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Chapter 475: Its Such a Pity That Mr.

Lu Cant Attend the Global Economic Forum This Year

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Those attending the Global Economic Forum were all CEOs or executives of influential large corporations.

The various countries had also sent executives of their Economic Departments along with them.

This type of forum was held once a year and in a different country each time.

Be it whichever country it was held in, the economic benefits brought to the country organizing the forum were immeasurable.

Zi Yi and the other student volunteers traveled in the car prepared by the school.

In the car, Nangong Yu and Pei Yuan told Zi Yi what they had to do at the venue.

“There are numerous big shots from the financial industry today who are attending the forum.

Some of them dislike communicating in the universal language.

When the time comes, if they have any needs or if they ask for the way around and there are no translators beside them, its our responsibility to answer and lead the way.”

“Other than this, we can listen in while they converse with each other.

Perhaps the topic of their conversation would be the future economic development trend.”

“However, some of the big shots also have eccentric tempers.

If they do not take the initiative to talk to you, you must not try to create a conversation with them.

Else you might get educated.”

“In particular, when a group of big shots are conversing, dont ever interrupt.

You will incur their displeasure instead of praise.”

Both of them told her about the benefits and precautions she had to take as a student volunteer.

Zi Yi listened to them attentively.

After they finished their explanation, Pei Yuan added, “These big shots are human too and theres no need to think of them as gods.

Junior Zi, youre so pretty and there will definitely be those who have impure thoughts towards you.

If you were to get harassed, you must tell me or President Nangong.

We will definitely help you out then.”

Even though Nangong Yu did not explicitly say it, his eyes seemed to be saying the same thing.

Zi Yi nodded and a confident smile curved on her lips.

“No one can harass me.”

North City Stadium

As the guests today were all big shots of the finance industry, special attention was paid to safety measures.

In the vicinity of the stadium, a security cordon had been set up in advance and cars had been restricted from driving past.

There were armed guards stationed there, coupled with the bodyguards employed by the stadium and not to mention the bodyguards those big shots had brought along themselves.

It could be said that with the security of the stadium today, it was so strict that not even a fly could enter.

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Rick who was wearing a black suit and giving off a domineering aura alighted from the car.

It just so happened that he made eye contact with another individual alighting from another car.

Both of them headed in the same direction.


Rick, long time no see.”


Elson, long time no see.”

After they briefly hugged, they headed towards the entrance of the stadium together.

Behind them was a group of fierce-looking bodyguards.

Camera shutter sounds and flashlights continuously flooded the area.

The reporters present here today were basically the most reputable and famous financial journalists locally and internationally.

When some of the female journalists saw Rick walking past, they could not help themselves but act like girls in love.

“Oh heavens, the UP Groups President, Mr.

Rick is personally attending this years Global Economic Forum.

He is so handsome and manly! He does indeed live up to his reputation as the second-ranked in the financial industry that everyone wants to marry.”

The reporters had their sources for news and all of them already knew what happened to Lu Jingye.

Another female reporter said with slight regret, “Its such a pity that Second Young Master Lu cant attend the Global Economic Forum this year.

If he were to drop in, he would instantly overpower all the big shots.”

“Its really a pity that Mr.

Lu cant attend the Global Economic Forum.” It just so happened that Elson was chatting with Rick about Lu Jingye at the same time.

Even though he said that it was a pity, there were no such traces of pity on his expression.

“I heard that Patriarch Lu removed Second Young Master Lu from the position as the President.

So the Lu Family is now being taken charge of by the First Young Master, Lu Zhiheng”

Ricks lips curved up and he nodded.

“Thats right.”

Elson smiled after obtaining the answer he wanted.

Following that, he said in a meaningful tone of voice, “Good, good.

Its also due for the Lu Group to change Presidents.

Whats more…”

Speaking up to here, he deliberately said in a teasing voice, “Without Second Young Master Lu present, those beautiful female journalists wont crowd around him like bees to honey anymore.”

The two of them made eye contact and laughed at the same time.

In fact, the female journalists were not of their concern at all.

As long as Lu Jingye was no longer the Lu Groups President, the Lu Group was no longer a legend.

Without Lu Jingye, the Lu Group was equivalent to a large cake without its protector.

It was only a matter of time before they divided it up.

“Todays weather is sure good,” Elson suddenly said and started laughing out loud.

Rick reminded him just then.

“I heard that Lu Jingyes girlfriend will be here as a student volunteer today.”

“For real” A gaze of interest flashed past Elsons eyes and he touched his chin.

“Second Young Master Lus girlfriend must be a very beautiful woman”

“Shes more than that.

Shes also the current campus belle of M.Uni.” Rick saw Elsons expression and the corner of his lips slightly curved upwards.

Elson was notorious for liking beautiful ladies.

It seemed like there would be an interesting show to see when the time comes.

Those who came today were all discussing Lu Jingye.

The news of Lu Jingye being removed from the position of the Lu Groups President should be a piece of news that they knew at the very first instance.

Even though they mentioned that it was a pity on the surface, all of them were elated deep down.

Without Lu Jingye here to exert pressure on them, all of them felt that even the air smelled sweet.

Cars drove in continuously and Lu Zhiheng who wore a high-end suit with his hair styled had alighted from the car gracefully.

He shook hands with some of the big shots as soon as he alighted.


Now that President Lu has taken over the Lu Group, the company will certainly develop better than when Lu Jingye was in charge.

If the opportunity arises, we must collaborate.”


Lu Zhiheng wished that he could jump up and down in joy when he heard those words, but he tried his best to reveal a humble expression.


Enrique, you must be joking.

My Second Brother is better than me in business and Im still in the stage of learning and exploring… When theres a large project for collaboration, I will definitely look for Mr.


“Haha, President Lu is too modest.

With such a capable cousin, you wont be lacking.”

Lu Zhiheng was not happy in the slightest at his words.

He disliked people comparing him with Lu Jingye.

In particular, some of them were discussing how Lu Groups database was breached by hackers and confidential information was leaked out, which then profited other companies.

Lu Zhiheng basically flew into a rage the moment he heard that.

David who was standing at the main entrance shook his head as he looked over in that direction and he spoke to Rick who was waiting for another big shot to arrive.

“Tsk, he lost his temper just from this.

I feel that a person like that being my opponent is beneath me.”

Rick smiled and said, “Dont say that, David.

The Lu Group which Lu Jingye has created would still be profitable in the short-term even if the successor is severely lacking.”

David nodded his head.

“Thats true.

But I heard that Lu Jingye is now taking over his mothers jewelry business and he will be causing some great waves soon.”

Rick nodded his head.

“Thats right.”

He then looked towards David and reminded him out of kindness.


David is also in the jewelry business, so be sure to take precautions.”


A gleam of chilliness and disdain flashed past his eyes..

“The jewelry of our Esseros Family is not something someone who just stepped into the industry can easily surpass.”


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