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In the end, Zi Yi only had to fork out the money.

After she paid, the manager passed her the key to the villa.

He even specially gave her advice out of consideration.

“Miss Zi, if you prefer it, you can get a locksmith to change all the locks.”

Zi Yi already had that plan in mind.

She took the key and thought for a moment, then decided to resolve the problem with He Fei first before doing anything else.

“Pass me the floor plan design for the villa.”

The manager immediately took out the floor plan for Zi Yi.

She left the real estate agency after she took the floor plans.

After she exited, she took out her mobile phone and switched it on.

As expected, there were numerous missed calls and they were all from He Fei.

After Zi Yi flagged down a taxi, she returned his call.

He Fei was currently sitting in a bar.

His expression looked like he had lost his soul.

Zi Lian was sitting beside him with the appearance of a little wife.

In fact, the bar had not started its business for the day.

Other than the bartender, who prepared drinks for He Fei, there was only a young man with a low ponytail, wearing punk-like clothing.

He looked androgynous, similar to a young artist.

The young man was the owner of the bar, Ouyang Ming, and he had quite a high status.

After He Fei drank his fifth cup, Ouyang Ming could no longer stand it and grabbed the glass.

“Say, Ah He.

What has caused you to visit my bar in broad daylight to drown your sorrows in alcohol If you remain silent, Ill kick you out.”

He Fei looked at him disgruntledly.

His body leaned against the sofa with an expression of lovesickness.

“A single dog like you would never understand.”

“Single dog” Ouyang Ming subconsciously glanced at Zi Lian and clicked his tongue.

He had no idea what he meant.

However, Zi Lian was somewhat overjoyed as she thought, “Could it be that Young Master Hes friend regards me as his girlfriend”

As she thought of this, Zi Lian gently and softly said to He Fei, “Brother He, why dont we return”

He Fei and Ouyang Ming glanced at her concurrently.

Zi Lian blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment.

He Fei looked at her and rudely pointed at the exit.

“Doors over there, leave if you want.”

Zi Lian suddenly looked up at He Fei and embarrassment filled her heart.

Her hands twisted tightly and a layer of tears surfaced in her eyes.

Zi Lian could be considered pretty and so Ouyang Ming reproached He Fei out of protective feelings for the fairer sex.

“Ah He, how can you treat a pretty lady like that”

He Fei looked up and closed his eyes, and pretended not to hear him.

When Ouyang Ming saw him, he asked in curiosity, “I heard you took a fancy to a lady from S City and insisted on marrying her.

Im honestly curious what charms she possesses to make a prodigal son like you change his ways.”

He Fei thought back to the dashing figure of Zi Yi when she modified the car, and her indifferent expression before she rejected him.

He found himself falling for her even more.

“You dont understand.”

Ouyang Ming clicked his tongue and turned to Zi Lian.

“How are you related to the girl Ah He likes”


Could it be that from the start, he knew that Im not Zi Yi

Zi Lians cheeks instantly turned red.

She felt even more embarrassed and humiliated.

Fortunately, He Feis phone suddenly rang.

He Fei took out his phone with a listless expression.

The very next second, he immediately sat upright.

Zi Yi, who was sitting in a taxi, asked, “Where are you”

He Feis voice sounded somewhat excited.

“Im at the Overwinter bar on Sanyue Street.

Where are you, Ill pick you up right now.”

Just as Zi Yi was about to speak, He Feis angry roar sounded from the phone.

“Ouyang Ming, return my phone!”

After a moment, a commanding voice that was somewhat impolite spoke from the other end of the call.

“He Fei drank too much because of you, and he cant drive.

Come and pick him up.”


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