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Chapter 432: Without My Permission, Who Dares!

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Zi Yi was in a good mood when she heard him saying that they were a good match.

However, she still said, “I have to attend lessons on usual days and I can only find time during the nighttime to communicate with the engineers about the production of the robot, and discuss what to do next over video calls.”

Leader Qin was surprised.

“You dont intend to come over to the research lab in the future”


Leader Qin thought about it and did not immediately agree.

“You can go back for the day.

Ill call you again with regards to the decision as to whether youll have to come over to the lab in the future.”

Zi Yi knew that he had to consider this and did not immediately ask for an answer.

She nodded her head and left together with Dou Xiaoyong.

The moment Zi Yi left, Leader Qin took out his phone and dialed a contact.

As soon as the call was connected, he said in a serious tone, “Your girlfriend doesnt seem to be afraid of me at all”

A deep voice sounded from the other end.

“Isnt it Mr.

Qin who gave her the rights to do so”

Leader Qin laughed.

“Your girlfriend is really a genius.

The country attaches great importance to geniuses and I dont wish to scare her away.”

The other partys voice unconsciously turned gently.

“That young lady of mine has a very strong sixth sense.

She can sense who treats her sincerely and who is putting on a façade.

As for what she is unwilling or willing to do, I will do my best to let her act according to her wishes.”

Leader Qin narrowed his eyes at his words.

“Little Lu, there seems to be a hidden meaning behind your words.”

Lu Jingye walked over to the windows in his office.

Looking at the sunset, he calmly replied, “Since Mr.

Qin has made this call, it means that he has a good impression of my young lady.

Obviously, I will only be delighted by that.”

“Haha… youre still as thoughtful as ever when you settle matters.” Leader Qin said, “Based on how you previously donated such a large sum of money to the laboratory under your name, I will also take care of your girlfriend.”

Lu Jingye was inexplicably relieved to hear that.

“Thank you.”

Leader Qi said, “You and Little Zi are both rare talents that are hard to come by, and the nation needs talents like you.”

Lu Jingyes lips curled up and responded in a positive manner.

The two of them chatted for a while more before they hung up the call.

Lu Jingye found Zi Yis contact in his phone.

He originally wanted to listen to her voice, but after some consideration, he did not dial the number.

Just then, Mrs.

Lus phone call arrived.

Lu Jingye swiped and answered the call.



Lus slightly concerned voice sounded.

“Jingye, the housekeeper at the main residence called to inform us that your grandfather is going to hold a dinner banquet in a few days time.”

As for the reason behind why Patriarch Lu wanted to hold a dinner banquet, there was no need for him to ponder much to figure it out.

He clearly wanted to choose a wife for his two unmarried grandsons.

Lu Jingye did not panic and asked, “Who will grandfather be inviting”


Lu said, “People from high society would most likely be invited.”

Lu Jingye thought about it and said, “Mother, you can head over early and mention to the Dou Family.”


Lu was delighted.

“How could I have forgotten about them Right now, Little Zi has a good relationship with the Dou Family and if they know that you and Little Zi are in a relationship, they will not allow you to get married to other women without doing their best to prevent it.”

Speaking of this, she suddenly thought of something and started to worry.

“You will be attending using Yunxiaos identity, so will the robot be able to resolve these issues”

Lu Jingye looked towards the distant sunset and still had a calm expression.

“Mother, dont worry.

I have an idea.”

Only then did Mrs.

Lu hang up the phone call.

On the other side.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiaoyong returned to the school grounds.

It was already late in the afternoon and the lessons had already ended.

Dou Xiaoyong asked, “Do you want to go back with me”

Zi Yi still had to contact Elder Hu at night and so she shook her head.

“I have something on in the evening and so I wont be going over.”

Dou Xiaoyong did not insist and sent her to where her car was parked, before he then left.

Zi Yi started her car and drove out of the school.

Just as her car left the School of Liberal Arts, she saw Zi Xuan walking alone on the road.

In fact, Zi Yi did not even plan to pay her any attention.

However, she was acting so weirdly, and when Zi Xuan suddenly saw her, she ran over to her car and blocked it from moving.

Zi Yi stepped on the brake in displeasure.

There were screams from the people around them who were thinking that the car would crash into Zi Xuan.

Yet, the car stopped a few centimeters away from her.

Zi Yi impatiently tapped on the steering wheel and coldly said, “Get lost.”

Zi Xuan looked at the arrogant Zi Yi seated inside the car and thought of the message she had received today.

She then walked over to the drivers side and questioned her.

“Someone said that you captured my mother!”

“Wheres the evidence”

“It must be you.

Other than you, who else would make my mother disappear!”

Speaking of this, Zi Xuans voice unconsciously contained a hint of malice.

“Zi Yi, dont think that just because Father isnt at home, you can do whatever you want.

Let me tell you, Ive already called him and informed him of all your evil deeds.

He will be coming back tomorrow!”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes upon hearing her words.

Lu Jingye had lured Zi Xu to Country M and given him a large piece of cake.

Based on Zi Xus nature of putting his interests first, it was impossible for him to return so early… unless someone was deliberately trying to lure him back.

Thinking of this, the corner of her lips curled up and she released a sneer.

“Then well talk after he returns.”

She stepped on the gas pedal and left.

When Zi Yi returned home, the first thing she did was to send Elder Hu a video call.

The two of them chatted about Lu Yunxiaos condition before he discussed with her the research progress.

After they ended the call, Zi Yi started to check on Zi Xuans phone.

Sure enough, someone had sent her a message in the morning.

She followed the message trail and continued checking.

Soon, she found out who the culprits were.

Unexpectedly, it was the Chu Family siblings.

Zi Yi was slightly surprised for a moment, but at the thought that they were the Lu Familys First Madams nephew and niece, coupled with the fact that they were rather close with Aisha, she knew what was going on.

“Since youre being restless, then dont blame me for being rude.”

After she muttered to herself, she quickly typed out a string of codes on the computer.

Soon, the codes generated a special virus and were implanted into the siblings phones.

The virus could not only monitor their phone messages but also automatically activate the recording function of their phones.

Zi Yi tapped into Qin Xiangs phone and just so happened to hear her saying, “I heard that Grandpa Lu will be organizing a banquet in a few days time.

All the high society socialites in the capital are being invited.”

“Really” Aisha asked, “For Grandpa Lu to suddenly organize a banquet, could it be that he is intending to choose a wife for Brother Lu and his younger brother”

“It should be the case.” Chu Xiang said, “You can dress up beautifully when the time comes.

Grandpa Lu is fond of you and you just have to make sure you charm Second Brother during the banquet.”

Aisha responded with anok.

Chu Xiang said, “I still have lessons to attend tomorrow, Ill be going to bed first.”

After that, the sound of movement could be heard.

Zi Yis expression was heavy.

“Thinking of choosing a wife for Ah Jing Hmph! Without my permission, who dares!”

Just as she was about to do something, Chu Xiang gave Chu Xuan a call..


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