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Zi Yi waited for Zi Xuan to sit down before she put the document out of her sight.

Zi Xuan stared at her and hastily asked, “Are you done reading Sign it when youre done.”

Zi Yi put the document on the coffee table and said, “Whats the hurry”


Zi Xuan could not continue the act anymore and took the document away as she tore it in half.

With a cold voice, she said, “Since youre not intending to sign it, then dont.”

Zi Yi leaned against the sofa with a soft smile on her lips.

“Zi Xuan, you cant hold it in any longer”

“Hmph! Why should I pretend I hate you.

I have hated you ever since I was younger!”

Zi Xuans expression became gloomy.

“If not for you, I wouldnt have been forced to study every single day.

Other than having a powerful grandfather, how else can you possibly compare to me Your studies are inferior, your capabilities are lacking too.

Most importantly, Mom and Dad dont like you.”

She suddenly revealed a proud smile having said that.

Zi Yi looked at Zi Xuan who was still unwilling to accept the facts even now.

All of a sudden, she suggested.

“You had better visit the Third Hospital.”

The Capitals Third Hospital specializes in treating mental illnesses.

“Youre saying Im sick!” Zi Xuan stood up agitatedly and acted as if she was about to pounce on Zi Yi.

Zi Yi remained calm and seated.

With one seated and one standing, the aura Zi Yi radiated became very strong.

It was to the extent that Zi Xuan who was standing felt that she was in a lower position compared to Zi Yi.

She felt extremely pissed off, but at the thought that Zi Yi was about to disappear from the face of the Earth soon, indescribable happiness surged forth from her heart.

Zi Yi noticed the change in Zi Xuans expression and the smile on her lips deepened.

“Zi Xuan, even if you dont sleep every night, you are unable to catch up to me in my studies.


other than studies… you are ever lacking compared to me in other aspects.

Say, why cant you just see the facts”

“Nonsense!” Im clearly more outstanding than you in everything!” Zi Xuan shouted at her in a fluster, as she did not want to admit that fact at all.


Zi Yi laughed and stood up as she headed towards the floor-to-ceiling window.

Zi Xuan subconsciously followed along.

Outside the window was a balcony with a width of two meters.

It was not completely sealed off and there was even a carved railing.

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When Zi Yi walked to the balcony and looked down, she just so happened to see Li Peirong alighting from the car and running towards the building at fast speeds.

She asked Zi Xuan, who was standing at the balcony door and staring at her, “Say, if a human were to fall down from here, would their appearance be disfigured to the extent they cannot be recognized”

Zi Xuan stared at her and softly muttered, “I dont know if they will be disfigured.

I only know that you will soon disappear from the face of the Earth.”

“Is that so”

A cruel and resolute expression could be seen on Zi Xuans face at that moment.

She had also laughed.

Her laughter gave off a carefree feeling.

“I think youre not aware of whats placed in that jar on the coffee table Theres a parasite contained within that can cause a human to melt into a puddle of blood in half an hour.

Youre already poisoned by the parasite.

Ha, you can just wait for yourself to disappear from this world!”

“Parasite Witchcraft” Zi Yi looked at Zi Yis eyes and used her mental energy.

“Who gave you the poisonous parasite”

Zi Xuans eyes became dazed.

“A masked man.

He said that as long as I opened the jar, the parasite would automatically come to you and enter your body.

It will only take half an hour before you will turn into a pool of blood.”

Zi Xuan clearly did not know who the other party was.

As soon as she heard that it could make Zi Yi disappear, she accepted it.

“Ha! Zi Xuan, youre really despicable.”

Zi Yi heard the sounds of the door opening and turned her head around to see.

When the door was opened, Li Peirong strode in.

Zi Yi was taller than Zi Xuan and Zi Yi was standing sideways while Zi Xuan stood at the edge of the railing.

From Li Peirongs perspective, it was Zi Yi who wanted to do something to Zi Xuan.

Li Peirongs heart tightened and she exploded.

“Little b*tch, I dare you to hurt my Xuanxuan!”

She quickly dashed over after that.

Zi Yi looked at her bloodshot eyes and Li Peirong who was prepared to kill her.

She evaded her push by dodging.

Li Peirong was determined to push Zi Yi down and she dashed over at a fast speed.

She did not expect Zi Yi to doge at the very last moment and she did not have the time to stop herself.

In the end, she hit Zi Xuan with great force.

Zi Xuan was standing at the edge of the railing right now and the railing was rather loose.

With Li Peirongs push, she and the railing fell down directly.



Zi Yi looked at Li Peirong who had collapsed on the ground from despair and was grieving.

With an expression of indifference, she headed for the door.

When she left, she told Shadow.

“Put back the original jar, and then remove the evidence that I was here.”

Shadow put the jar that it had changed beforehand back to its original position.

Zi Yi walked out of the apartment and entered the lift.

When the doors were closed, Li Peirongs heart-wrenching cries sounded.

“My Xuanxuan…”

Zi Yi took out her phone and quickly called the police.

She told them the bottles inside the apartment had poisonous parasites.

By the time she walked out of the apartment building, there was already a crowd of people.

Everyone was looking at the disfigured Zi Xuan along with Li Peirong who was crying her heart out upstairs.

There were many people who took out their phones and called the police.

Zi Yi left the neighborhood during the commotion.

Soon, the police had arrived.

When they entered Zi Xuans apartment, they were fully armed and even put on gas masks.

The first thing they did after entering was to collect all the bottles and jars before arresting Li Peirong and taking away Zi Xuans corpse.

Li Peirong had gone crazy.

This incident was soon spread around.

Not long after Zi Yi reached home, she heard Lu Jingye making a call.

“Send her to Qian Shan Mental Hospital.”

Qian Shan Mental Hospital was a place where it only received patients with severe mental illness.

Once she went in there, if nothing unexpected happened, she could only leave her fate up to the heavens.

After Lu Jingye hung up the call, he directly hugged Zi Yi into his embrace and said in a stern voice, “In the future, if you want to clean up anyone, youre not to take action personally.”

At the thought that there were poisonous parasites in Zi Xuans apartment, Lu Jingye felt terrified.

He had heard of such parasites before in the past.

They were terrifying and overbearing.

Zi Yi leaned her cheeks against Lu Jingyes shoulders and replied with anok.

She then asked, “Say, who do you think is the culprit who found those who dabbled with witchcraft to deal with me”

“No matter who they are, I will find a way to identify them.” Lu Jingye planned to send his men to the southern region to invite someone to protect Zi Yi.

Zi Yi was even more interested in witchcraft after hearing that.

Lu Jingye seemed to have guessed her thoughts and his grip on her waist had tightened.

“Dont think of this matter anymore.”

Zi Yi looked up at Lu Jingye who became serious.

Her eyes slightly narrowed and soon, she put her hands around his neck and gave him a kiss.

When their two lips were touching, she softly whispered, “If you kiss me a few more times, I shall not think of it anymore.”

The next second, her lips were sealed.

The news of Li Peirong pushing her daughter off the balcony and that she had gone crazy had soon spread around.

The next day, in the morning.

There were police officers who contacted Zi Yi and took her statement.

“Miss Zi, are you aware of the incident with your stepmother and your younger sister”

“I know,” Zi Yi replied.

“Zi Xuan looked for me yesterday and said that she will be giving me half of the assets my Father is giving her..

She asked me to follow her to sign the papers.”


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