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Chapter 445: Rewarding A Persons Kindness With Evil

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Chen Yuying walked to the front window of her car and stood there as she glared at her, while asking in an angry tone, “Zi Yi, why didnt you sign up for the officer position for the External Relations Department”

Zi Yi alighted from her car and drew close to Chen Yuying.

Chen Yuying looked her in the eye and she originally wanted to use her anger to scare her, only to realize that Zi Yi was taller than her by half a head.

Chen Yuying: “…”

Zi Yi looked at Chen Yuying from a higher vantage and asked, “Have I ever said that I would be running for the officer position of the External Relations Department”


“I didnt say it.

I only recommended you to run for it.”


Zi Yi looked at Chen Yuying who seemed to have only just come to a realization and was somewhat dumbfounded.

“Even if I were to compete for a position, it would only be for the President position.

It seems like there are many other candidates competing for the External Relations Department position and if you are capable enough, you might even become my subordinate in the future.”

Having said that, Zi Yi walked away while Chen Yuying had a dumbfounded expression on her face.

After she had walked a few steps away, she suddenly tilted her head and glanced at Murong You along with the female student standing next to her.

Following that, she turned her head away and left without turning back.

The female student standing next to Murong You was startled by Zi Yis glance and felt somewhat uncomfortable.

She sneered and rudely said, “Does she honestly think shes all that great To think she wants to run for the Student Unions President position She should reflect and see how capable she is.

How can she compare to our President Nangong!”

Murong You dimmed eyes glanced at the direction in which Zi Yi had left.

Sometime later she concealed the emotions in her eyes and walked over to Chen Yuying.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable deep down inside right now Its something you cared so much about but to her, she doesnt even take it to heart in the slightest.

How credible do you think what she said earlier is

All the students in M.Uni are aware of how harsh the requirements to become the Student Union President are.

Do you think with her current capabilities, she has the qualifications to even run for that position

Ha… dont be foolish.

Even a fool knows that shes simply being perfunctory.”

Chen Yuying was indeed shocked by Zi Yis words, but since she was the one who said it, Chen Yuying somehow felt that it was possible.

Now that Murong You had said something like that about Zi Yi, Chen Yuying directly shot back at her.

“I think only a fool would feel that Zi Yis is being perfunctory to me Everyone knows if she has that capability or not.

What if she really does run for the Student Unions President position and even successfully manages to win”

Murong You was angry when she heard the first half of what she said.

However, when she heard the latter part, she simply sneered.

“Then well wait and see.”

Having said that, she turned around in an arrogant manner and left.

The female student following Murong You turned around, glanced at Chen Yuying and snorted.

“Hmph, youre rewarding a persons kindness with evil.

Little You is reminding you out of goodwill and yet, youre still acting so rudely.”

“Ha!” Chen Yuying scoffed and left.

The female student was so angered that she nearly stomped her foot.

On the following day, everyone noticed that be it during lessons or after lessons, Zi Yi would always have a notebook and a pen with her.

Moreover, she would constantly write something in it.

Some curious students went over to take a glance and were simply shocked by the chemical equations inside that were beyond their comprehension.

Some people who were more curious had taken an additional look and their eyes simply lost focus from all the Greek letters.

In two days time, Zi Yi had completed two papers.

One was for Chemistry and the other one was for Medicine.

In the afternoon of the next day, she sent the papers to the Directors of the two Schools and asked for their help to write a recommendation letter (Zi Yi was not famous and if she were to send it under her name, the other party might not even see her paper in the first place).

“Student Zi, have you written this paper during these past two days” The Director of the Chemistry Department carefully read through Zi Yis paper.

The more he read, the more excited he got.

When he had read until the end, his face turned red from excitement.

“This type of chemical reaction has been hypothesized in the past, but no one has ever succeeded in the experiment.

So it turns out that these few steps are required.

Student Zi, dont worry.

I will submit your paper at once to the World Chemistry Organization for review.

If everything goes well, you should be getting an answer in a weeks time at most.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Then Ill have to request Director Li to help out on this.”

“Hahaha… you can just wait for the good news.”

Zi Yi walked out of the Chemistry Department and headed to the School of Medicine.

The Director of the School of Medicine was also equally excited after he read her paper.

By the time Zi Yi left the School of Medicine, it was already 4 p.m in the afternoon.

The Lu Familys dinner banquet was happening tonight and she had to return home to change into attire suitable for a formal event.

Just as she was heading to the School of Liberal Arts, she encountered a middle-aged woman carrying a branded bag.

The middle-aged woman was fashionably dressed and at first glance, she seemed to be from a rich family.

However, Zi Yi felt something was weird as she looked at the woman.

The middle-aged woman directly walked up to her and asked, “Student, may I ask which direction I should take to go to the School of Foreign Language”

Zi Yi looked into the eyes of the middle-aged woman and finally realized why she found her weird.

A few seconds later, she pointed in a direction.

“Go straight ahead in that direction.”

“Alright, thank you.”

The middle-aged woman thanked her and left in the direction she had pointed.

Zi Yi stood there and looked at the back of the middle-aged woman and narrowed her eyes.

The middle-aged woman stopped walking after she turned around a corner.

She glanced behind her and a sharp glint flashed past her eyes and a sneer curled on her lips.

“B*tch, just you wait.

Ill take care of you soon.”

Just as Zi Yi walked out of the parking lot, she received a phone call from Dou Xiangling.

She asked where she was and Zi Yi told her about her whereabouts.

Dou Xiangling said, “Yiyi, come to our house with me later and well head there together.”

Zi Yi knew that the Dou Family wanted to show everyone else their attitude towards Zi Yi.

In that case, they would weigh the pros and cons if they wanted to bully her in the future.

Zi Yi agreed and said, “Alright.

Ill go back and change my clothes first.”

Dou Xiangling said to her, “I am also just about to leave the school.

Where are you right now Why dont I go back with you first and wait for you to get changed, before we then make our way there together”

“Alright, well meet at the school gate.”

After they met at the school gate, they headed towards Zi Yis villa.

The housekeeper came out and welcomed the both of them.

“Miss Zi, youre back.

Miss Dou, welcome.”

Dou Xiangling looked at the housekeeper and suddenly chuckled as she purposely nudged Zi Yi.

“Yiyi, it seems like Lu Jingyes housekeeper is your housekeeper now”

Before Zi Yi managed to open her mouth to speak, the housekeeper smiled and answered, “I am the Second Young Masters housekeeper which is equivalent to being Miss Zis housekeeper too.”

The housekeeper thought deep down, “The Second Young Master is already staying here and it doesnt even matter whose housekeeper I am right now.”

Zi Yis lips curled up and she asked the housekeeper, “Have the clothes that Ah Jing prepared for me been sent over yet”

“They have already been sent over.

I had the robots place them in your bedroom.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and said to Dou Xiangling, “Cousin, wait for me downstairs.

Ill just quickly go and change my clothes.”

Dou Xiangling seldomly saw Zi Yi putting on makeup and she specially reminded her.

“Yiyi, you should put on some makeup later.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.


Having said that, she went upstairs..


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