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Chapter 411: Too Arrogant

When Zhang Hongliang brought Zi Yi to the control room, the group of technicians with a solemn expression on their faces was tapping on the keyboard.

Zhang Hongliang clapped his hand and said, “Everyone, stop.”

All of them stopped their hands and looked towards him and Zi Yi.

Zhang Hongliang did not immediately tell them what to do.

Instead, he turned to Zi Yi and asked, “Miss Zi, how do you intend to do this”

“When I upgrade the system, I need you to adjust the various equipment inside the case.

You can bring them all out to carry out the work.”


Zhang Hongliang opened his mouth, but ended up nodding.


He then angrily shouted at the group of technicians.

“What are you still blanking out for, Everyone, follow me.”

After a moment of silence, one of the bespectacled men finally recovered his senses.

“No… Boss… If we leave, who would mend the loopholes caused by hackers”


Zhang Hongliang pointed at Zi Yi and deliberately said nothing.

The group of arrogant technicians turned their attention to Zi Yi as their gazes contained unfriendliness.

Following that, all of them laughed.

Their laughter was mocking.

“Boss, what joke are you trying to crack Do you think our security system is a plaything for a child How could you randomly let a… hey, babe, how old are you”

That persons tone of voice was not very polite.

Zi Yi coldly gazed at him and did not respond.

She lowered her head and her hands quickly swiped across the tablet.

The group of technicians looked at her and were confused.

What was this beautiful lady doing

Zhang Hongliang seemed to have guessed something and hastily stomped his foot.

“She must be attacking your computers.

Quickly block her!”

The group of technicians subconsciously turned to look at their computer screens.

It was already too late.

Special symbols appeared on their screens.

They quickly tapped on the keyboard, but the keyboard lost its functions.

One of them loudly shouted, “Cut off the terminal, quick!”

Another voice sounded.

“It cant be cut off.”

When the group of technicians was in a powerless situation, Zi Yi stopped and lifted her head to look at them as she asked, “Do you want to continue playing”

The group of technicians felt that their abilities were challenged and were about to say yes.

Just then, the sound of Zhang Hongliang grinding his teeth could be heard.

“I dare you to say yes!”

The technicians hastily swallowed the words that were about to come out of their mouths.

Zhang Hongliang looked towards Zi Yi.

She said, “Everyone, wear your communicators.

Ill tell you what to do in detail shortly.”

Zhang Hongliang nodded his head and shouted to the group, “Everyone, follow me!”

“Boss, what about here if we were all to leave”

Zhang Hongliang said grumpily, “Cant you tell that she was the one who breached the system”

The group of technicians: “…!”

As soon as everyone left the control room, Zi Yi randomly sat down in front of a computer and quickly tapped on the keyboard.

Strings of codes were typed out and the instructions were soon generated.

She started to give instructions to the technicians.

Three hours later, Zi Yi typed the last string of code and said to the group outside, “Its done.”

She then waited inside the control room.

Half an hour later, everyone returned from outside.

When the group of technicians returned to the room, the first thing they did was to return to their seats and do a quick check.

What followed after were their widened gazes and opened mouths.

Zi Yi then explained to them about the upgrade and what other functions the system had.

She then looked towards Zhang Hongliang and said, “The security system upgrade is complete.

Ill be heading to do experiments.

Dont disturb me if theres nothing important in the future.”

Zhang Hongliang subconsciously asked, “What if a problem occurs in the security system you had upgraded, are we not allowed to look for you either”

“Dont worry, the security system I upgraded would not have any problems.”

She then left the control room.

Zhang Hongliang turned to look at Zi Yi who left and gnashed his teeth.

“Too arrogant.

Isnt she afraid of what she said coming back to bite her If something were to happen, who would be responsible then”

He was prepared to report this to the Second Young Master shortly.

He could not afford to take responsibility if something really were to happen.

Thinking of this, he turned back to the technicians with the intention to get them to find out any loopholes, so that he could slap her in her face.

However, the group of technicians were tapping on their keyboards with expressions that were radiant with vigor.

They also gave off an aura that seemed to say,They do not wish to be disturbed.

Zhang Hongliang: “…”

This was his first time seeing such radiant expressions from the group of technicians.

He was unable to control himself and spoke eccentrically, “Is the system upgrade that Zi Yi has done so great”

“Definitely,” one of the technicians replied without even lifting up his face.

“Boss, if you have nothing for us to do, you can go out and play.

Dont disturb us if theres nothing.”

Zhang Hongliang: “…”

Was he too nice to these people that they arent even afraid of him!

When Zi Yi returned to the lab, she first checked up on Lu Yunxiaos condition with Elder Hu.

While entering the data, Elder Hu said to her in excitement, “Even though there are no changes on the surface, the condition of his body is obviously getting better.

In less than two days, the blood vessels protruding from his body will disappear.”

Due to the brain blockage, the blood vessels on Lu Yunxiaos body had protruded and they were cyan Im color.

Zi Yi responded and said, “We can add other chemicals to his nutrient solution tomorrow.

After his body gets better, we can continue to increase the quantity.”

“Yes, yes.”

After they were done with the data, they headed towards the door together.

As soon as they walked out, they just so happened to see Ji Dekun walking over.

When Ji Dekun saw them, he asked, “Elder Hu, Miss Zi, how is the Third Young Masters condition”

Elder Hu explained to him briefly.

Ji Dekun breathed out a sigh of relief and said to them, “Lets go, dinner has been prepared.

Another manager, Lu Yi, will be returning today and you can meet him.”

The two of them followed Ji Dekun to the dining area.

There were several canteens in the secret base and the canteen Zi Yi and Elder Lu went to was the place where the five managers ate.

As soon as the three of them made their way inside, the other three managers were already waiting inside.

Zhang Hongliangs expression changed several times at the sight of Zi Yi.

In the end, he looked at her with an odd expression.

Wang Biao greeted them warmly.

“Elder Lu, Miss Zi, come and sit down quickly.

Old Lu returned to the dormitory to freshen up.

He will come down shortly.”

Tian Dongquan laughed at Zhang Hongliangs expression and jokingly said, “Old Zhang, why are you looking at Miss Zi with such an expression Could it be that youre still mindful about the fact that Miss Zi breached the defense system”

“Theres nothing like that.” Zhang Hongliang refuses to admit it with the gazes of several people on him.

He could not possibly tell them that he has still yet to accept the fact that Zi Yi overpowered his entire group of technicians.

The sound of footsteps came from the door and they saw a man with stiff facial features along with a straight posture walking in.

At first glance, it was obvious that he was someone who did not like to talk

After he came in, he first nodded to the other four managers before he turned to Zi Yi and Elder Hu.


He then took a seat at the place reserved for him.


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