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Chapter 463: Using Abilities to Smack Someone Across Their Face 2

As soon as Murong You heard what the professor said, she acted as if she only just realized that she had answered too quickly and deliberately revealed an apologetic expression.

“Student Zi, did I answer too quickly Would you like to answer the next question”

Zi Yi looked at the hypocritical Murong You and she said, “No need for that.” Following that, she said to the professors, “The questions you asked are too easy.

Can you ask a few harder ones”

The professors were surprised, but since Zi Yi was a beautiful lady, they were all willing to be patient with her.

One of the professors even kindly advised her.

“Student Zi, theres no need to make things difficult for yourself.

Theres this old saying in the capital that one should do whats within their abilities.

Its fine as long as you manage to answer.”

Another professor also spoke up and said, “There are many specialized terms in economics that students who do not major in economics would not be able to understand.”

Murong You narrowed her eyes and glanced at Zi Yi.

She felt that she did this on purpose, with the intention to attract attention to herself.

A ridiculing voice sounded from the crowd.

“You must have gone crazy from wanting to become famous.

You dont even know a single thing about economics and yet you dare to let the professors ask you difficult questions If you can answer them, Ill swallow all the plates in the canteen!”

His words immediately attracted several other students agreement.

Zi Yi glanced at that person before she turned to the screen and faced the professors.

She thought for a moment and said, “Since the professors have no idea what to ask, Ill start first… We all know that there are many large international enterprises in the world, and all of them hold the lifeline of the global economy…”

As soon as Zi Yi spoke up, the professors, who had all worn casual expressions, started to get excited, and the more they listened, the more surprised they were.

The seven of them started to have a conversation.

Zi Yi switched between the three languages with ease.

Whichever professor raised a question, she would answer them with whichever language they spoke.

Zi Yi speaking fluently in three different languages caused the spectators eyes to widen the more she talked.

Their jaws were also wide open due to the state of surprise they were in.

More and more students rushed over after they saw the live stream on the school forum.

Only Murong You was standing there with a livid expression as she clenched her fists.

She could not understand most of the words Zi Yi had used while she conversed with the professors.

Murong You felt that she was a joke, while Zi Yi seemed to be glowing.

Every single person was looking at her with gazes of admiration and she was the only one standing there foolishly and unable to speak out.

She wanted to secretly sneak away.

As soon as that thought arose in her mind, Zi Yis conversation with the professors ended.

Zi Yi then turned to her and asked, “Are you convinced now”

Murong Yous complexion flushed red at once.

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She wanted to respond, but the strong setback made her speechless.

“Pft-” Zi Yis lips curled up.

She bid farewell to the professors and ended the video call before she suddenly swept her gaze across the spectators.

All of them had expressions of worship.

Zi Yis gaze landed on the students who jointly said that they would swallow all the plates in the canteen.

Those students shrunk back at the same time.

Zi Yi spoke up at this moment.

“You can swallow the plates now!”

The faces of the few students turned red from embarrassment.

A sharp voice sounded.

“Zi Yi, you better not overdo it!”

“Overdo it Werent you the one who said that yourself”

“Thats right, we are all witnesses.

That student who said that Zi Yi is being overboard, you should just admit that you cant afford to lose.

At most, we would only look down on you.

However, since youre so unreasonable, then dont blame us for talking reason with you.”

There were many students from the Chinese Department here.

What they did not fear the most was talking reason with others.

In an instant, a small group encircled those people who caused a commotion earlier.

Zi Yi then looked around and found Dou Xiangling who was standing in the crowd not too far away from her.

“Lets have lunch!”

Dou Xiangling looked at the proud Zi Yi and she walked towards her.

The two of them did not say anything and made their way towards the area where they could fetch food.

“I want to eat this… this… and this…”

“Yiyi, can you finish all of those dishes”

“But I want to taste all of them…”

“Student Zi, you can order a smaller portion.

In that case, youll be able to order more dishes.

In our canteen, this… this… this… and this one are all our signature dishes, do try them out.

If you like them, you can come back next time.”

Looking at the cook who was suddenly standing in the kitchen, the crowd finally recovered their senses.

The first thing after they recovered their senses was to look at Murong You, whose complexion was flushed red.

The strong sense of shame caused Murong You to hide her face and run away.

Following that, the crowd then shifted their attention to Murong Yous fan group who were surrounded by another group of students that were talking reason with them.

All of them were speechless.

“Yiyi, with what you did earlier, I think that Murong You and her fan group will have to take a detour whenever they see you in the future!”

“This is precisely the effect I wanted.”

The two of them only stopped after they had ordered dozens of dishes and found a two-seater table to sit down at.

The others wanted to approach Zi Yi and say something, but at the thought of her amazing performance earlier, they suddenly felt unworthy.

The school forum had basically exploded due to this incident.

“Oh heavens! What exactly does Zi Yi not know To think that she can switch between three different languages at ease and converse with foreign economics professors about economics.”

“Through this comparison, I feel that Murong You is so weak.”

“Therefore, one should have self-awareness.

Otherwise, itll be bad if they get slapped across the face.”

“Hasnt Murong Yous fan group been clamoring about waiting to see Student Zi embarrassing herself Why isnt there anyone coming out to speak now”

“It sure is refreshing.

I love this type of slapping others across their faces.

Student Zi is my goddess, my idol! I also want to learn from her.”

“Ive decided to give my vote to Student Zi.

She deserves to be the campus belle.”

“I have the same thoughts!”

“Me too.”

This all occurred during the short period of time where Zi Yi ate a meal, by the time Dou Xiangling and her left the canteen, someone reminded her.

“Student Zi, your votes for the campus belle selection is double that of Murong Yous votes.”

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling were surprised.

Following that, Dou Xiangling smiled in response.

“Theres this saying, a watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows.”

Zi Yi was not interested in being the campus belle at all and she said, “Other than having the title of the campus belle, what other use is there”

Dou Xiangling was unexpectedly stunned by her question.

When the two of them made their way out of the canteen, the other students would look at her with worshipful gazes.

However, the amount of people that came up to talk to her had decreased.

Zi Yi was satisfied with this reaction.

“If I knew it would cause such an effect, I would have competed with Murong You earlier.”

Dou Xiangling laughed in response.

After they had walked for some distance, Dou Xiangling asked, “Yiyi, what time does your last lesson end”

“6 p.m.”


Ill pay Mr.

Lu a visit on behalf of our family then.”

Zi Yi recalled that Mrs.

Lu was also there and she informed Dou Xiangling about it.

Dou Xiangling smiled and said, “Then Ill have to buy something before heading over then.

I cant let Auntie Lu feel that Im there for free food.”

Zi Yi was amused by her words and she gave her a suggestion.

“You can head over to the XX cake shop near the east gate and buy some small cakes along with three cups of milk tea.”



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