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Chapter 442: The Dou Family Finally Knows of the Relationship Between Zi Yi and Lu Jingye

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After they left the office, Dou Xiangling passed the bag of chestnuts to Zi Yi.

“Yiyi, you can eat them.

Chestnuts are delicious when eaten warm.”

Zi Yi took the bag and responded with an ok.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling walked out of the office, when Zi Yi suddenly looked in another direction.

Dou Xiangling noticed her movements and asked, “Yiyi, what are you looking at”

Zi Yi said with certainty, “Someone is secretly taking photographs.”

Dou Xiangling smiled.

“Arent there plenty of people secretly taking photos of you right now”

She deliberately looked at the surroundings.

Sure enough, she saw several male and female students aiming their cameras at her.

She originally wanted to say that it was a different type of feeling, but she ended up swallowing her words.

She took out her phone and sent Shadow a command to check it out.

They headed towards the car and by the time they arrived, Shadow informed her of the results of his check.

It was a reporter.

Dou Xiangling could not handle her car and so, Zi Yi thought for a second before she said, “Cousin, Ill take your car, let me drive.”

Dou Xiangling had no objections and directly passed her the keys.

As soon as they got in the car, Zi Yi received a message from Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye: [Yiyi, leave from the West Gate.]

Zi Yi followed what he said and drove towards the West Gate.

Dou Xiangling was, however, surprised at that.

“Yiyi, why are we leaving through the West Gate”

“The East Gate is surrounded by reporters.”

Unexpectedly, there were several police cars parked outside the West Gate.

When their cars drove out, only then did they discover that there were also policemen patrolling around.

Not to mention reporters, there was not a single civilian pedestrian and only M.Uni students were entering and exiting.

Dou Xiangling looked at those police cars and laughed as she made a guess.

“Could Mr.

Lu have specially done this for you”

Zi Yi smiled and did not say a single word.

By the time the car drove into the Dou Residence, the street lamps were already lit up and as they shone against the white walls in the courtyard, the residence gave off a very vintage feeling.

All the Dou Family members came out to welcome them home as soon as they heard the sounds of the car.

Zi Yi greeted the elders when she alighted from the car.

Dou Jingning nodded and said, “Go in and visit your grandfather first and then well start the dinner.”


This time around, all four of her uncles entered alongside Zi Yi into Elder Dous room.

Elder Dou was obviously waiting for her.

He was leaning against his bed with a coat draped around his shoulders.


“Yiyi, come over here.”

Zi Yi walked over to Elder Dous side.

“Xiaoyong has told me about what happened today in school.

Youve done well.”

Zi Yis eyes curved into crescent moons.

Elder Dou also revealed a smile as he said, “You were very smart from a young age, but you did not put in much effort into your studies back then.

Since youre planning to study now, you should work hard.”

“I understand, Grandfather.”

“You can consult your uncles if you have anything youre unsure of.”


They chatted for a short period of time and then Elder Dou said, “Go out and have dinner.

Dont starve yourself.”

Zi Yi headed out together with her Uncles and just so happened to meet with the Second Madam who was bringing the food inside.

The Second Madam smiled and said, “Little Zi, you all should hurry and make your way to the dinner table.

The dishes are about to turn cold.”


When they were heading towards the living room, Dou Jingning suddenly asked, “Little Zi, did the Lu Family invite you to the dinner banquet they will be holding at their residence in two days time”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Auntie Lu already gave me a call in the afternoon.”

All her uncles suddenly stopped walking after they heard what she said.

Zi Yi had also followed suit and looked at them.

Her uncles were silent for several seconds before Dou Jingtong asked, “The Auntie Lu youre referring to, is she Jingyes Mother”

In fact, they vaguely knew that Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were currently in a relationship, but they did not wish to admit it.


Zi Yi knew what they were thinking from the expressions on their faces and nodded.


Im currently dating Ah Jing.

Auntie Lu is a very nice person.”

They had fallen into silence once again and a complicated emotion bubbled forth in their hearts.

A few seconds had passed before Dou Jingning suddenly said, “Lets go.

Well have dinner first and discuss this later.”

He took the lead and headed to the living room.

The others were already waiting in the living room.

When everyone had sat down and started to eat, Dou Yueer excitedly asked, “Cousin, I heard that the Lu Family has also invited you to the dinner banquet.

Well be able to head over together.”

Everyone shifted their attention towards Dou Yueer.

She felt confused at their reactions and said, “Did I say something wrong”

Dou Zerui asked, “Do you know what the Lu Family has planned for the dinner banquet”

“What did they plan” Dou Yueer was still in high school and even though she attended a day school, she had no time to listen to the gossip in the capital.

In her point of view, they had invited them to the banquet to enjoy themselves along with eating food.

Dou Yurui, who was seated next to her, said, “The Lu Family is planning to matchmake the Second and Third Young Masters.”

“Ah” Dou Yueer was puzzled and she said with a starry-eyed expression, “Even an immortal-like person like Second Brother Lu has to go on blind dates Hes my idol, and why do I feel that all those young ladies of the high society are unworthy of him”

Her words caused Dou Xiangling and Dou Zerui to simultaneously look in Zi Yis direction.

However, she was eating with a calm expression.

Dou Zerui was worried that Zi Yis thoughts might wander and he said to Dou Yueer, “You should eat more and talk less.”

Dou Yueer was baffled as she looked at him.

In the end, she merely responded with anoh before she lowered her head and continued to eat.

Not many people within the Dou Family knew that Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were currently in a relationship.

After dinner, when Zi Yi had revealed that they were dating, those who were unaware were all greatly surprised.

“Cousin, are you really dating Second Brother” Dou Yueer asked with her eyes wide open.

Immediately afterwards, she was elated.

“Ive always thought that other women dont deserve to be with Second Brother.

But if cousin were to be in a relationship with him, the both of you are just like a match made in heaven.”

Speaking up to here, she suddenly felt that the atmosphere had become weird.

When she checked out the elders expressions, only then did she realize that their expressions were somewhat dark.

Dou Xiangling had also glanced at the elders and she said to Dou Yueer who was chattering on and on, “Yueer, you still have class tomorrow.

Go back to your room and take a rest.”

Dou Yueer was somewhat reluctant.

It was such a big incident and she also wanted to know about it.

Dou Xiangling ended up walking over to her chair and pulling her away.

Just then, Dou Jingning asked Zi Yi, “Little Zi, do you know what you will be facing if you are to date Lu Jingye”

He did not wish to hurt his niece, but based on the type of family the Lu Family were, he still hoped that she could see things clearly.

“Patriarch Lu is very strong minded.

In particular, the marriages of the younger generation were all decided by him… those that he takes a fancy to have always been people close to the Lu Family or the descendants of his subordinates.

Also, theres another point.

Hes a martial artist and we belong to a scholarly family.

He dislikes associating with families like ours the most.”

Patriarch Lus reputation was well known to everyone.

All of them knew that he disliked scholars when he was younger.

It just so happens that the Dou Family is a scholarly family and Zi Yi was also their niece.

There was no need to even doubt the reason as to why Elder Lu had invited them.

Even though they were still making guesses about Patriarch Lus motive during the day.

“Then why did the Lu Family invite the Dou Family”

Dou Muyang had already thought of the possible reason and he angrily said, “Patriarch Lu must have known that cousin is currently dating the Second Young Master, so is he planning to give us a warning Or is he planning to let cousin look on helplessly as he decides on another woman for the Second Young Master”

The younger generation of the Dou Family were also infuriated.

“Its not to the extent of giving us a warning,” Dou Jingning said with a sullen expression..

“I believe the reason he invited Little Zi is to make her give up.”


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