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Chapter 449: Patriarch Lu Aiming at Zi Yi

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Just as everyone was guessing what would happen between Zi Yi and Aisha… Lu Jingye, Lu Yunxiao and Patriarch Lu came in from the main entrance together.

Patriarch Lu wore a chinese tunic suit today.

He was someone who originally looked imposing and coupled with his choice of clothing today, the powerful domineering aura unconsciously made others stiffen.

After Patriarch Lu made his way inside, he swept his gaze across the large living room with that pair of sharp eyes of his.

Those who met his gaze hastily greeted him.

In the end, Patriarch Lus gaze stopped on Zi Yis face for two seconds, before he then walked towards the wooden arm chair.

Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao followed behind Patriarch Lu.

One of them gave off a polite, elegant and noble aura, while the other one looked cold and frigid, so much so it made no one dare to approach him.

With the concomparsion, all the womens gazes subconsciously turned to Lu Jingye.

After all, Lu Yunxiao was too frosty and they were a little afraid to approach him.

After Patriarch Lu sat down, he said, “Today is an ordinary banquet and I have invited everyone to come and network with one another.

Especially for the younger generation, its good to network with each other.

One of the guests immediately said in response, “Youre right.

The world now belongs to the young people and they should network with each other.”

Patriarch Lu nodded his head in satisfaction.

He then shifted his gaze to the professors of the Dou Family.

“Hows Doushengs condition right now”

Dou Jingning stepped forward and answered, “Thank you for your concern.

My fathers body has improved greatly and he only has to recuperate to continue nursing his bodys condition.”

“Good, its Doushengs blessing to be able to wake up despite that type of situation.”


Its all thanks to Yiyis medical skills, which enabled my Father to regain consciousness.”

The moment Dou Jingning said that, everyone looked towards Zi Yi standing there and their gazes revealed disbelief.

They could still barely believe it when Zi Yis academic performance improved.

However, if it was said that Zi Yi could cure a patient with a cerebral hemorrhage, it was simply possible only if the world ends.

Patriarch Lu did not believe it either, but he did not mention anything.

He merely glanced at her with those sharp eyes of his before looking away and he said, “We all want to see Dousheng getting better.

I have a stalk of a hundred-year-old ginseng, you can take it back and use it as a tonic for Dousheng.”

“Thank you, Patriarch Lu.”

Following that, Patriarch Lu said to Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao, “There are many young people here tonight, you two should attend to them well.”

The both of them answered in unison, “I understand, Grandfather.”

Patriarch Lu stood up from the wooden armchair and walked to the lounge area with a few other elders.

Evidently, he knew that everyone would be uncomfortable with his presence and so, he planned to give them more space to interact.

When he walked by Lu Jingye, he even stopped and said, “Jingye, there are many young ladies here tonight and youre not young anymore.

You should tell me if you have taken a fancy to any of them.”

He then added and said, “Aisha is a distinguished guest of our family and you shouldnt neglect her.”

His words had allowed many to guess the intentions of Patriarch Lu.

However, Lu Jingye seemed as if he did not understand his intentions and replied in a gentle manner, “Grandfather, theres no need to worry about my affairs.

I know what to do.”

Patriarch Lu looked at him for several seconds before he turned to Lu Yunxiao who stood there and looked particularly oppressive.

He said, “Yunxiao, youre not young either.

Its time to consider your future.”

Lu Yunxiao answered.

“I understand, Grandfather.”

Only then did Patriarch Lu leave for the lounge.

The moment he left, the living room became lively once again.

A group of women wanted to immediately head over to Lu Jingyes side but they subconsciously glanced at Zi Yi and Aisha.

There was a smile on Aishas face.

She lightly pursed her lips and also wanted to head towards him.

Just then, Chu Xiang came over from the side and called out to her.


Aishas feet stiffened and she tilted her head and looked at her.

“Chu, whats the matter”

In that short span of time, there were several women who had made their way towards Lu Jingye and circled him.

While those women were making their way over, Lu Yunxiao walked over to Mrs.

Lus side and stood there.

It just so happens that Mrs.

Lu was standing beside Zi Yi.

The madams of the Dou Family saw Lu Jingye who was surrounded and turned to look at Zi Yi out of worry.

They finally understood the intentions behind Patriarch Lu calling Zi Yi over.

He clearly did it deliberately.

Zi Yis indifferent gaze looked towards Lu Jingye, as if she was trying to endure her anger.

“Yiyi, why dont you head over too” Dou Xiangling was so anxious that she wished that she could pull those women away.

The four madams of the Dou Family were also anxious.

The Fourth Madam suppressed her anger and said in a ridiculing tone, “I believe the purpose of calling Yiyi over is just to show her how popular the Second Young Master is, right”

She then looked at Lu Yunxiao who was standing next to Mrs.



Lu looked at the several madams of the Dou Family and was worried that her eldest son would leave them with a bad impression.

“Jingye knows how to be discreet.

Besides, during this type of occasion, he cant appear too aggressive towards those women, otherwise itll do harm to Little Zi instead.”

Within the Lu Family, Patriarch Lu had the final say in everything.

Patriarch Lu knew this and so, he had called Zi Yi over.

He wanted to let her see Lu Jingye being surrounded by a group of women, only to realise that she is unable to do anything.

The Dou Family somehow felt wronged.

Zi Yi sensed their emotions and said, “Uncle, Aunts, Cousins, theres no need to worry.

If Jingye dares to be interested in those women, I would never let him go.

Right now, hes only greeting those people out of politeness and I am still capable of such magnanimity.”

Aisha and Chu Xiang standing near to her, heard what she said.

A faint glint surfaced in Aishas eyes.

Chu Xiang sneered.

“You sure are confident.

I just wonder how you would get out of the situation later”

Aisha glanced at Zi Yi and walked towards Lu Jingye.


Lu who was standing by the side saw Aisha walking over and she looked at Zi Yi with a worried expression.

Can that robot really handle this type of situation

Zi Yi knew her thoughts and nodded at her as she said to everyone, “Ill make a trip to the restroom for a while.”


Lu informed her of the directions, but she was still worried about her and so she said to Lu Yunxiao, “Yunxiao, you should go with Little Zi.

The restroom is rather far and you should go with her or else she will lose her way.”

The Lu Familys main residence was very big, and no one suspected Mrs.

Lu when she said that.

However, Zi Yi rejected her.

“Theres no need.

I can head there alone.”

She immediately turned and left after that.

Dou Xiangling followed after her and said, “Yiyi, Ill go with you.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and whispered in her ears, “You should tag along with our Uncles and Aunts.

Im heading to the restroom to surf the net.”

Dou Xiangling looked at her with a confused gaze.

She originally wanted to ask her why she wanted to surf the net even in such a situation

However, in the next second, she suddenly recalled that Zi Yi was a genius with the computer and guessed that she would most likely be doing something.

She ended up not following her and said, “Then do be careful.”

“I know.”

Zi Yi left for the rest room afterwards.

But the moment Zi Yi left… several people followed her.


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