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Chen Tong led them over to a supercar.

Zi Yi checked it out and even though she was not entirely satisfied, the car had quite a lot of room for modification.

She then said to the manager, “Ill take this car and pay by card.”

When Zi Yi said that, Zi Lian hastily drew closer to her and reminded her by saying, “Third Uncle said that he forbade you from purchasing any more supercars.

He would certainly be angry if you bought this car.

Moreover, this is the capital, so where do you intend to park it”

Zi Yi took back her card and nodded.

“Youre right.

I have no place to park it for the time being.”

The documents for the villa had yet to be finalized.

Neither does she intend to stay there anytime soon.

There was no place for her to modify the car even if she bought it.

Oh well, she shall buy it another day then.

He Fei started recommending his parking space.

“Yiyi, you can park your cars at my place.

I have several empty villas.

Not to mention one car, you can even park dozens of cars.”

Zi Yi looked at him with a frown.

“I already said I dont like you.

Do you think I will give you such an opportunity”


Wasnt she being too direct!

Ouyang Ming could no longer stand it.

With He Feis status, what kind of woman would he lack Even if she was prettier than others, He Fei should not humble himself like this.

He reminded He Fei and said, “Miss Zi has already straightforwardly refused you.

Are you honestly intending to pretend you havent heard what she said”

He Fei was annoyed.

He punched Ouyang Ming on the shoulder.

“Dont talk to me.”

He finally managed to ask her out today and if this brother of his was to spoil his plans, he would have to fight it out with him.

Ouyang Ming was also somewhat unhappy.

He looked at Zi Yi and said, “Since youre fond of racing, Im sure youre pretty skilled too.

Why dont we have a match.”

“Ah Ming, what are you doing!”

He Feis eyelids twitched.

Ouyang Mings skills were comparable to a professional racer.

It was clear that he deliberately said that!

Zi Yi looked at Ouyang Mings unkind gaze and nodded.


“Ouyang Ming, you better not mess this up for me!” He Fei lowered his voice and said in warning.

Ouyang Ming was determined to step on Zi Yis arrogance.

He paid no heed to He Fei and continued to speak to Zi Yi.

“Theres a racing track thats part of this club.

I wont make things difficult for you.

We shall do a race of rounds and the one who finishes first wins.”

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Okay.”

Since Zi Yi had agreed, He Fei had no other space to object.

The five of them headed towards the clubs racing track.

It was an oval-shaped racing track that was ten kilometers long.

Ouyang Ming turned to Zi Yi when he saw the racing track.

“Based on the speed of 256 kilometers an hour, itll take less than half an hour to complete ten laps, which is 100 kilometers.

Miss Zi, if you can finish ten laps in half an hour, itll be your win.

If you fail to accomplish it, then you have to agree to one of my requests.

What do you think”

He Fei became anxious.

“Ouyang Ming, what request are you thinking of You…”

Ouyang Ming clicked his tongue and said, “Ah He, Miss Zi hasnt said anything.

If you show that youre so anxious to side with her, I feel that Miss Zi will be embarrassed instead.”

Just as He Fei was about to explode, Zi Yi spoke up, “Theres no need for half an hour.

Lets go for 15 minutes.

The first to finish wins.

The loser has to agree to one request from the winner.”

Ouyang Ming was stupefied.

The next second, he gave her a thumbs up.

“What an attitude.

I hope that you can continue to be so confident after the race.”

He then said to the manager, “Have someone drive two cars over.”

The racing cars soon arrived.

Ouyang Ming pointed at the cars and said, “Ladies first.

You can take the first pick.”

“Yiyi, dont…”

Zi Yi walked over and took her pick.

“This one will do.”

After she said that, she opened the scissor door and sat inside.

Her movements were clean, swift and cool.


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