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Chapter 474: Lu Jingye Combing Zi Yis Hair for Her

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The so-calledlarge quantities Lu Jingye referred to were definitely much more than what one could imagine.

“Dont tell me you are planning to acquire a large mine”

“Thats right.”

Zi Yi was combing her hair and she suddenly stopped moving.

She looked at him with her beautiful pair of eyes as she asked, “Which mine are you planning to purchase”

Lu Jingye mentioned the name of a famous mine and the moment he realized that she was still staring at him, he took the comb from her hand and started combing her hair for her instead.

“A conservative estimate of this mine is worth hundreds of billions.

Even though its a new mine, the minerals inside are all pretty good.

If it is fully mined, the profits will be more than double the purchasing price.”

Zi Yis eyes curved into crescent moons at his words.

“Who are you planning to trick Rick, Lu Zhiheng, or other people”

“All of them.

Its time for my mothers jewel company to expand its market.

Just working in the jade industry will not let it break into the international jewelry market.”

“So whats the real mine you intend to buy”

“The XX diamond mine in South Africa.”

“Will they take the bait”

“They will.”

Lu Jingye was very confident.

“I will make a trip down to Country Em at that time.”

He himself would be personally making a trip there and even if those people were to suspect him, they will also follow him.

When the time came, Lu Jingye naturally had ways to convince them.

Lu Jingye lowered his head and asked, “Yiyi, what kind of hairstyle do you want”

Zi Yi tilted her head and her cheeks just so happened to bump against his.

She gave him a peck on the cheeks and giggled.

“What kind of hairstyle can you make”

Lu Jingye was unexpectedly silent.

A few seconds later, he said, “I can learn right away.”

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Zi Yi broke out into laughter and said, “You can just tie it into a ponytail.”


Lu Jingye feared that he would hurt her scalp and so he tied her hair up loosely.

If she were to turn her head rapidly, perhaps the hair tie would fall off.

Lu Jingye was not satisfied with his work and planned to watch more videos related to female hairstyles.

However, Zi Yi rather liked it.

In order to match with the loose hairstyle he had tied for her, she chose a more feminine winter dress to wear.

As soon as she changed into the dress, she was just like a living goddess.

Zi Yi asked Lu Jingye, who was staring at her, “Ah Jing, does my dress look nice”

“Yes, its nice.”

Lu Jingye could not help himself as he grabbed her by the waist and he originally planned to kiss her on the forehead.

However, Zi Yi had already anticipated the place he was about to kiss, so before his lips managed to touch her forehead, she raised her head.

Their lips came into contact with each other and she naughtily swept her tongue across his lips.

The next second, her advancing tongue was stopped and their tongues intertwined around each other.

Some time passed before they separated and Zi Yi leaned against his chest while panting.

Lu Jingye lightly caressed her back, as his heart was full of warmth.

The two of them were intimate for some time, but Zi Yi would be assuming the role of a student volunteer today and she had to head to school early to meet with Nangong Yu and the rest.

Therefore, she soon ended up heading downstairs to eat breakfast.

After finishing her meal, Zi Yi made her way to school.

After Zi Yi left, Lu Jingye called for another executive of the jewelry company to come over.

Not long after the executive left, the news of Lu Jingyes intention to acquire a jade mine spread around.

“As expected of his reputation.

To think hes planning to do something so huge the moment he takes over the company.”

“Ha! Does he still think of himself as the President of the Lu Group where he had so much money on hand Ive gotten someone to evaluate the Song Jewelry and their total assets are only so-so.

How does he have the confidence to play with such high stakes”


“Lu Jingye has always been playing with high stakes and managed to emerge victorious every single time.

If not for the fact that my family is not that affluent, I would have joined in the game too.”

In the Dongfang Family.

Patriarch Dongfang called for all the male members in the family.

“What do you think about Lu Jingyes acquisition of the large mine in Country Em”

Dongfangs Second Master said, “I feel that its a ruse he deliberately spread to lure us into his plans.”

Dongfang Hao had the same thoughts.

“Thats right.

The Song Jewelry cant afford to take out such a large sum of money.

No matter how capable he is, it is impossible to acquire such a large mine.”

Dongfangs Third Master chimed in and said, “No matter if it is a ruse or not, we have no means of doing anything to him now.”

Things had not been going well for the Dongfang Family these days and if they were unable to resolve their own problems, they could only be a spectator.

Dongfangs Second Master said, “Even if we cant do anything, Rick can.

Why dont we cooperate with Rick”

The others also agreed with his suggestion.

It was hard for them to abandon their hatred for Lu Jingye if they did not deal with him.

Before the Dongfang Family managed to get in touch with Rick, the Qin Family suddenly handed out a dinner banquet invitation to the high society within the capital.

Rick had also received the invitation.

He looked at the invitation card in his hand and a dim light flashed past his eyes.

“Lu Jingye, there are so many people waiting to deal with you.

Id like to see what rights you have to reject my younger sister when youre penniless.”


As soon as Zi Yi arrived in the school compound, everyone was stunned by her appearance and outfit today.

However, there were also some people who commented on her hairstyle.

“Didnt the goddess like tying a high ponytail Why did she leave her hair so loosely tied today”

“In the past, I always felt that a high ponytail suited her as she looked pretty and cool.

However, I realized that with her current hairstyle, she looks like a fairy! Isnt she so~ beautiful”

“As expected of the prettiest campus belle of M.Uni in history.

Her temperament and appearance far surpasses that of Murong You!”

“Say, where do you think Murong You went after she left the canteen that day I heard that she did not attend classes for the entire afternoon.”

“Well, she probably found it embarrassing to face other people In the past, I felt that she was a pretty good person, but after that incident, I suddenly disliked her.”

“Me too.”

“The goddess is really outstanding.

I feel that theres nothing she cant do.”

“The goddess will be assuming the role of a student volunteer today at the Global Economic Forum.

Im looking forward to her performance~”

“Me too.”

Zi Xuan, who was wearing a hat and mask while she walked past the crowd, subconsciously bit her lips as she overheard the discussions.

She was continuously screaming inside: “That idiot cant be so capable.

Shes definitely not Zi Yi.”


This thought has been circling around her mind for some time and she wanted to tell her mother about this.

However, Li Peirong said that she would make Zi Yi disappear from M.Uni and so, she did not say anything else.

She hated Zi Yi.

On what basis was she unable to catch up to her footsteps, no matter how hard she worked, while Zi Yi seemed to be capable of everything all of a sudden

Doesnt anyone doubt her at all

The more she thought, the angrier she got.

In the end, she turned around and headed outside of the campus.

She wanted to head over to the gym to see how capable Zi Yi was.

Zi Yi made her way to the Student Union.

Nangong Yu and another student volunteer were already waiting for her by the time she arrived.

The two male students were both wearing suits today and it made them appear handsome and energetic.

As soon as Zi Yi approached them, the other male student greeted her enthusiastically.

“Hello, Junior Zi.

I am Pei Yang, a Ph.D.

student from the School of Economics.

If you require any help at the venue, you can call me.”

Zi Yi gave him a nod and looked towards Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu passed her a lanyard and said, “Lets go.

The Global Economic Forum will start at 9 a.m..

After we sign in, the organizer will assign us tasks in advance.


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