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Chapter 486: Scheme

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Lu Jingye let go of Lu Zhihengs hand when his complexion turned white and went to stand next to Zi Yi.

Lu Zhiheng stared at the both of them with a livid expression and he gnashed his teeth in anger as he asked, “Third Brother, you dont even see me as your brother anymore, is that it”

Lu Jingye did not respond.

Lu Zhiheng took a deep breath.

He wished that he could immediately leave and go home to tattle on him.


Not only did Lu Jingye argue back against Grandfather and leave the Lu Family, but even his Third Brother had also dislocated his hand for that woman.

The severe pain from his wrist causes his complexion to turn even uglier.

Zi Yi saw how Lu Zhiheng looked as if he wanted to swallow them whole.

She smiled provocatively.

“Isnt Eldest Young Master Lu looking for Mr.

Colin Well rely on our own capabilities to see who can continue chatting with him.”

Lu Zhiheng glared at her with those gloomy eyes of his.

Zi Yi ignored his gaze and continued to speak.

“Eldest Young Master Lu, dont end up not even being able to converse with Mr.


Itll be too embarrassing if that really happens.”

“Who do you think you are Do you think you have the capability to snatch from me” Lu Zhiheng said in a heavy voice and an expression of disdain appeared on his face.

“Well know after giving it a try.”

As soon as Zi Yi said her piece, she turned around and chatted with Mr.

Colin again.

The crowd looked in their direction and after a moment of silence, those who were standing further back could not help but whisper among themselves,

“To think that the Lu Familys Third Young Master had done that to his Eldest Brother for his own brothers woman!”

“I heard that Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao have a good relationship and Lu Yunxiao had already taken over the Lu Groups secret forces very early on.

Its normal that he doesnt have much of a relationship with Lu Zhiheng.”

“Thats true.

For someone like Lu Yunxiao, perhaps there are only a few people he would care about.

From this point alone, we can see Miss Zis position in Lu Jingyes heart.”

“Thats right.

Lu Jingye is unable to come on his own and even got Lu Yunxiao to tag along instead.

They have a strong brotherhood.”

“Is there really genuine brotherhood among the wealthy”

The group of students who were standing by the sidelines, as they did not dare to approach the center of the hall, had overheard the whispers.

They had also looked at the trio with shocked gazes.

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Just then, Yang Li said, “Zi Yi is really amazing.

Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also has a boyfriend who loves her so much.”

She revealed an envious expression as she said that.

The group of people standing next to her looked in her direction.

Yang Li shrugged her shoulders and said, “I didnt say anything wrong, did I If I had such a powerful boyfriend who loves me that much, I would wake up laughing even in my dreams.”

A few other students could not help but smile in response.

Yang Li suddenly had the urge to head to the washroom and she called out to Zhang Lu standing next to her.

“Zhang Lu, do you want to head over to the washroom”

Zhang Lu had been keeping her eyes on Zi Yi and without even turning her head, she said, “Nope.”

She would not be able to spectate such an interesting drama in the future and she wanted to see how the Eldest Young Master Lu would respond.

Yang Li did not wish to leave either, but she could not hold it in anymore.

In the end, she could only leave on her own.

As soon as she came out from the toilet, after she tidied up her hairstyle, she saw two individuals walking over.

These two people appeared to be rather strange.

They were wearing the uniforms of the hotel waiters and yet, they were wearing baseball caps.

Moreover, their caps were pulled extremely low and she could not see their appearance.

Yang Lu had a sense of foreboding.

She thought for a moment and deliberately stood to the side to let them pass by.

However, the two individuals stopped when they came to her.

One of them used a teasing tone and said to the other, “This woman is really pretty.”

He then raised his hat and revealed an expression that obviously belonged to someone with bad intentions.

“Beautiful lady, come and play with us”

Yang Lis expression changed and she shouted loudly, “Dont you dare fool around! There is security all around here and Ill scream if you approach me.”

The two men made eye contact and the other suddenly reached out for her.

“Ahhhh- Mph!”

When Yang Lis mouth was covered and her body pinned against the wall, she was frightened out of her wits and her body subconsciously struggled.

“You better not struggle, else dont blame us for being heavy handed.”


Only a fool would not struggle.

Yang Lu tried her best to use all her strength and kicked one of them in the crotch.

In the end, one of them received a kick to his crotch without the slightest bit of defense.


“Motherf*cker, how dare you kick my brother.

Ill beat you to death!”

The other man raised his hand with the intention to give her a slap on the cheek.

“AHH!” Yang Li could not dodge at all and she squatted down out of reflex with her eyes tightly shut.


A man with a powerful aura suddenly came from the side and soon, the screams of two men were heard.

Yang Li opened her eyes and just so happened to see a powerful long leg kicking one of them.



Just then, a few security guards ran over from afar.

The security guards immediately detained the two men and one of them came over and asked out of concern, “Mr.

Rick, are you alright”

“Im fine.” Rick tugged his tie and walked to where Yang Li was.

He then asked with a gentle tone, “Miss, are you alright”

Yang Li who was squatting on the floor foolishly lifted her head and looked at Rick.

She felt that the man standing in front of her was radiating a bright light all around him, and he was just like the knight that was mentioned in fantasy stories.

She did not speak and the next second, she saw the man bend down and lift her up princess style.


Yang Li instantly blushed and her heartbeat quickened.

“Put your arms around my neck.

Ill bring you to the lounge to take a short rest.

Dont be afraid.”

Yang Lis face turned even redder.

The man right in front of her was exactly like her ideal prince on a white horse.

She slowly put her hands around his neck and the corner of her lips rose uncontrollably.

This man had simply satisfied all the fantasies in her mind.

Rick carried Yang Li to one of the lounges and put her down on the sofa.

He then said in a gentle tone, “Dont be afraid, those people must have snuck their way in and the hotel staff will handle them.”

Having said that, he sat down beside her.

Yang Li could smell the faint scent of mens cologne from him and her heart beat uncontrollably.

She lowered her head and gently responded with ayes.

Rick seemed to have felt her embarrassment and started to initiate a casual conversation with her.

What he asked was appropriate and soon, Yang Li managed to calm down.

They had chatted about the Economic Forum that was held this time around.

Yang Li did not even notice that the topic of their conversation shifted to Zi Yi.

“Zi Yi is really amazing.

She is fluent in Country Ks language and she is also very helpful…”

Rick smiled as he listened.

After she finished what she had to say, he said, “Shes really an outstanding girl, but… I think that youre very outstanding too.

Or should I say, all of you are outstanding”

Yang Li gave him a smile.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Just then, Ricks phone rang.

He took it out and checked the caller ID before answering the call.

“Alright, Ill be over there right away.”

Rick hung up the call and asked her, “Are you feeling better”

Yang Li guessed that he should be making his way back to the hall and hastily nodded her head.


Rick, thank you for your help earlier.

If not for you…”


Rick smiled and said, “Its no effort at all.

Moreover, every girl ought to be pampered like a princess.

How could I allow those people with impure thoughts to harm you”

Having said that, he stood up while Yang Li was looking at him with a gaze that showed she was extremely touched by his actions.

He then held out his hand to her in a gentlemanly manner..

“Miss Yang, lets go back to the hall together.”


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