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After Zi Yi walked away from the street where He Fei was parked, she intended to flag a taxi to Metropolis University.

But it was the morning rush hour and it was impossible to flag any free taxi cabs down.

Just then, a Ferrari drove over and stopped next to her.

“Hey beauty, where are you headed Ill take you there.”

Zi Yi looked at the man with the cockscomb hairstyle, who was looking at her while salivating.

When she was just about to use her mental power to control him, honking sounds came from behind.

Zi Yi turned around and saw a pair of hands with distinct joints opening the backseat door and revealing a familiar handsome face.

Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi standing on the sidewalk and signaled for her to come over.

“Get in.”

Zi Yi was surprised.

It seemed like she could meet this automobile shop owner everywhere.

Since she had met an acquaintance, she would naturally choose to get in an acquaintances car.

“Such a coincidence.”

She did not take the back seat after walking over.

Instead, she pointed at the driver and said to Lu Jingye, “I have to arrive at Metropolis University before 8.20 a.m.

Let your driver take the passenger seat, Ill drive.”

The driver subconsciously peeked at Lu Jingyes expression in the rearview mirror.

He was shocked when the Second Young Master greeted a girl and right now, he was even more shocked at her attitude.

That girl dared to speak to the Second Young Master in such a tone!

The next second, the drivers jaw dropped open.

“Let her drive.

You take the back seat.”

After Lu Jingye said that, he got out the car and then sat in the passenger seat.


The driver felt that his brain was buzzing.

Zi Yi sat in the drivers seat, glanced at the man next to her, who had his seatbelt on, and said with a smile, “Dont worry, I wont let anything happen to you.”

Lu Jingye used his usual calm gaze and looked at her.

“As a female, you should not get in an unknown mans car.”

After that, he leaned against the seat rest, closed his eyes, and entered a state of repose.

Zi Yi: “…”

The driver who was seated behind them was even more unsettled.

What was with the Second Young Master Why did he allow a girl to drive

More importantly, he was an employee, and yet he was seated in the boss seat.

The pressure was simply unimaginable!

The moment the car drove off, the driver no longer had any spare energy to have such thoughts.

He never knew that the capital city had so many remote alleys.

The commercial car turned left and right down the alleys at a speed similar to a racing car, and the driver felt the fine hairs on his body standing on end.

If an accident were to happen when driving at such speeds, the aftermath would be unimaginable.

Twenty minutes later.

The car was safely parked at the gates of the Metropolis University.

Zi Yi turned and looked at the man seated in the passenger seat.

Lu Jingye seemed to feel her gaze, as he opened his eyes and looked back at her.

With their gazes meeting, Zi Yi said with a smile, “Thanks for letting me borrow your car.”

At that moment the sunlight shone on her beautiful face.

With a smile, her face seemed to glow and it made it impossible for others to shift their gazes away.

Lu Jingye looked down at his wristwatch and reminded her, “Theres still fifteen minutes before the exam.

You can go in now.”

Zi Yi was startled.

“You managed to guess that I came here to take the exams”

Lu Jingye pointed at her slightly opened bag zip that revealed a corner of her pencil case.

Zi Yi did not deny it and nodded.

She alighted after unbuckling the seatbelt.

Before she closed the door, she deliberately turned around and said, “Your complexion doesnt look good.

Youd better return and take a rest.

Also… your cars safety system is pretty good.”

She closed the door after she said her piece, and walked towards the Metropolis University gates.

After a while, the driver, who had finally recovered his senses, carefully called Lu Jingye, who was looking in the direction of the gates, “Second Young Master.”

Lu Jingye shifted his gaze, closed his eyes slightly, and said, “Take me to my nearest apartment.”

“I understand!”


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