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Chapter 415: Lu Jingye Said, Yiyi is My Future Wife

When Ji Dekun led his group of men towards where she was, she sent Lu Jingye a video call.

Lu Jingye seemed to have been waiting for her call and he immediately asked upon answering, “Yiyi, hows the situation at your side”

Zi Yi recounted what happened to him tonight.

“I got Little Loli to create some chaos within the base…”

She then told him about the few managers reaction and shrugged her shoulders in the end.

“None of the five of them revealed any flaws or suspicious movements.

Moreover, Ji Dekun should be coming over here with his men to arrest me so…”

When he heard what she said, he furrowed his eyebrows and said, “When he arrives later, point the camera at him.

Ill take care of it.”

Zi Yi responded with an okay.

While they were waiting for Ji Dekun, Lu Jingye told her about the situation in the capital.

“The news of Yunxiao has been spread around the capital these past two days.”

“Who spread the news”

“The Jiang Family.

That person had also heard of it at the airport.

However, my men have already located the person who went abroad.

He had taken money from someone and deliberately spread the rumors.

As to whose money it was, he said that the person was wearing a mask and shades so he did not see his appearance.”

“Ha! Its really well planned.” Zi Yi released a sneer.

“In fact, the person wearing the mask is easy to locate.”

“Yes, my men have already locked onto the target, but they will not immediately take action to take him in.

Yunxiao has to appear in the capital the day after tomorrow.

I will use his identity to take care of these people when the time comes.

It just so happens that we can identify who are the ones who want to deal with the Lu Family.”

Zi Yi agreed with him and asked, “What about your grandfathers reaction”

“There was no reaction for him.

Since he said he would wait one week, he will definitely wait until then.”

Zi Yi was relieved.

They chatted a while more and the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside the door.

Immediately after, her door was knocked on.

At the same time, Ji Dekuns unfriendly roar sounded.

“Zi Yi, open the door.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and Lu Jingyes faint voice sounded from the video call.

“Yiyi, go and open the door.”

She walked over and opened the door and hastily took a step back.

At the same time, she directed the screen of her phone to Ji Dekun.

“Zi Yi, the intruder in the base must be in cahoots with you.

No problem has ever occurred in the base, but ever since you… ugh… Second Young Master”

“Ji Dekun.”

Lu Jingyes voice sounded very gentle, but it had inexplicably contained traces of sternness.

Ji Dekuns body subconsciously trembled.


The group of men behind Ji Dekun had also subconsciously stood upright.

Lu Jingye asked, “What is it that you wish to say”

Ji Dekun opened his mouth, but his mind had blanked out for several seconds.

Lu Jingye saw his expression and said, “Yiyi is my future wife and Yunxiao is her brother-in-law, why would she want to harm him”

“Huh” Ji Dekun felt that there was something wrong with his ears.

What had he just heard”

Lu Jingyes voice instantly turned solemn.

“Do I need to repeat myself again”

“No need, no need.” Ji Dekun suddenly felt that he had understood everything.

His heart was rolling around thunderously and he hastily tried to explain himself.

“Second Young Master, no intruders have been able to trespass into the base and because Miss Zi had recently upgraded the defense of the security system, I had then thought of her.”

Lu Jingye responded with a hum.

Ji Dekun knew that the Second Young Master was not blaming him and relaxed.

He was just about to speak again when Lu Jingye said, “Theres no intruder.

I was the one who got a robot to test the safety inside the base.”


Ji Dekun was dumbfounded.

Lu Jingye said, “You can leave.

Get the others to wait for me in the meeting room.

I will explain to all of you clearly.”

“Oh okay.”

Ji Dekun turned with the intention to leave.

“Hold on.” Lu Jingye called out to him.

Ji Dekun turned back and looked at the screen.

“In the future, if something were to happen, you can report to me first.

Yiyi is a female and how is it appropriate for a group of men to break into her room”

Feelings of embarrassment surged forth from deep within and Ji Dekun hastily said, “Second Young Master, I was too rash.”

He even apologized to Zi Yi immediately after.

“Miss Zi, Im sorry.

Please continue to rest.”

After he said his piece, he led away his group of people and left soon after.

Zi Yi directed the screen back to herself and said, “Ive not managed to detect anything problematic with these people through the test.”

Speaking of this, she revealed a frown.

“There must definitely be a mole inside the base.

Otherwise, no one would have known of Yunxiaos condition.

However, this mole is hidden extremely deep.

Theres another possibility, which is that the mole had left the base before we arrived.”

Lu Jingye furrowed his eyebrows even tighter before he said, “I will get someone to continue investigating this matter… Its getting late, you should go to sleep soon.

Ill have my men drive you to the airport tomorrow.”

Since she had said that she was enjoying herself abroad, she would definitely have to return from the airport.

Zi Yi had installed the most advanced surveillance system in the research lab.

Moreover, she had also placed something on Lu Yunxiaos bed.

As long as someone dared to do harm to him, that device would immediately protect him.

She was not worried about his safety and responded with an okay.

The two of them then ended their video call.

The moment Ji Dekun walked out, he immediately contacted the others who were standing guard in the research lab.

“Second Young Master wants us to immediately head to the meeting room.

Theres no intruder, the Second Young Master was the one who sent a robot to test the safety system in the base.”

The other managers breathed a sigh of relief at his words.

As to what Lu Jingye had said to them after, it was none of Zi Yis business.

Early the next morning, just as Zi Yi walked out of her room, she saw the five managers standing outside.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at them with a puzzled expression.

Ji Dekun was the first to speak.

“Miss Zi, Im really sorry for what happened last night.

I was too rash and I would like to sincerely apologize to you once again.”

Zi Yi said, “I accept your apology.”

Ji Dekun who still had something to say found himself not knowing what else he should say.

Wang Biao smiled and said, “What happened yesterday was that the Second Young Master had sent a robot to test the safety system of our base along with our response abilities.

The security system you have upgraded is very good.

Even though the entire base was in action, and the alarm had resounded throughout every corner of the base, the outside world had not noticed a single thing.”

The others were also satisfied with the upgraded security system.

Zi Yi nodded her head.

Ji Dekun said, “Lets go, were here to pick you up for breakfast.

After that, I will send you out.

The Second Young Master will send someone to meet us halfway.”

Thus, Zi Yi followed them to the canteen.

Elder Hu was already seated and waiting there.

He had not managed to sleep well the entire night due to the emergency yesterday.

He had woken up before dawn and heard what had happened yesterday.

Only then did he go out to do some light morning exercises before he came to the canteen.

“Little Zi, youre here.”

“Elder Hu.”

Two tables were placed together and they sat down.

Other than Lu Yi who was a man of little words, the other four treated her more enthusiastically.

Clearly, when Lu Jingye said that she was his future wife last night, it was very useful.

Zi Yi was at ease knowing that they werent the moles.

After breakfast, Elder Hu and Zi Yi went to the laboratory for a routine inspection of Lu Yunxiaos condition.

Following that, they stayed in the lab for some time before Zi Yi left

Of course, Little Loli left with her.

Ji Dekun who was in charge of driving would occasionally glance at Little Loli and in the end, he could not help himself but say, “This robot looks too realistic.

Just that its appearance is too young.”

“Hehe.” Little Loli felt that Ji Dekun was praising her and said proudly, “Im not young.

Im Little Loli!”

Ji Dekun laughed out loud and said to Zi Yi, “In fact, I really didnt expect that the Little Loli the Second Young Master brought here is so capable.

The incident last night honestly frightened us.”

Zi Yi tilted her head to look at Little Loli as she smiled without speaking a word.


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