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Chapter 447: Too Shameless

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He Yingyings main objective for the day is to have a conversation with Lu Jingye, then find a way to let Patriarch Lu see how close they were.

She determined that He Fei had a closer relationship with Lu Jingye and so, she had to follow him wherever he went.

In fact, He Fei found her very annoying and wanted her to head inside first.

“It will take Ah Ming at least another ten minutes before he arrives.

You can just wait here with me if you want to.”

Having said that, he headed somewhere else.

He Yingying looked at He Fei who was leaning against the wall and felt unhappy inside.

In particular, some people were gossiping around her.

“I heard that Zi Yi has come tonight.

Lets go in now, or else shell be stealing all the limelight.”

“Thats right.

We cant let her meet Second Brother.”

He Yingying looked at the haute couture evening dress she was wearing.

It was a butterfly skirt design that revealed her shoulders and pretty collarbones.

Coupled with the haute couture pendant she was wearing around her neck, those who looked at her would unconsciously look down.

She thought of how she would stand in front of Second Brother and he would be able to notice her figure.

He Yingying felt herself blushing due to the excitement.

She subconsciously followed the other ladies inside.

He Fei found it boring as he stood there and he took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

While enshrouded in a layer of smoke, the sound of approaching footsteps came from behind him, which was then followed by Ouyang Mings voice.

“Say, Ah He.

Why are you standing here alone while being so down in spirit If someone were to see you, they might even think that you were dumped by some woman and came here to smoke out of sadness.”

He Fei took a drag on the cigarette before he then extinguished it, and threw away the remaining stick.

With a deep voice, he said, “Yiyi is here.”

“See, your actions are even more… What Who did you say came” Ouyang Ming only managed to react a few seconds later.

“Youre saying that the Zi woman is here”


“Whats she here for Could it be that Second Brother asked her to come and he is planning to have a showdown with Patriarch Lu today”

He Fei suddenly glared at him when he heard what Ouyang Ming said.

He had never thought of this possibility.

Ouyang Ming sneered.

“Look at Second Brother.

He dares to bring that woman here during such an occasion.

Compared to a coward like you, what can you possibly compete with him on”

He Fei was stabbed in his sore spot and was instantly enraged due to embarrassment.

“You motherfu*cker! Are you trying to pick a fight with me”

Ouyang Ming clicked his tongue and crossed his arms.

“You dont have to act like a hooligan in front of me, go stop them if youre capable.

Whats more, it is impossible that Patriarch Lu will agree for Second Brother to marry that woman.

Perhaps she will even get ruthlessly scolded and even get shamed by others privately… Tsk~ tsk… So as it turns out, Second Brother has moments where he is also rash.”

He Feis expression was already rather dark when Ouyang Ming started talking.

But right now, his expression was as thunderous as a stormy sea.

He turned and then directly made his way towards the Lu Familys main residence entrance.

Ouyang Ming clicked his tongue and hastily followed as he said, “Ah He, dont be rash.

This is the Lu Family and if you act rashly, be careful that Uncle He wont break your legs.”

He Fei did not wish to talk to him at all.

Zi Yi followed everyone and entered the Lu Familys main residence where the dinner banquet was being held.

There were already plenty of guests by the time she arrived.

Other than Patriarch Lu, Lu Yunxiao, and Lu Jingye, the other Lu Family members were all entertaining the guests.

When the Dou Family and Zi Yi entered, the originally lively scene had suddenly quietened down and everyone looked at Zi Yi.

In one of the corners of the hall, several women glared at Zi Yi who had become the focus of attention and they said in a sour tone, “She actually came here with the Dou Family members Isnt it said that they didnt like her very much”

“It only shows that this woman is very skilled.

Everyone knows that she is Elder Dous granddaughter and perhaps she used some means to trick the Dou Family members, so that she could attend the banquet!”

“Ha! Does she truly think this is a place she can come as she likes Shell have to reflect on her status first!”

“Her clothes… I mean, she did her makeup so gaudily, does she really think shes a seductress and is she thinking of stealing the souls of all the men present”

“Shes too shameless.”

Under everyones unexpected gaze, Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lu made their way towards the Dou Family.

Lu Jianlin first shook hands with the four professors before they greeted each other.

Just then, Mrs.

Lu smiled and called out.

“Little Zi, youre here.”

The way Mrs.

Lu called out to her had stunned everyone present.


Lu had taken the initiative to welcome Zi Yi

Zi Yi called out.

“Auntie Lu”

Following that, she said, “Uncle Lu.”

Lu Jianlin originally had a taut expression, but Mrs.

Lu quietly pinched his arm, seemingly giving him a warning.

Lu Jianlin ended up nodding back and he said, “Theres no need to be stiff.

Enjoy yourself.”


Lu then winked at Zi Yi, as if hinting at something.

Zi Yi nodded towards Lu Jianlin and said, “Alright, Uncle Lu.”

Lu Jianlin left to chat with the other four professors of the Dou Family.

Whereas Mrs.

Lu took the ladies of the Dou Family and Zi Yi to another side.

While walking, Mrs.

Lu looked at Zi Yi and smiled as she said, “Little Zi is surely beautiful tonight.

When Ah Jing comes out later, I bet he will forget to blink the moment he lays his eyes on you.”

In fact, the four madams of the Dou Family were surprised to see Mrs.

Lu being chummy with Zi Yi.

They were overjoyed when they heard what she said.

The First Madam said, “Yiyi is beautiful and she looks good in whatever she wears.”

“Its also because the Dou Family genes are good.

I feel that there is some slight resemblance between Zi Yi and her Uncles.”

The few madams moods were lifted at her words.

They had an enjoyable chat, but the other women standing around them did not feel the same.

Soon, some of the other madams led their daughters or nieces over to Mrs.


“Second Madam, long time no see.

I didnt expect that you still look so young and beautiful.

How did you manage to maintain your appearance”

“It must be because Mrs.

Lu has given birth to two outstanding sons who have promising futures and so, she is in a good mood.

Naturally, her demeanor would also make her seem younger.”

“Peipei, you should greet Mrs.


These people were trying to push Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling away.

Dou Xiangling was a little angered and she grabbed Zi Yis hand.

Unexpectedly, a young lady wanted to bump into Zi Yi.

Just as Dou Xiangling was about to call out to her, the corner of Zi Yis lips curled up and she pulled her aside.

At the same time, a marble hit the young ladys knee from an obscure angle.

The next second, the young lady bumped into the middle-aged woman standing next to her.


Two screams accompanied by several cries of exclamation were soon followed by the sound of a crash.

Everyone looked at the two individuals who fell on the ground in a stupified expression.

They were both wearing skirts and it was simply unsightly after their fall.

The attention of everyone within the living room was attracted over.

It was only sometime later that some of the madams finally reacted at the same time.

“Madam Wang, are you alright”

“Are you hurt anywhere”

Several people went up to support her.

However, there were also some who guessed what had transpired and simply laughed.


Lu looked at the Wang Familys mother and daughter and guessed what was going on.

She was a little displeased deep down, but she put on a façade and asked, “Mrs..

Wang, are you alright”


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