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Chapter 414: Someone Trespassed Into the Base

Just then, Wang Biao said to Zi Yi, “Miss Zi, if youre really fond of drinking, I do indeed have several jars of good alcohol at my place.

Ill gift you a few jars after were done eating and you can take them back to drink.”

Zi Yi was a little surprised.

“I thought the base did not allow drinking How did you get the alcohol”

“I picked up some wild fruits while I was patrolling in the mountains and used them to brew it.”

When Wang Biao said that, Ji Dekun seated next to him could not help but expose his background.

“In fact, Old Wang is an alcoholic.

He only gave up drinking after he came to Second Young Masters bodyguard training camp.

He has indeed given up drinking, but he developed a strange habit of smelling the scent of alcohol.

If he does not smell it once a day, he would feel uncomfortable all over.”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes at his words and asked, “Then would you feel extremely uncomfortable if you were to encounter a situation where youre unable to smell the scent of alcohol”

“I wont,” Wang Biao said in certainty.

“Im someone who is capable of tolerating.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and did not continue to ask.

However, a good idea surfaced in her mind.

The whole lamb was finally done while everyone was looking at it with expectant gazes.

Zi Yi liked eating ribs, so Wang Biao gave her two large portions.

Tian Dongquan had also gone to bring over a jar of homemade brew.

The moment he opened the lid, the aroma floated out.

Everyone each had half a bowl and the rest went to Zi Yi.

“This also counts as alcohol and we can only drink a little.

Miss Zi, you can have the rest.”

Zi Yi did not act reserved with them.

She felt that eating lamb had to be accompanied by alcohol, even though it was just a homemade brew.

Everyone casually chatted as they ate.

The few middle-aged men were curious about what Zi Yi does.

When she said that she was a freshman in M.Uni, they were all surprised.

“To think that Miss Zi is studying in M.Uni Are you studying in the Medical School there I heard that the Medical School in M.Uni is rather reputable.” When Wang Biao asked that, the rest of them looked at her curiously.

Ji Dekun also made a suggestion.

“Perhaps Miss Zi is studying Computer Science.”

Zi Yi shook her head.

“No, Im majoring in Archaeology.”


“No way!”

They were all surprised.

Even Elder Lu was no expectation.

He thought that Zi Yi majored in medicine.

“Little Zi, why dont you study medicine Your medical skills are great and you should develop in this field.”

“Miss Zis computer skills are also good, you can also try developing in this aspect.”

They started discussing what Zi Yi should specialize in.

Zi Yi listened to their discussion as she ate the lamb and did not interrupt.

Soon, the whole roasted lamb entered seven peoples stomachs.

Sure enough, it did not take long before Wang Biao sent over a few jars of homemade brew to Zi Yi.

She gave her thanks and happily hugged them as she carried them into her own room.

Everything was calm and silent.

Half an hour or so later, an alarm suddenly sounded throughout the base.

When she heard the alarm, Zi Yi wore a set of pajamas with deep pockets.

Her phone was placed inside her pocket and she ran outside without even tying her hair.

As soon as she ran outside, the alarm sounds could be heard everywhere.

Elder Hu, who stayed beside her, ran out while wearing a haphazardly thrown on outer garment.

The moment he saw Zi Yi, he said to her anxiously, “Little Zi, lets head to the lab at once.

Zi Yi nodded her head and the two of them ran in the same direction.

However, not long after they started running, a group of men ran over in their direction under Wang Biaos lead.

Wang Biao hastily walked over and said in a loud voice, “Elder Hu, Miss Zi, were here to protect you.”

Zi Yi asked, “Did something happen Why did the alarms go off”

Wang Biao said with a serious face, “Someone has trespassed into the base.”

Elder Hu hastily asked, “How did they break into the secret base Wasnt it said that the security level here is very tight”

Wang Biao was also confused.

No one had ever managed to break into the secret base!

The three of them continued to run towards the lab.

After they ran for some time, Wang Biaos communicator suddenly rang.

He stopped and listened to what was conveyed on the other end before he said to Zi Yi and Elder Hu, “We cant go there anymore.”


Zi Yi and Elder Hu stopped running at the same time.

Wang Biaos voice sounded even deeper.

“The intruder might have headed over there.

It will be dangerous for you to go there.”

Zi Yi and Elder Hus expressions changed.

“Then what should we do Itll be over if the intruder were to do something to Lu Yunxiao!”

“Dont worry.” Wang Biao said, “People without the right level of authority are unable to enter the Third Young Masters ward, even if they were to forcibly try to break in.

Moreover, the bed he is lying on is also special.”

Elder Hu was still worried.

“Then what about our lab If the research were to be ruined, itll be troublesome to do it again.”

It takes time for them to cultivate everything.

Wang Biaos expression sank even further.

He then said, “Return to your residences first.

Ill go over to take a look.”

Zi Yi and Elder Hu looked at each other.

Zi Yi said, “Elder Hu, why dont we go back Otherwise, we will cause trouble for them instead.”

Elder Hu knew his own strength no matter how anxious he was.

He nodded his head and said, “Alright then.”

The two of them stopped walking.

Wang Biao then led his men towards the direction of the lab.

Zi Yi and Elder Hu stood at the same place for some time.

Elder Hu was clearly anxious.

“What is all this that is going on Isnt it said that the security system here is tighter than the National Security Agency How can someone break in What if something really happens”

Zi Yi had also revealed an anxious look.

Just then, the phone in her hand vibrated.

She said to Elder Hu, “Lets return first.

Its not safe here either.

The most important thing for us to do now is to protect ourselves.”

Elder Hu nodded and they walked back to where they stayed.

After entering her room, Zi Yi took out her phone and took a glance.

She saw the video Little Loli sent to her.

There was a large group of people keeping guard outside the research lab.

Just then, Lu Yi, Zhang Hongliang, and Tian Dongquan arrived outside of Lu Yunxiaos ward while Tian Dongquan was outside the research lab.

Lu Yi and Zhang Hongliang opened the door with both their passcodes and quickly approached Lu Yunxiaos bed.

They did a swift check on the medical equipment around him.

After checking that nothing was touched, they breathed out a sigh of relief.

Following that, they stood in a protective stance on both sides of Lu Yunxiaos bed.

There were no signs of anything unusual on their faces.

Zi Yi observed them for quite some time before she shifted the screen to Tian Dongquan.

Tian Dongquan was also doing a quick check around the research lab and did not do anything to her research.

Wang Biao soon arrived and there was no problem with him either.

In the end, Zi Yi changed the screen to where the control room was.

Ji Dekun who was standing in the control room looked very agitated as he constantly asked the technicians, “Have you found the person who trespassed yet”

The technicians all said, “Weve yet to locate them.”

He was even more irritable.

“Why havent you found the trespasser Didnt our security system just get upgraded Now, you cant even find the person who broke in!”

As soon as Ji Dekun said that, he seemed to have thought of something and his expression instantly turned livid.

He took out his communication device and touched it.

Immediately after, he heard outside in large strides.

Zi Yi knew that Ji Dekun was coming to look for her.

After all, the trespasser got in after she had upgraded the security system of the base.


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