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Chapter 435: Zi Yi is Very Poor

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Zi Yi was planning to surf the web first before she headed for school, when her phone rang.

The call was from Zhou Shiyu.

With the evidence Zi Yi gave him, together with the 500 million that was supposed to be funds for him to hire bodyguards, Zhou Shiyu had been quite high-profile as he retaliated against those who framed him.

He originally thought that their grandfather would stand on his side after knowing the truth, but yet, he had been severely reprimanded instead.

Zhou Shiyus grandfather scolded him, saying that he should not have made the scandal of the Zhou Family known to everyone.

At that moment, Zhou Shijins heart went cold.

Zhou Shiyu, who had a rash temper, had argued with their grandfather then.

Elder Zhou had directly kicked his two grandchildren out of the family.

It could be said that the siblings were utterly disappointed with the family.

She looked at the brothers in confusion.

“Why did your grandfather react as such”

Zhou Shijin pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Grandfather feels that we should not have publicized this scandal.

Moreover, after this incident, the Zhou Familys stocks have plummeted.”

“Shouldnt this be blamed on those Uncles, Aunts and cousins of yours”

Zi Yi shook her head and looked at them with sympathy.

She merely asked, “Do you want me to pass you the five billion now or sometime later”

Zhou Shiyu did not give a straightforward answer.

“Ive already told my grandfather that I will give up on the competition for the head of the family.

I will be starting my own business in the future.”

Zi Yi nodded her head in understanding.

“Alright then, this five billion will belong to the two of you in the future.”

The two brothers were momentarily stunned.

When Zhou Shijin reacted to what she had just said, he was a little excited.

He looked towards Zhou Shiyu and said, “Brother, with this five billion, youll be able to do what you want!”

Zhou Shiyu felt complex emotions deep down in his heart, but he still gave a brief nod.

Zi Yi asked, “What business would you like to start”

Zhou Shiyu said, “I wish to invest in a car company.”

Zi Yi glanced at Zhou Shijin and immediately understood his intentions.

However, she still gave him a suggestion.

“I have a good investment here, would you like to join me”

“What is it about”

“The research and development of a new energy-powered vehicle.”

Zi Yi explained to them how the new energy-powered vehicle is better than the current competition.

The more they listened, the more excited they got.

Zhou Shiyu nodded his head without a second thought and said, “Okay, Im in.”

“However, the early development of this new energy-powered vehicle requires a large sum of money.

Your five billion is insufficient.”

Zhou Shiyu went silent.

Other than the five billion, he had no other funds available.

Zi Yi added, “I can join you and fork out another five billion.

At that time, youll be responsible for managing the company and I will provide the early-stage technology.

We will share the profits 50-50.”

Zhou Shiyu looked at her in surprise.

He did not expect that she only asked for half of the profits.

It had to be known that the technology portion was the most important aspect.

Zi Yi said, “If you agree, well go with this.

When the time comes, you shall go and take over Robot As workload and build another new energy development base over there.”

Zhou Shiyu unconsciously stood up and bowed towards her with an expression of gratitude.

“Alright, I will definitely manage our company well.”


When you head over, A will guide you for two months and you have to find a way to nurture some trustworthy people.

I will also send you some assistant robots.”

“Got it.”

“Bro, I…” Zhou Shijin originally wanted to say that he would also follow him, but he suddenly swallowed the words that he was about to say and changed his tune.

“Just you wait and see, Ill be a world-class racer very soon.”

Zhou Shiyu patted his shoulder and no longer stopped him this time around.

He merely said, “Pay attention to safety.”

“Got it.”

The brothers had left very soon after that.

Zi Yi glanced at the time and propped her chin as she muttered, “It seems like Ill have to earn money again.”

Following that, she came to a conclusion.

“Im so poor!”

The housekeeper, who just so happened to walk past, heard what she said and came over, “If Miss Zi were to do something in the medical field, youll be able to earn money.”

Zi Yi glanced at the housekeeper and shook her head.

“This sort of method of earning money is too slow.”

She grabbed the laptop placed on the short table and started scrolling through.

She intended to check if there were any profitable businesses in the black market or the hacker community.

Unexpectedly, she saw someone offering to pay one billion to find the hacker with the codename Little Fairy.

As usual, there were offers that collectively amounted to dozens of billions to hack the Lu Group.

This time around, it was not to hack into their second defense network.

Instead, one person had offered five billion alone to hack into the core of Lu Group.

Moreover, there were others who added to the offer.

Those who added were from large corporations.

Zi Yi somehow discovered something unusual.

She was a little excited.

“Could these people be planning for an economic war”

“Since there are so many people sending me money, then I shall not be polite with them.”

She sat cross-legged on the sofa and placed the laptop on top as she quickly tapped on the keyboard.

Strings of codes were generated and an invisible monitoring network was directly spread out to the worldwide economic system.

She planned to monitor their movements.

As soon as they start attacking the Lu Group, it would be time for her to intervene and reap profits.

Zi Yi only headed to school after she was done with all these things.

After she finished her first lesson in the School of Science, Zi Yi was surrounded by several students as soon as the teacher left.

“Zi Yi, I heard that you are going to run for the officer position of the External Relations Department.

Do your best, we will definitely vote for you then!”

Zi Yi was stunned when she heard that, before she said, “Thank you, theres no need for that for the time being.”

Following that, she carried her backpack and left, while everyone looked at her with strange gazes.

The whole campus was discussing the Student Unions recruitment.

On her way to the School of Liberal Arts, Zi Yi encountered many students telling her to do her best.

Zi Yi merely nodded at them and said nothing.

When she arrived at the School of Liberal Arts, she just so happened to encounter Zi Xuan walking over from another road.

This time around, Zi Xuan turned around and ran away at the sight of her.

Zi Yi continued walking forward with a calm expression.

“Student Zi.”

Someone suddenly called out to her from behind and she stopped walking to turn around, only to see a female student headed for her in large strides.

“Student Zi, I am a member of the Student Unions Arts and Culture Department.

Our officer is inviting you to join us.”

Zi Yi was puzzled at her words.

“Sorry, I wont be joining.”

She was about to leave after that.

“Hey, student Zi, you must have misunderstood what I said.

What our officer meant was to invite you to be a dance teacher in our Arts and Culture Department.”

Zi Yi was even more puzzled, and she still maintained her initial stance.

“Im not interested.”

She left after she said that.

The female student stood there foolishly for some time after she was rejected.

The students around her started to gossip due to curiosity.

“The officers of the Arts and Culture Department is so weird.

Why did they invite Zi Yi to be a dance teacher”

“Thats right.

Does Zi Yi know how to dance”

“I dont think so In any case, Ive never seen her dance.”

After lessons, Zi Yi and Li Xia headed to the school canteen for lunch.

It just so happened that people around her were discussing the previous incident.

“Look, the Arts and Culture Department recruited a beautiful foreign lady as a dance teacher today.”

“This woman looks so noble and elegant, like a princess.

Also, those blue eyes of hers are so blue and pure.”

“I heard that the Arts and Culture Department had sent people to invite Zi Yi to be their dance teacher.

I didnt expect them to have found another teacher so soon.”

“Didnt Zi Yi reject them”

“Look, that dance teachers self-introduction is so fluent.”

“She graduated from the best dance academy and even won many international dance awards.”

“The Arts and Culture Department has managed to recruit such an outstanding and beautiful dance teacher this time, and there must be tons of people that will be applying to enter when the time comes.”


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