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Chapter 433: Some People Do Not Have Self-Awareness

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“Bro, Aunt said that Grandpa Lu will be holding a banquet to match make for Second Brother and Third Brother.

Aisha thinks that she has a chance but she will definitely get mercilessly rejected by Second Brother.

You should be prepared for it.

Aunt will create an opportunity and you have to seize it well.”

Chu Xuan said, “No problem.”

After the two of them hung up the phone, Zi Yi stopped tapping on her phone.

She had already understood the Eldest Madam Lus, Chu Xuans, and Chu Xiangs plans.

The corner of her lips curled up and an idea surfaced from deep in her mind.

“Since youre fond of calculating against people so much, Ill start a fire between you then.”

Thinking of this, Zi Yi quickly purchased some items online and created some trouble for Zi Xu.

“Isnt it good to stay there Why the need to come back”

The original owners father should just stay on the other side of the globe.

As long as Zi Xu did not return, Li Peirong and Zi Xuan would not be able to cause much of a problem.

Zi Yi continued surfing the net and without her noticing, it was already 11 p.m.

Just then, knocking sounds could be heard from the door and Zi Yi looked up from the screen.

The door of the study room was pushed open and Lu Jingyes gentle face, which revealed disapproval, appeared before her.

“Ah Jing.”

Zi Yi threw away the mouse in happiness at the sight of Lu Jingye and stood up to pounce into his embrace.

Lu Jingye who was about to preach to the young lady had subconsciously caught the body flying in his direction.

He had no choice but to swallow the words that came to his lips.

Zi Yi hugged his waist and buried her head in his embrace.

“Ah Jing, I heard that your grandfather is planning to matchmake for you and your younger brother.

I am very angry.”

Lu Jingye lowered his head and looked at the young lady.

He raised his hand and stroked her head as he said, “I will only marry you.”

Zi Yi was delighted at his response.

Lu Jingye then said, “Everyone from high society will be invited to the banquet.

My father and I are planning to catch the mole hidden in the main residence.

As for Aisha, it just so happens that I can make her give up on that day.

Zi Yi looked up at his face.

“How do you intend to go about doing it”

Theres no need for me to take action.

Someone else will do it for me.”

Zi Yi had guessed his thoughts.

“You also know that the First Madam is scheming against Aisha”


The First Madam and my elder cousin have always felt that I robbed him of his position.

Aisha has a strong family background and if they could rope her in, it will be very beneficial for him.”

“Pft…” Zi Yi sneered.

“You are a genius in the business world and you were the one who pushed Lu Group towards its current glory.

Even if you pass the company to him, would he dare to take it over”

“True… some people are just lacking in the self-awareness aspect.”

Lu Jingye was about to release Zi Yi, but she refused to let him go.

“I wont be able to see you during the day now.”

Lu Jingye looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

Zi Yi continued acting spoiled.

“Give me a kiss.

Only then will I let you go.”

Lu Jingye hugged her waist with one hand, while the other hand grabbed the back of her head, before he lowered his lips and gave her a kiss.

Their lips were joined together and the whole room seemed to be filled with floating pink bubbles.

Lu Jingye only released her sometime later.

He pressed her head against his chest and allowed her to listen to his increased heart rate that she had caused.

A low and bewitching voice sounded in her ear.

“Are you satisfied now”

The corner of her lips curled up and she narrowed her eyes, while she deliberately said, “Well, barely.”

She then took a step back and got out of his embrace.

Her cheeks were slightly reddened while her eyes revealed a slight luster.

Her appearance was so charming that it would make a person lose their self-restraint.

Lu Jingye only managed to restrain himself from pulling her back into his embrace after great difficulty.

Following that, he held her hand and they walked out of the study room.

Zi Yi told him about the issue related to Zi Xu.

He tightened his grip on her hand and said, “If hes still unable to be satisfied over there, Ill lure him to South Africa then.

Itll be hard for him even if he wants to return by then… As for Li Peirong, how do you intend to deal with her”

“Where is she right now”

“She thought that the Dongfang Family were trying to silence her and so she hid.

Zi Yi laughed.

“Its no wonder Zi Xuan has been coming to me these days.”

“If you find her annoying, you can get rid of her.”

“Zi Xuan is a nerd and looks down on me.

The best way to resolve her is to thoroughly destroy her self-confidence.

Ive been rather busy in recent days, but Ill find her to compete with when I have time on my hands.”


The two of them walked into the bedroom as they chatted.

On the other side.

When Zi Xuan returned to her apartment, it was empty and silent.

She subconsciously took out her phone and called Li Peirong.

She had suffered a great setback during this period of time and if she was still unable to contact Li Peirong, she felt that she would collapse sooner or later.

Unexpectedly, her call went through this time.

Zi Xuan was so excited that her voice trembled.

“Mom! Where have you been these past days”

Li Peirongs voice also sounded choked.

“Xuanxuan, Mom has had something to do these few days.

Did anyone come looking for you during this period”

“Nobody came.” While she said that, Zi Xuan suddenly burst into tears.

“Mom, I hate Zi Yi! That idiot obviously cant do anything but why is she doing so well in M.Uni Yet, I am being at by fingers from everyone.”

“What did they say about you” Li Peirongs voice tightened.

“They said Im not as good at studying as that idiot and I dont deserve to be sisters with her! I dont wish to be related to that idiot in the slightest! Wuuuu…”

The more she said, the more aggrieved she felt.

She was half-sisters with Zi Yi and yet, Zi Yi had a powerful maternal family, while her maternal family was a nobody.

She had always been compared with Zi Yis grandfathers family.

Everyone would say that Zi Yi had a powerful maternal family and so, Zi Yi would definitely be better than her, etc.

Over the years, in order to prove them wrong, she had been constantly forcing herself to study.

God does indeed reward those who work hard.

She was indeed more outstanding than Zi Yi and through this, she always had a strong sense of superiority over her.

However, the sense of superiority had collapsed ever since she arrived in M.Uni and it caused her to be stupefied, as she could not accept the truth.

Li Peirong felt her heart break when she heard her daughter crying.

She eagerly said, “Xuanxuan, dont be afraid.

As long as its anything you want, Mom will give it to you.”

Her daughter wanted to surpass Zi Yi and so, she had overindulged that little b*tch all these years.

Since she had achieve it in the past, she would definitely have a way to deal with her now.

Li Peirong could not stand her daughter crying and wanted to return at once.

Yet, her phone call with Zi Xuan was suddenly cut off.

Li Peirongs heart clenched tightly and she hastily gripped her phone, only to see a phone call suddenly interrupting her previous one.

It was from an unknown caller ID and it was unexpectedly able to cut off her previous phone call.

Li Peirong was worried that the Dongfang Family had found her and she quickly turned off her phone out of fear.

But at that moment, knocking sounds could be heard from the door.

Li Peirong felt her back stiffen and her complexion paled.

In order to avoid the pursuit of the Dongfang Family, she had been living in a shared house within the capital.

She did not dare to turn on her phone or head out these days.

As for her meals, she had to sneak out during the middle of the night, when no one was awake..


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