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Chapter 465: Lu Jingye Cleaning Up the Dongfang Family

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The four of them had a casual chat before they headed to the living room in the backyard.

The housekeeper came in together with the helpers and served dinner.


Lu smiled and said, “Its good that Little Yi has the Dou Family.

In that case, she doesnt have to worry about getting bullied by others.”


Lu had finally seen through things.

Jingyes grandfather wanted her son to walk down the same road she and Lu Jianlin had walked down in the past.

Fortunately, her son was more decisive than they were in the past.

As his mother, she decided to do her best and support him.

“Since Jingye and Little Zi are together, we cant let their relationship stay so vague.” Mrs.

Lu said to Dou Xiangling, “Xiangling, when you go back later, do help me and ask the elders in your family when they are available for the two families to meet and discuss Jingye and Little Zis marriage.”

Dou Xiangling was surprised to hear that, however, she was also delighted.

She nodded and said, “Alright.”

Zi Yis lips curled up and she purposefully winked at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye glanced at her naughty appearance and grabbed a portion of her favorite dish and put it in her bowl.

After Zi Yi ate it, she said to Mrs.

Lu, “Auntie Lu, after youve discussed it with my family, Im going to follow the capitals wedding traditions and marry Lu Jingye.”

Dou Xiangling teased her, “Do you even know of the phrase being ashamed The elders have yet to decide on a date and youve already thought of what kind of wedding you want to have.”

Zi Yi smiled, and her eyes turned into crescent moons.

“Whats there to be ashamed of Ive already had the thought of marrying Ah Jing ages ago.”

After she said that, she even tilted her head and looked at Lu Jingye.

“Ah Jing, do you want to marry me soon too”

Lu Jingye nodded his head seriously.



Lu and Dou Xiangling: “…”


Cousin, why dont you find someone you like too We can get married together when the time comes.”

Dou Xiangling laughed in response.

“Where am I supposed to find my other half”

“Its such a pity then… My child will be older than yours in the future.”

“Pft! You havent even gotten married yet and youre already thinking of your child.”

“Isnt this something that I will start thinking of sooner or later”

The way Zi Yi said this made it sound as if it was a matter of fact and it caused Mrs.

Lu to be extremely elated.


Lu said, “Thats right.

Its good to have such thoughts early.

Aish, it seems like Ill be a grandmother very soon.”

Dou Xiangling: “…”

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The dinner ended in a joyous atmosphere.

Dou Xiangling still had lessons tomorrow and she left after she had sat with them for a short while.

Zi Yi got a robot to drive her back.

After Zi Yi showed Mrs.

Lu the surveillance connected to Lu Yunxiaos ward to see his condition, she also left.

After everyone left, Zi Yi pulled Lu Jingye to the bedroom on the second floor.

“Ah Jing, remove your clothes.

Ill help you apply the ointment.”

Zi Yi headed towards the bathroom as she said that with the intention to wash her hands before applying the ointment for him.

Lu Jingye responded with anok.

After Zi Yi left to wash her hands, he took off his top and lay on the bed.

Zi Yi walked over with the ointment in her hand.

When she came to the bedside, she took off her shoes, knelt beside him, and started applying the ointment on his back.

All of a sudden she recalled the incident with Li Peirong and talked to him about it.

“I got Little Loli to send a robot disguised as me to play around with Li Peirong.”

Zi Yi applied the ointment all over Lu Jingyes back in a short amount of time.

She then looked at the scabs all over his back and lifted up her hand to touch his side.

“Ah Jing, why dont I make some ointment to remove the scars on your back once your wounds have healed”

Whenever she sees the scabs on his back, she has the urge to teach Patriarch Lu a lesson.

Lu Jingye sat up and pulled her into his embrace.

After he gave her a kiss on the forehead, he said, “Theres no need for the time being.”

He still had to use the injuries on his back to confuse other people.

Zi Yi knew that Lu Jingye had his own plans and so, she did not comment on it any further.

However, when she came into contact with Lu Jingyes bare chest, Zi Yi started to have naughty thoughts.

Her hands touched the muscles on his chest.

Lu Jingyes body shivered ever so slightly and he tightened his grip on her and whispered in her ear.

“Naughty girl, youre not to touch however you like.”

Zi Yis cheek pressed against his skin and she could feel the heat transmitted from his body.

She giggled and said, “You wont lose any flesh even if I cop a touch.”

Having said that, she wanted to move her hands.

Lu Jingye had seen through her thoughts and released his grip on her.

Following that, he lifted her jaw and gave her a kiss.

The moonlight swayed down from the half-drawn curtains and melded together with the lights in the room.

Lu Jingye only released Zi Yi sometime later and he leaned towards her ears as he said with his warm breath, “Go take a shower.”

Zi Yis body felt wobbly and she leaned into his embrace as she responded with an affirmative.

However, she did not move a single inch.

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and looked at her lips that had turned bright red after the kiss and his Adams apple bobbed up and down.

Only then did he release her from his embrace and got down from the bed to lift her up.

Following that, they headed towards the bathroom together.

After Zi Yi washed up and came out, her phone rang.

She hastily walked over and took a glance before she answered the call.

The call was from Little Loli.

Little Loli was following up on the matters with Li Peirong and she was calling to report on the progress.

“Master, Robot 12 (The code of the robot disguised as Zi Yi) has followed Li Peirong into the woods.

Originally, she could have captured Li Peirong and the people she was working with.

However, another group of people appeared all of a sudden and I got Robot 12 to leave.”

Zi Yi asked, “Did you manage to find out who sent the group of people”

“Those people also left after discovering something amiss.

I sent a robot to follow them and they headed towards an old district.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “Continue to keep an eye on that group.”

“I understand.”

Zi Yi hung up the phone and saw that Lu Jingye was also on a call right now.

When Lu Jingye saw that Zi Yi had ended the call, he ended his and said, “The other group of people were sent by the Fang Family.

The Fang Family and Dongfang Family have close ties.”

“Its them again.” Zi Yis expression turned cold.

Lu Jingye stroked her cheek and said, “Dont worry.

I am able to clean up the Dongfang Family now.”

Lu Jingye had already set up a trap and it was the right time to take care of them.

“What are your plans”

“Ive had my men gather evidence of their illegal actions.

Its the right time to take them out now.”

Speaking of this, he also said, “You can also participate then.”


“I will start by attacking their company.”

Zi Yi nodded her head as she understood what he meant.


Since Lu Jingye said that he would take care of the Dongfang Family, he would not show them any mercy.

The second day.

The internal workings of the Dongfang Family were in chaos.

“President, something bad happened.

Our confidential database has been breached and many important documents have been stolen.”

“President, some sources have exposed that there are quality issues with our company products and many of our partners are requesting a refund.”

“President, no good…”

When faced with all kinds of unfavorable events, Patriarch Dongfang immediately summoned the whole family to think up a solution..


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