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Chapter 412: Its Cold in the Base, Wear Your Clothes Properly

Ji Dekun was worried that they might be overly sensitive and specially explained.

“Old Lus personality is just like that.

Elder Hu, Miss Zi, please dont take it to heart.

Elder Lu and Zi Yi naturally would not mind it.

When Lu Yi arrived, everyone sat down and ate.

After the meal, Zi Yi and Elder Hu made their way back to the lab again.

At night time, Zi Yi hacked into the satellite communication system and used a foreign account to send a video call to Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye had unexpectedly guessed that it was her and immediately answered the call.

It was already 12 a.m at that time and Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye wearing home clothes and sitting upright.

She smiled and asked, “Ah Jing, are you going to sleep yet”


Lu Jingye turned the camera lens around.

He was in his study room.

Lu Jingye shifted the camera back to his face and said, “Theres a backlog of work to be done due to the trip and I have to finish it all in two days.”

Zi Yi felt bad for him.

“Dont stay up too late working.”


Zi Yi told him about what she did that afternoon.

“I upgraded the security defense system in the base this afternoon.

Guess what I found”

“What did you find”

“Someone has planted a virus in the system and it is a type of deeply hidden virus.”

Lu Jingyes expression sank when he heard her words.

“Did you find out who planted the virus”

“Its an expert among the worldwide hacker community.

Ill send you their transaction information shortly.

The person who contacted the hacker was very discrete.

Youre familiar with the people here, do take a look and see if you can find any clues according to their transaction records.”


Pay attention to your safety over there.

If there is really a mole in the secret base, they will definitely find a way to deal with you.”

“I know.

Ive already made adequate preparations here.”

Lu Jingye was relieved to hear that.

After they finished talking about this, Zi Yi asked about Mrs.

Lus condition, “Hows Aunties mood today”

Traces of worry flashed past Lu Jingyes eyes.

“Mother isnt doing too well.

She has trouble eating and sleeping.”

He had brought his work home today so that he could accompany Mrs.


Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “Go to my courtyard and pick a Blood Lotus, then mix it with…”

Zi Yi told him a method of preparing a type of tonic.

In the end, she did not forget to say, “You and Uncle Lu can consume it too.

Its mainly to soothe the nerves and replenish vigor.”

“Alright.” Lu Jingye nodded and said to her, “Go to bed, its very late.”

“You should sleep early too.”

“Okay, I still have a small portion of work to settle.

Itll take half an hour at most.”

Zi Yi decided not to disturb him any longer.

The two of them ended the video call.

Early the next morning, Zi Yi walked out of the small building and was just about to go for a morning jog.

Not long after she started jogging, she saw someone coming towards her from in front of her.

When he saw Zi Yi, he came towards her.

“Miss Zi.” Lu Yi called out and said nothing else.

Zi Yi stopped and looked at him as she asked, “I heard that youre responsible for purchasing equipment”

“Yes.” Lu Yi nodded.

Zi Yi casually asked, “Among the five of you, would you communicate with each other about your work”

“We would for some of it.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and continued her morning jog.

Zi Yi and Elder Lu ate breakfast at their place of residence today.

After breakfast, the two of them went to check on Lu Yunxiao.

Together with them were Tian Dongquan and Lu Yi.

When they saw that the protruding blood vessels on Lu Yunxiaos body were slowly disappearing, Tian Dongquan was moved as he said, “Third Young Master looks better than he did yesterday.

Elder Lu and Miss Zi are indeed good at what you do.”

Lu Yi looked toward Lu Yunxiao and asked, “Will leader be able to regain consciousness very soon”

Zi Yi glanced at Lu Yi and guessed that he was most likely Lu Yunxiaos subordinate and so, he had called him his leader.

“Currently, Elder Lu and I are trying to nourish his body, and only after his body is restored to a stable condition would we be able to perform brain surgery.”

“How long will it take” Lu Yis voice was slightly hoarse.

He was clearly worried about Lu Yunxiao.

“At the quickest, well need to nourish his body for half a month.”

Lu Yi was silent.

Tian Dongquan who was standing next to him patted him on the shoulder.

“Old Lu, half a month passes by really quickly.”

Lu Yi nodded and turned to Zi Yi.

“Miss Zi, do you require anything else”

“Not for the time being.”


Tell me if you need anything, Ill immediately go out and procure it for you.”


After Zi Yi and Elder Lu finished checking up on Lu Yunxiao, the four of them left the room.

Zi Yi and Elder Lu headed for the lab while Lu Yi and Tian Dongquan went to do other things.

One day passed by very soon.

Zi Yi did not get Little Loli to keep guard in the lab tonight and instead, she brought her away with her.

She wanted to see if she could lure out the spy tonight.

The night ended and Little Loli reported to Zi Yi.

“Master, no one entered your lab last night.”

Zi Yi merely responded with an ok and she did not reveal any disappointment

In the following days, other than staying in the lab, Zi Yi would observe the five managers.

She wanted to find flaws from their usual behavior and actions.

At the same time, she had Little Loli monitor the whole base and check through everyone here.

However, nothing happened at all.

“That person is really patient!”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye shared a video call at night and Zi Yi had a distressed expression.

“Ive used all sorts of methods but I didnt manage to draw the mole out.

Say, do you think he has noticed something”

Lu Jingye sat there and pondered for some time before he said, “That person has clearly decided to stay low and lurk around.

I didnt clarify who you were when I brought you there.

Your skills in the medical field and technology field must have made him afraid.”

Zi Yi was lying on her stomach on the bed and she had the tablet propped against the head of the bed.

She rolled around in annoyance and messed up her hair.

Not only did it not affect her beauty, instead, it gave off a sexy image and her loose pajamas had also slipped down her shoulders.

Lu Jingye reminded her.

“Its cold inside the base, so wear your clothes properly.”

Zi Yi casually arranged her top and continued to worry.

“I will be leaving the day after tomorrow.

If I dont personally fish out the mole, I will be very annoyed.”

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and thought for a while.

“Since that person did not take action these days, he would definitely take action after you leave.

At that time, we can still find out who he is.”

“Ill be worried about your younger brother in that case.” She had to find a way to test those people again before she leaves.

Zi Yi asked, “Are there any movements over there”


Lu Jingye also found it weird.

If they truly wanted to deal with the Lu Family, they should have immediately released the news after he had the accident.

After all, there was no lack of people who wished for the downfall of the Lu Family.

“That person will contact Rick again.”

Lu Jingye was very sure of it.

After all, Rick was determined to marry Aisha to him.

The man in the dark had purposely found Rick instead of other people and they clearly had other purposes.

In fact, Zi Yi had also thought of this aspect.

“When I return to the capital, Ill go meet with that woman named Aisha.”

For those who dare to have designs on whats hers, they have to be prepared to suffer.


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