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Chapter 450: Rick Forcing Marriage

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Two minutes after Zi Yi left, Lu Jingye, who was disguised as Lu Yunxiao and standing next to Mrs.

Lu said, “Mother, Ill be taking my leave.”

He headed towards the exit immediately afterwards.

“Why did the Third Young Master Lu leave”

“Dont tell me hes leaving in the middle”

Everyone looked at Lu Yunxiao who left without even turning back and they were a little confused.


Lu smiled and explained to them.

“Yunxiao doesnt like staying in places with crowds for an extended period of time.

Its already not easy for him to have stayed for so long.”

Many people were thinking deep down inside, “Patriarch Lu had specially held a blind date banquet for the two brothers and now that one of them has left, they wonder if Patriarch Lu would get angry if he knew”

No matter if Patriarch Lu got angry or not after Lu Yunxiao left, everyone looked towards Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye was indeed a real gentleman.

Despite the fact that he was surrounded by a group of women, he still maintained a gentle smile but exuded a feeling of alienation.

Regardless of whether they liked him or admired him, all the young ladies wanted to perform well in front of him.

Yet, a sweet-sounding voice suddenly called out from behind.

“Brother Lu.”

Everyone subconsciously turned their heads towards Aisha.

She was really dressed up to the nines today and if Zi Yi was not there as a comparison, she would definitely be the focus of the event.

She walked over to him with a smile and invited him in a lady-like manner.

“Brother Lu, I heard that you are very good at the waltz.

It just so happens that there are violinists here tonight, why dont we dance to a tune”

She looked towards him with an expectant gaze.

The other women also looked at Lu Jingye while screaming in their hearts, “Dont agree! Second Brother, dont agree to her invitation!”

Lu Jingye looked at Aisha standing in front of him and politely rejected her.

“My apologies.

I promised my loved one that I will only dance with her.”

Aisha did not expect that Lu Jingye would reject her so mercilessly during such an occasion.

The smile on her face finally disappeared and she asked in a sad tone, “Brother Lu, are you really unwilling to dance with me”

Lu Jingye looked at her and his words were still of rejection.

“Im sorry.”

Aisha bit her lips and tears quickly accumulated in her eyes.

Just then, Rick, who had been paying attention to their side, strode over with a grim expression.

Without saying anything, he waved his fists towards Lu Jingye.


No one expected Rick to do this.

The young ladies in the near vicinity screamed out of fear.

Lu Jingye caught Ricks fists and the expression on his face was still considered mild.

However, his tone contained traces of chilliness.


Rick, this is the Lu Family.

Its not somewhere you can do whatever you want.”

“HA!” Rick sneered.

“You bullied my sister and who cares where I am!”

“When did I bully Miss Aisha”

Lu Jingye released Ricks hand and retreated two steps backwards to look at the brother and sister.

Rick glared in anger.

“Lu Jingye, why are you pretending to be ignorant Dont tell me you are unaware of why Grandfather Lu invited all these people here Its destined that you will marry someone from high-society, so why cant it be my younger sister”

Rick originally planned to force Lu Jingye into marrying Aisha tonight and so, he did not beat around the bush.

“Grandfather Lu has not only invited so many young ladies tonight, but also Miss Zi.

Dont tell me you dont know whats going on If you are truly unaware, why dont we invite Grandfather Lu to come out and let him speak in person”

Lu Jingye looked at him with a pair of deep eyes.

Everyone was staring at them and no one dared to speak up or persuade them to stop fighting.

Ouyang Ming who was standing with his peers had given He Fei a nudge with his elbow.

“Ah He, can you guess if Second Brother will compromise”

He then swept his gaze across the entire living room and said in surprise, “That Zi woman is not even in the living room.”

He Fei looked at him.

“Perhaps she might have gone to the restroom.”

“Tsk… she went to the restroom at such a juncture Isnt she worried that Patriarch Lu might send some people to capture her”

“Shes a guest, so how can Patriarch Lu possibly capture her!” He Fei felt that he was trying to create something out of nothing.

Ouyang Ming scoffed and smiled eerily.

“Other people would definitely not do it based on that fact, but such logic is not applicable to Patriarch Lu.”

He Feis expression stiffened and he was about to head elsewhere.

Ouyang Ming hastily followed behind him.

“Ah He, what are you doing”

“Im heading over to take a look.”

Ouyang Ming looked at him strangely.

“Is there something wrong with your head Where do you intend to look Whats more, so what if you did indeed find her Dont tell me youre thinking of taking her away”

He Fei did have that thought in mind.

“Pft!” Ouyang Ming laughed as he looked at him.

“Alright, even if the Lu Family did not capture her, what if she really went to the restroom but you actually try to bring her away when you locate her, do you think she will follow you”

“Then do you want to see me look on helplessly as she suffers indignity here”

“Do you think that woman will allow herself to get the short end of the stick”

He Fei looked at him without saying anything and he continued walking with a sullen expression.

Ouyang Ming looked at the figure that disappeared very soon and clicked his tongue.

However, his legs followed in that direction very soon after.

Rick had already made a big deal of the incident in the living room and everyone inexplicably hated him.

The other Lu Family members had also walked over.


Lu looked at Rick and Aisha with fire in her eyes.

She wished that she could directly pull her eldest son away (even though she knew that he was a robot, she still felt uncomfortable deep down).

Were these two trying to force her son tonight


Lu knowingly asked, “Why did Aisha cry”

Rick saw that Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lu had made their way over and he said, “Lu Jingye bullied my sister and made her cry.”


Lu looked at Lu Jingye and asked, “Jingye, how can you bully Aisha and make her cry”

Lu Jingye said, “Mother, I only rejected Miss Aishas invitation for a dance.

Perhaps the way I said it was too harsh and it caused Miss Aisha to cry”

“What did you say”

“I said that I will only dance with my beloved.”

“This… isnt this normal” Mrs.

Lu did not understand.

“Jingye didnt say anything wrong The men of the Lu Family are all very responsible.

Since he said that he will only dance with his beloved one, then he definitely will not dance with someone he doesnt like.”

Her words had already made it very clear.

The spectators looked at her with an odd gaze.

Aisha instantly turned red.

She could not stand everyones gazes and covered her face with the intention of leaving.

However, Rick was so angry that he lost all reason.

He grabbed Aishas wrists and glared at Lu Jingye with reddened eyes.

“Well talk it out today.

Lu Jingye, are you going to marry my sister or not”

Everyone was shocked.

Rick was trying to force the marriage”

Aishas cheeks were flushed red, but she did not utter a single word and merely stared at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye looked at Rick with his unfathomable eyes.


Lu, who was standing by the side, was so angry that she was about to explode, but Lu Jianlin pulled her back.

Lu Jianlin shook his head at her.

Just then, an imposing voice sounded from behind them..

“When did our Lu Familys hospitality become so unruly”


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