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Chapter 401: Lu, What Kind of Shock Did Your Girlfriend Receive

Lu Jingye told Zi Yi what he had done yesterday night.

“We released news that the Count is extremely disappointed in Ansel and might possibly remove his qualification to inherit the Counts position.

In order to prevent Ian from obtaining the position as the Counts successor, he had personally led men to kill Ian.

They just so happened to be seen by the Count and Ansel nearly killed the Count out of recklessness.”

Since it was a trap, Ansel must have suffered badly last night.

Zi Yi only had to listen to know what this would do.

She then told him about her plans of wanting to build a research base here.

“The outskirts of Country X is sparsely populated and the land is also privately owned.

Besides, youve helped Ian a great deal this time around and it should be rather safe to build a research base here.”

“Thats true.” Lu Jingye thought for a moment and suggested.

“You can draw up a contract and I can help you find suitable people to work in the base.

However, youll have to find someone to handle the management affairs.”

“Ill use robots.”

“That also works too.”

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye freshened themselves up and came downstairs, Dou Xiangling was currently seated in the living room with Ian while they chatted.

Zi Yi was surprised to see Ian sitting there.

She turned her head and asked Lu Jingye, “He came with you”


As soon as he said that, Dou Xiangling and Ian turned around to look over at them at the same time.

Ian smiled and said to Zi Yi, “Zi, Ive brought the contract for the transfer of the winery with me that I had promised you previously.

Since youre here, lets sign the contract.”

He then pointed to a thick stack of papers placed on the table.

Zi Yi was a little surprised.

“Youre quick.”

She then went down to the ground floor with Lu Jingye and walked over to the sofa area.

She grabbed the thick stack of documents and quickly browsed through it, only to be even more surprised by the contents.

“You dont want anything”

“Of course, I mean what I said.”

Ian truly did not leave anything for himself.

Not to mention he had handed over the entire winery to her, he had even given her the horses he raised there.

“But I hope that after Zi takes over the winery, you can allow the workers to continue staying there… Zi, you can rest assured, those workers are all farmers who stay nearby and they are serious and responsible for their work.

Even if youre not there, they would not have other insidious thoughts.”

Ziyi nodded and said, “Okay.”

It was Ians turn to be surprised.

“Youre not going to consider it”

Zi Yi gave him a puzzled look.

The corner of his lips curled up and he smiled.

“I like people who are like Zi, frank and straightforward.”

As soon as those words came out of his mouth, he felt chills run down his spine.

He subconsciously turned around to look at Lu Jingye, who was seated beside Zi Yi, while she was looking at him with a gentle expression.

He somehow felt that Lu Jingyes gaze towards him contained malice.

Lu Jingye took the documents from Zi Yis hands and said to her, “Just give me a project proposal if you need anything done, Ill send someone over to help you take care of it.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and looked towards Ian.

“I will use half of the winerys land to construct a research base.

I hope that youll be able to help out a little and look after it in the future.”

“Research base For what kind of research”

Zi Yi briefly said, “For researching the human gene structure.”


Ian widened his eyes, as he was stunned by her words.

A few seconds later, he asked in surprise, “This technology is presently beyond the reach of all the biologists from all around the world.

Why did you think of constructing a research base to conduct this research”

Ian felt that Zi Yi simply had nothing to do.

“Most importantly, investing a massive amount of money into this research lab is only considered a small matter.

Where would you find such talents in the field”

People who were talented in the field were all taken in by various countries.

Ian looked towards Lu Jingye and said, “Lu, what kind of shock did your girlfriend receive”

Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi and ignored Ian.

“How much funds do you plan to invest”

“In the early stage, Ill invest 50 billion to build the lab.” Zi Yi felt that she was very poor after she said that.

She then looked over to Ian and said, “I will give you 1% of the shares, if you can guarantee that my research base will not be disturbed by anyone.”

“Why only 1%” Ian was still in shock from hearing 50 billion coming out of Zi Yis mouth.

He had the illusion that money was simply random numbers in her point of view.

He did not think that Zi Yis research lab could produce any results at all and so, he deliberately said, “Im worried that 1% of the shares is not even enough for me to hire men and look after the place for you.”

Zi Yi glanced at him and coldly said, “If you dont want the 1%, you can choose not to take it.

Ill give you hundreds of millions for security fees annually.”

“Pft… How much did you say are the security fees”

“Hundreds of million.”

Ian felt that Zi Yi had gone crazy and looked towards Lu Jingye with a sympathetic gaze.

“Lu, youre allowing your woman to behave like this, however she likes”

Lu Jingye did not even bother to look up and he said in a calm voice, “You only need to choose one of the two options Yiyi gave you.”

Ian could not stand how Lu Jingye had pampered Zi Yi and muttered, “The price of this woman fooling around is too expensive.

Only a rich boss like you can afford to let her go about willfully… Alright then, Im not someone who would make use of the opportunity to extort money.

I just want that 1% of shares, and that will do.”

Hell just treat it as returning Lu Jingye a favor.

Zi Yi looked at him and called out.


Shadow turned off its invisibility.


“Immediately draw up two contracts.

The contents shall include…”

Ian listened to Zi Yi listing dozens of conditions and interests of both parties in one shot.

He was so surprised that he widened his mouth in shock and forgot to respond.

He could not help but think, “If this woman were to get involved in business, she would definitely be no joke.”

Dou Xiangling who was seated next to her had been keeping quiet ever since the three of them started discussing business.

She was unable to get a word in, but she was proud of her cousins capabilities deep down.

Shadow drafted out the contract as soon as Zi Yi finished listing down the terms.

She then asked Ian.

“You can bring up any requests.

Once this contract is signed, you must keep it confidential and it cannot be changed again in the future.”

Ian thought that since she was Lu Jingyes girlfriend, hell just treat it as playing with a child.

“I dont have any requests on my side.

Well sign according to this contract.”

In the future, Ian finally understood the meaning of regretting until his intestines turned green.

Zi Yi nodded her head and looked towards Lu Jingye.

He then called for Housekeeper Ye and said, “Go fetch the printed copy of the contract from my study room.”

Housekeeper Ye immediately went to fetch the contract.

The both of them signed the contract together and Zi Yi said, “I noticed that theres a spacious farm near your winery.

If you can acquire it, I hope that you can also help with it.”

Ian gave her an OK sign.

“No problem, leave this type of small matters to me.”

Zi Yi nodded in satisfaction.

Ian glanced over to Dou Xiangling and recalled the embarrassing moment that happened yesterday morning.

He wished that he could remove all her memories related to the morning before.

He has previously been known as a gentleman in the high society of Country X.

When has he done such a shameful act before outsiders Not to mention it was before such a beautiful lady.

Dou Xiangling sensed Ians gaze and looked back at him.

She inexplicably thought of the incident in which he had played the violin for an entire night and a faint smile curled up on her lips.

Ian: “…”


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