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Chapter 439: Saving Lives

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Several other people exclaimed in succession.

Most of their hearts sank at the thought that there was no more hope.

The crowd outside the laboratory building had also heard what the person said and all of them started to discuss in loud voices.

“M.Uni is in deep trouble this time!”

“Is it true that so many people have died Its so frightening!”

Chu Xiang, who was standing among the crowd, sneered.

“Zi Yi is a goner this time.”

She sent the voice recording to Aisha, who was at the auditorium, and she walked out of the crowd gloatingly.

Zi Yi looked at the ugly expressions of the people in the hall and shouted, “Why are you causing a ruckus These people arent dead yet.”

She turned around and asked Elder Tang, “Do you have silver needles”

Unexpectedly, he did have silver needles.

Zi Yi said, “Their X meridians are blocked.

Help them to clear their meridians.”

“No problem.” Elder Tang took out the silver needles from his pocket and said, “Take a good look.

The first lesson Ill be teaching you today is to use theGoddess Scattering Flowers technique.”

He then motioned to the rest.

“Step aside.”

Everyone subconsciously stepped aside after that.

Elder Tang picked up the needles and while he was explaining to Zi Yi the method of using the silver needles, he inserted them into their X meridians.

After a series of movements, everyone in the hall could not help but exclaim deep down. Elder Tang sure deserves to be known as the Mt.

Tai of Chinese medicine.

Hes so amazing!

After Elder Tang inserted the needles into their X meridians, he strode towards the nearest individual.

He then squatted down and checked their pulse.

A few seconds later, he announced.

“Its done.”

He then retrieved the silver needle from that persons acupuncture point.

Zi Yi had also tagged along.

Unexpectedly, Elder Tang started to educate her again.

Zi Yi had also listened to his explanations seriously.

The originally urgent scene had suddenly turned into a scene where a teacher was teaching his student.

It caused those standing by the side to be momentarily stunned.

After they took out all the silver needles, Elder Tang said to them, “The toxins in their bodies have been expelled, but they still have to be sent to the hospital to see if there are any aftereffects.”

The group of higher-ups suddenly recovered their senses and hastily chose people to send these students into the ambulances.

Zi Yi and Elder Tang retreated to one side.

Elder Tang said discontentedly, “You bad lass who failed to adhere to your promise! Didnt we agree that you would come and acknowledge me as your mentor when you return from military training Ive been waiting for you for more than a month and yet, there is no action from you at all.

Say, have you already forgotten about this”

Zi Yi felt somewhat embarrassed deep down, but she said with a serious expression, “Ive taken up dozens of majors, and lessons just started, so I was struggling a little.”

Dou Xiaoyong who was walking over had heard what she said and he purposely glanced at Zi Yi.

On the other hand, Elder Tang had believed her.

“Why did you choose so many majors Isnt it good to learn one or two majors that you like”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at Elder Tang.

“I like them all.”

“…” Elder Tang was at a loss for words.

Dou Xiaoyong somehow wanted to laugh, but he managed to restrain himself.

He walked over and just as he was about to speak, a few other higher-ups had also made their way over.

They first shook hands with Elder Tang, before one of the higher-ups said, “Elder Tang, Student Zi, thank you for everything today.”

“Its all thanks to my little apprentice.” Elder Tang revealed a proud expression.

“If it were just me alone, I wouldnt know how to detoxify the chemical poisoning because I am only well-versed in medicine.”

The few higher-ups looked towards Zi Yi.

The Dean of the School of Science and Technology praised Zi Yi.

“Zi Yis capabilities are really superb.”

The Director of the School of Medicine also said, “I feel that its a waste of time for Student Zi to be in her freshman year.

Why dont you come over to our school and take your Ph.D.


The Dean of the School of Science and Technology also agreed, “I also feel that its a waste for Student Zi to study from the start.

Why dont you participate in this years promotion exams for a Ph.D.”

Zi Yi was a little tempted.

Yet, Dou Xiaoyong refused it straight out.

“No, Little Zi is still young and she has just started experiencing university life.

She has to at least adapt for one year before she can skip grades.”

Dou Xiaoyongs train of thought was simple.

Zi Yi had never been a hardworking student in school and now that she finally has the mind to study, she had to spend some time enjoying this period of studying.

The moment she takes her Ph.D., she would spend her whole day cooped up in the lab.

How could she enjoy the beautiful times she should be experiencing at her age

The higher-ups knew of Dou Xiaoyongs and Zi Yis relationship.

Since Zi Yis elder had already said so, it was not appropriate for them to continue persuading her.

They then discussed what had happened earlier.

At that moment, one of the higher-ups received a call and his expression changed.

He said to the other higher-ups.

“Reporters have gotten wind of the incident.

The Headmaster is calling us over and the Education Bureau has also sent people.”

The expressions of the higher-ups instantly became serious and they left after informing the trio.

The Headmaster was unsure of the situation over there and he was about to be overwhelmed by the questions.

The reporters had all rushed over the very instant they caught wind of the incident.

All of them wanted to get first-hand information.

“Headmaster Situ, its said that 40 to 50 students of M.Uni were all poisoned.

What do you mean by stopping us from reporting this incident”

“Could it be that Headmaster Situ is thinking of hiding such a huge incident”

“An insider told me that these students have already lost signs of life.

How is M.Uni going to explain to the society and parents of these students”

Cold sweat trickled down Headmaster Situs back, but he put on a calm façade as he dealt with the reporters.

“The higher-ups of the School of Science and Technology are currently dealing with this matter.

I hope that everyone does not make wild guesses before getting to know the whole situation.”

“Isnt it already confirmed that those students have no signs of life” One of the reporters was adamant in his argument.

Headmaster Situs expression sank.

“Ive not even received any information on my end.

How are you so sure”


“Headmaster, the higher-ups from the School of Science and Technology are here.”

Everyone turned towards the group of higher-ups who made their way over.

The reporters were all instantly excited.

Amongst the various sharp and difficult questions, the Dean of the School of Science and Technology walked to the Headmasters side and said, “All the students were only slightly poisoned by the gas caused by a chemical experiment.

They have all been sent to an affiliated hospital of M.Unis School of Medicine.

They are all very well and thank you all for your concern.”

After they chased the group of reporters away, the Headmaster asked the Dean of Science and Technology in private, “What happened”

“Its Student Zi who has helped us greatly.”

“Student Zi” The Headmaster was surprised.

He then pondered for a while.

“Our school has to nurture this student well.”

The news of poisoning due to a chemical experiment in M.Uni was quickly disseminated outside.

Before people from all circles of life could respond, the capitals official education channel published an article.

There were three photos at the very beginning of the article.

One of the photos was of Zi Yi doing an experiment in the hall, another photo was of Elder Tang inserting silver needles and the last photo was of a group of students, who were either lying down or seated in the ward, with slightly embarrassed expressions.

There were two lines of text underneath the photos.

[Capable younger generation translates to a stronger nation.

During an incident of chemical poisoning, our Student Zi used YY chemical to detoxify the poison.

All things in the world counteract and neutralize each other.

As long as you are knowledgeable enough, theres nothing that cannot be solved.]

[The Capitals Chinese Medicine is extensive and profound, everything can be resolved with a silver needle.]

As soon as the article was released, Zi Yi and the capitals silver acupuncture needles were instantly a hit..


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