unnoticed.”

However, no one could find evidence on that.

In a famous theatrical garden in the capital the Dongfang and Qin Familys Head just so happen to encounter each other, and they asked for a room to sit down and chat.

The Dongfang Familys Head asked, “What is your opinion on the Zi Familys incident”

The Qin Familys Head took a sip of tea before he said, “Everyone thinks that Lu Jingye got Lu Yunxiao to get involved.”

“Isnt that the case” The Dongfang Familys Head was under the same assumption.

“I beg to differ.” The Qin Familys Head looked at the stage and a few seconds later, he said, “Dont forget.

That woman has superb skills in making robots.

Even the nations Technology Research Institute had invited her over to help.”

The Dongfang Familys Head was stunned.

“You mean that woman used robots to deal with her stepmother and sister”

“Thats right.

The quality of that apartments railing could not possibly be so bad.

It must have been tampered with beforehand.

“Then… what about the poisonous parasite found in that apartment”

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“I am also rather confused about this.

Ive thought of using that woman Li Peirong in the past, but I discovered that she had been made use of by another group of people.” The Qin Familys Head looked at the Dongfang Familys Head and thought that it was the Dongfang Family behind it.

The Dongfang Familys Head furrowed his brow and said, “Its not the Dongfang Family behind this.”

The Qin Familys Head was a little surprised and he continued to speak.

“No matter who the master mind is, Lu Jingye must be eliminated.

If he were to gain power once again, he would definitely deal with our company.

We have to think of a way to make Lu Yunxiao leave the capital.

It would be best if he heads abroad.”

The Dongfang Familys Head nodded his head.

“Thats right.

The most troublesome person right now is Lu Yunxiao.

As long as he leaves, we can think of a way to lure Lu Jingye and Zi Yi to S City.

It would be easier to take care of them there.”

“Yes, thats the plan I had too.

As to what should be done next, we can collaborate with the He Family and Ouyang Family tonight to think of the appropriate measures.”

It just so happened that these two families had suffered great losses during the economic war Lu Jingye had initiated back then.

Therefore, they were itching to deal with Lu Jingye.

The Qin Familys Head said, “To deal with Lu Jingye, I feel that it would be best to deal with people around Zi Yi… It just so happens that Zi Xu will be returning from abroad these days and Ive also sent my men to do a thorough investigation on him.

As long as sufficient benefits are given, it would be easy to make use of him.”

The Dongfang Familys Head nodded.

“Okay, Ill send someone to S City to talk to him when the time comes.”

Zi Yi left the school after she got her leave of absence approved.

When her car drove out, she also received numerous messages offering their condolences to her.

She took a glance at those messages and it seemed like a joke to her.

Zi Xuan was merely a stranger in her opinion.

Moreover, it was a stranger that wanted her death due to jealousy.

What was there for her to feel sad about

She merely took a glance at those messages and forgot about them.

As soon as her car drove out of M.Uni, she received Dou Xianglings phone call.

Dou Xiangling asked her over the phone, “Yiyi, where are you right now”

Zi Yi told her about her whereabouts.

“I just left the school grounds.”

Dou Xiangling then said, “Then come over to the XX road near the center of the city.

I am looking for a venue to open my art gallery and you can come to help me look for one too.”


Zi Yi arrived at the location Dou Xiangling mentioned after half an hour.

Dou Xiangling was currently standing outside the entrance of a shop and she went over and greeted her when she saw Zi Yis arrival.


Zi Yi alighted from the car and checked the surroundings.

This place was a street away from the main city and art galleries were basically found all around here.

This street can be considered to be an art street.

Dou Xiangling did not mention looking for a place first.

Instead, she brought up Li Peirongs incident.

“Yiyi, were there many people discussing this incident when you arrived in school today”


Dou Xiangling was a little angry.

“I knew it! When I arrived at school in the morning, I heard someone saying that you met with Zi Xuan yesterday.

There were also numerous reporters outside of the school grounds today and I believe these people are trying to dig up some information from you.”

Zi Yi replied with a calm expression, “I think they are thinking of digging out information that Zi Xuans death is related to me.”

“Ha! What does Zi Xuans death have to do with you Instead, I heard that she kept poisonous parasites in her apartment and a transfer of assets documents.

Dou Yunhaoi has told me about it.

That contract had no legal effect at all and Zi Xuan was the one who randomly drafted it.

When she came looking for you yesterday, was it to cheat you into heading to her apartment to sign that contract”


“I knew it.

Shes too vicious.”

Dou Xiangling said to Zi Yi.

“Yiyi, dont you worry.

Your cousins Yunhao and Yurui will follow up on this matter.

If someone were to make a fuss about you by using this, she will take care of it.”

Not only was Dou Yunhao a reputable lawyer, but Dou Yurui was also a forensic doctor.

In order to prevent someone from using Zi Xuans death to harm Zi Yi, they had directly taken over the follow-up of Zi Xuans death.

A surge of warm current flowed into her heart and Zi Yi revealed a smile as she nodded.


Only then did Dou Xiangling bring her to check out the location she had chosen.

The place she chose was not considered very large.

It appeared to be around three or four hundred square meters.

Zi Yi took a glance and suggested.

“You can choose a bigger space.”

Dou Xiangling smiled and said, “The rent here is too expensive and I cant afford a larger space.”

Ever since the Dou Family members started working, they would not ask for money from the family.

All their wealth was earned using their hard work.

Dou Xiangling would often tour around the world to find inspiration for painting and the money she had saved up was not much.

Without a second thought, Zi Yi said, “You dont have money, but I do.”

Dou Xiangling was about to reject her, but before she could say anything, Zi Yi spoke up.

“My bar is earning at least 500 thousand dollars every day and money isnt a problem at all.”

Dou Xiangling widened her mouth slightly, looking as if she was extremely shocked.

She only managed to recover her senses after a few seconds.

“Yiyi, is your bar really that profitable”

Zi Yi revealed a smirk and said, “Of course, look at the type of bar it is.

Those who can enter are all rich individuals and they dont care about that little sum of money.”

Zi Yi continued to say, “My racing club has yet to officially start its operations.

But once it does, it will not earn less than the bar.”

In actual fact, Zi Yi felt that earning money through these two businesses was very slow, which was why she had not paid much attention to them.


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