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Chapter 471: Someone Reported that You Got Someone to Beat Up a Group of People Last Night

The group of people waiting outside were also taken care of while Zi Yi was handling those who intruded into her villa.

Not long after, Little Loli along with a few other robots threw the group of intruders outside, the people behind the scenes had also received the news.

All of them were shocked.

“Didnt Lu Jingye get chased out of the Lu Family Why does he still have men under him”

The reason they had sent people to deal with Lu Jingye was because they thought that he had been chased out of the Lu Family and so no longer had those groups of elite bodyguards protecting him.

They never expected that the people they had sent were all taken care of.

“What a group of useless things!” Rick had also gotten to know of this very soon and he sneered at those people.

All of a sudden, his phone started ringing.

Rick walked over and grabbed his phone.

His eyes suddenly narrowed.

It was an unknown caller.

He suddenly recalled the call he received the previous time and subconsciously answered it.

A chilly voice sounded from the other end.

“The Lu Jingye is not injured, hes alive and well.

You can continue probing him.”

Ricks expression sank at his words.

The other party seemed to have personally seen his expression and continued to speak.

“You dont believe it Your younger sisters life was borrowed with the help of forbidden sorcery, right”

Ricks expression changed dramatically and the veins on his hand holding onto the phone bulged.

He asked slowly “Who… Are… You”

The other party acted as if they were trying to placate him.


Rick, theres no need to be so nervous.

No one knows about this other than me.”

Rick tried his best to control the surging waves of violent emotions he felt and said in a heavy voice, “You better not have plans to target my younger sister.

Otherwise, I will send you down to the depths of hell.”

However, a light laughter sounded from the other end.


Rick, Im not interested in you or your younger sister.

I only need you to help me find out where Lu Yunxiao is being hidden.”

Rick immediately said, “Since youre so capable, why dont you look for him yourself!”

“Its not fun to find out on my own.

Dont you think its more interesting to drive the world into chaos”

Rick suddenly felt a chill down his back and he tried his best to dismiss that type of feeling.

“Lu Yunxiao is in the capital right now.

Theres no need to search at all.”

“That Lu Yunxiao was Lu Jingye in disguise.

Lu Yunxiao has never made an appearance from the start to the end.”

“How could that be Ive previously met with both Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao at the same time.”

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“Thats because one of them is fake.”

Rick widened his eyes in shock.

His sense of reason made him distrustful of the others words, but at the thought of how capable the other party was… perhaps he could cooperate with him, so he forcefully suppressed his violent emotions.

“How should we cooperate”

“Dont be in a rush.

I will contact you again.”

After the other party said that, they ended the call.

Rick glared at the phone and his thoughts were in a mess.

At this moment, knocking sounds could be heard from the door and Lu Zhihengs voice sounded.

It was 1 a.m in the morning right now, and Rick knew the reason behind his visit without even having to think.

Lu Zhiheng looked at Rick who opened the door and said, “I guessed that you werent asleep yet and it seems like I was right.”

“Come in.”

Rick turned around and walked inside while Lu Zhiheng followed him after closing the door.

The both of them went into the living room and Rick asked Lu Zhiheng, who had a serious expression on his face, “So what do you want to say”

Lu Zhihengs expression was as dark as a thunder.

“A large number of people went to that womans place of residence tonight and were all taken care of.

Say, are there still bodyguards in Lu Jingyes hands which he has yet to hand over”

Rick was not surprised in the slightest.

“Isnt this normal”

Lu Zhiheng gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Hmph, to think that he kept something up his sleeves.

Ill inform my grandfather of this at once in the morning!”

Rick looked at his expression and reminded him.

“That Zi woman is very good at making robots and perhaps those men were taken care of by those robots of hers.

Rather than telling on Lu Jingye to your grandfather, why dont you tell him that she has concealed robots with great destructive power in her house Perhaps she might find the Lu Family displeasing to the eye one day and use the robots to deal with them.”

Lu Zhiheng felt that his words made sense and laughed.

“I know what to do.”

The next morning.

Siren sounds suddenly sounded outside the courtyard.

Following that, the doors of the villa were knocked on.

The housekeeper went out to open the door.

After they were opened a grim-faced officer flashed his work badge, he said, “Hello, Im Officer Li.

Someone has reported that there were a group of people with serious injuries outside your residence.

The person who reported it said that those people were beaten up inside before they were thrown out.

Please cooperate with the investigation.”

The housekeeper revealed a puzzled expression.

“Officer Li, are you mistaken Nothing happened here last night.”

Officer Li had a serious expression.

“There was more than one person who reported this sighting.

As to whether its the truth or not, please cooperate with the investigation.”

“This…” The housekeeper dared not agree to it and said, “Officer Li, please wait for a moment.

Ill go and call for the owner of this house.”

Officer Li felt that he would tip off the owner and told him, “Give her a call here.”

The housekeeper hesitated for a moment, but ended up taking out his phone and giving Zi Yi a call.

Soon, Zi Yi came walking out.

Officer Li narrowed her eyes at the sight of Zi Yi walking out.

There was no sight of the sun today and the weather was cold and dreary.

Zi Yi wore a mint-colored winter dress with a narrow fur trim around the collar area.

Her appearance was already beautiful and exquisite and the white fur accentuated her red lips and white teeth, making her seem like a fairy.

Zi Yi looked at Officer Li and asked curiously, “What can I do for you”

When facing a beauty like her, the expression of the stern Officer Li had also subconsciously softened as he said, “Someone reported that you beat up a group of people last night.”

Zi Yis lips curved up and she asked, “Officer, then did the person say if he or she personally saw that I captured that group of people inside, gave them a beating, before then throwing them outside”

“Err…” Officer Li was speechless.

Zi Yi continued to say, “Officer Li, before you came knocking on my door, have you checked the surveillance in the vicinity”

Officer Li blanked out momentarily.

The orders he received from above were for him to directly investigate the residence.

He did not think much of it at that time and so he made his way over.

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes and revealed an expression of displeasure.

“If you had not checked the surveillance, I can immediately get someone to bring it out.

It just so happens that I have surveillance cameras installed in all four corners of the residence.”

She then said to the housekeeper, “Go and get my tablet.”

The housekeeper immediately got the helper to fetch Zi Yis tablet.

Soon, Zi Yi connected to the surveillance and handed the tablet to Officer Li.

Officer Lis expression turned serious as he looked at the footage from last night.

Those people were not thrown out from Zi Yis residence at all.

Instead, they were thrown around the vicnicity after getting knocked out by a group of masked men.

Clearly, someone wanted to mess with the girl standing in front of him.

Officer Li passed the tablet back to her and said, “Miss Zi, please send me the footage from last night.”

Following that, he recited his phone number to her..


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