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Chapter 418: In the Future, Let Me Be the One Who Does Such a Declaration Instead

Lu Familys main residence.

Chu Xiang, who had been residing in the main residence during this period of time, saw the video shared from her circle of friends and showed it to Aisha.

When Aisha saw the video of Zi Yi and Lu Jingye dancing together, she bit her lips while her hand tightly gripped onto her clothes.

Her appearance looked as if she had been wronged

Chu Xiang looked at her and said, “This is Zi Yi, she must have done this deliberately.

Just because you major in dance, she decided to show off for you to see.”

Aisha covered her face and burst into tears at her words.

“How could they do this!”

Chu Xiang looked at Aisha and sneered as she thought to herself, “A princess living in her own fairytale.

I merely stimulated you slightly and you are already unable to take it.

Yet youre still thinking of marrying Second Brother Why dont you reflect on yourself to see if you are deserving” On the surface, she comforted her in a friendly tone.

“Dont be too upset.

If you cant take it lying down, you can go and teach her what dancing is.

Youre a dancing genius and you can easily embarrass her in this aspect.”

“Ugh…” Aisha looked at her with tears staining her cheeks.

Her eyes revealed hope, but several seconds later, her gaze dimmed.

“I cant.

My brother wont allow me to go to a bar.”

“Im not telling you to go to the bar.

Zi Yi is a student of M.Uni.

You can go there and look for her.”

Aisha was still hesitating.

“This isnt good.

If grandfather knew I did that, he would get angry.

How could members of the Alysseus Family do such a shameful thing thats beneath their status”

“Im not telling you to directly confront her.” Chu Xiang had already planned everything out for her.

“It just so happens that our schools dance club is looking for a dance teacher.

With your reputation, you can definitely get hired.

When the time comes, youll be able to use your identity as a dance teacher to exchange pointers with her.”

At that time, her brother would have the opportunity to get in contact with Aisha.

At the thought of this, the corner of her lips curled up.

Aishas eyes brightened and she lowered her eyes as she started to think about it.

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from the door.

Chu Xiang did not like the sharpness Rick had concealed within his eyes when he looked at others and so, she said to Aisha, “Aisha, I still have lessons tomorrow and I have to go back.

You should rest early.”

She left after saying that.

Chu Xiang and Rick bumped into each other at the door.

She merely nodded her head slightly and took her leave.

Rick tilted his head and after seeing that she had walked far away, he said to Aisha, “Youve seen it yourself, she clearly has other motives.”

Aisha pursed her lips and remained silent.

Rick asked as he could not understand it, “This woman obviously has ulterior motives so why arent you distancing yourself from her Such people dont deserve to be friends with you.”

Aisha pursed her lips and remained silent

Rick was a little irritated.

“As long as you give grandfather a call and get him to talk to Patriarch Lu, theres no need to worry that Ah Lu wont marry you!”

Aisha looked at Rick.

A few seconds later, she said, “What I want is his heart and not a marriage only in name.”


Rick wanted to scold her, but he could not bear to do so.

In the end, he sighed and said, “You better not regret your decision.”

“I wont regret it.”

Aisha said that and came to a decision.

“Brother, I wish to be a dance teacher in M.Uni.”

Rick furrowed his eyebrows, but ended up agreeing to her request.

“I will help you settle this, but I have a condition.”

“Whats the condition”

“You have to bring along the secret guards.”


“If you dont agree, then dont think of going.”

“Alright then…”

After Zi Yi and Lu Jingye entered the control room, Zi Yi revealed a sly smile.

“Say, would those people outside feel provoked”

Lu Jingye lifted his hand and pressed her head.


Zi Yi directly jumped into his embrace, hugged his waist, and leaned her head against his chest as she said, “Im only declaring to them whats mine.

Some people have no self-awareness, so Ill have to be the one teaching the meaning of that.”

Lu Jingye looked down at the young lady in his embrace who was being willful.

He hugged her back in response tightly and said, “In the future, let me be the one who does such a declaration instead.”

Zi Yi looked up at him and her eyes curved into crescent moons.

Her smile was like a blossoming flower.

Lu Jingye looked at her smile and could not help himself as he lowered his head and sealed her lips.

The two of them kissed for quite some time before they finally separated.

Lu Jingye led Zi Yi to sit down.

Zi Yi pressed one of the buttons and said, “Little Loli, bring him inside.”

Soon, Little Loli entered with a robot by her side.

The biggest difference between this robot and other robots was that it had a synthetic skin covering all over its body.

It was practically impossible to discover that he was a robot.

Zi Yi said to Lu Jingye, “This is the robot I prepared for you.”

She then peeled off the skin on that robot and revealed another layer of skin.

It was a face that was identical to Lu Jingyes.

Even though he had known of it beforehand, Lu Jingye was still surprised when he saw the robot who looked identical to him.

Zi Yi smiled and asked, “Is it that even you are unable to notice any differences”

“Yes.” Lu Jingye stood up and walked over to stand before the robot.

He checked the robot out before he turned around and looked at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi followed him and walked over.

“Place your hand on his back.

Hell be able to copy your memories.

Ive given him a two-month limit.

Two months later, Yunxiao would have also regained consciousness.

When the time comes, well have no need for him.”

“Would there be any future troubles with regards to these types of robots Would you be able to recognize who is the real one”

Lu Jingye felt slightly uncomfortable when he thought of the fact that a robot, who looked identical to him, would meet his young lady during the day.

“There wont be any problems.”

Zi Yi smiled and pulled his hand.

“Im very sensitive to robots.

No matter how similar the both of you are, the robot wont be able to escape my detection.”

In the future interstellar era, everyone was mechanized and Zi Yi was a genius in the field.

As long as the other party was a robot, she would be able to detect it immediately.

“However, other people will treat him as the real one.”

She raised her hand and touched Lu Jingye.

After she finished taking advantage of him, she said, “Stretch out your hand and touch him.”

Lu Jingye pursed his lips and looked at Zi Yis shining eyes.

When Zi Yi saw that he remained motionless, she simply raised his hand and touched the robots hand.

A cold sensation could be felt.

Lu Jingye looked at her in surprise.

“Ive set up a program on him.

If Uncle Lu and Auntie Lu were to touch him, he would radiate a cool temperature.

However, when other people were to touch him, it would be the temperature of a healthy person.

Moreover, Ive installed a system for storing blood within.

If someone comes over to test you, theres no need to be afraid.

In addition, he has also copied your behavior and habits, so each and every movement of his would be identical to you.”

Speaking of this, she complained.

“If not for the fact that we are trying to prevent your grandfather from detecting any problems, I honestly want the robot to disguise as Yunxiao instead.”

Lu Jingye was the only one who was familiar and knew all of Lu Yunxiaos habits.

Robots were unable to achieve 100% similarity in terms of behavior and habits without copying from another individual.

It would be easy to fool others, but it might not be possible to get past Patriarch Lu.

Lu Jingye grabbed her hand tightly and said, “Ill disguise as Yunxiao for about ten days at most.

My father will then find an excuse to make me go on a mission.”


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