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Chapter 399: Drink as Much as You Like, Ill Take Responsibility if You Get Fat

They started discussing their following plans.

Zi Yi said, “Ah Jing and I will be heading to Country D tomorrow and Im thinking of staying there for a few days.

Do you want to follow us or will you be directly making your way back to the capital”

Lu Jingye and her were planning to head over to the secret base and obviously, they could not tell Dou Xiangling this.

Dou Xiangling would certainly return to the capital.

She had a class the first day after the national holidays and she did not have time to play.

“Ill be making my way back first then.


Zi Yi took out her phone and started swiping.

She had gotten Shadow to monitor the person who destroyed her painting with the mechanical cat and she planned to take care of that person after she returned home and had dinner.

Dou Xiangling thought that she was planning to buy plane tickets for her and said, “Yiyi, for the plane ticket, please get one for tomorrow afternoon.

I have to visit an old friend of my fathers on his behalf tomorrow.”

Zi Yi checked the available tickets and said, “There are no planes headed for the capital tomorrow afternoon.”

Dou Xiangling heard what she said and changed her mind.

“Then get one for tomorrow morning.

Ill go and pay a visit to my fathers old friend right now.”

She then took out her phone and called the person she intended to pay a visit to.

Dou Xiangling told the other party that she would be making her way there right now and disconnected the call.

Following that, she said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, you can send me over there first.”

“Youve not had dinner yet.”

“Im fine.

Ill just get some pastries after I visit my fathers old friend.”

Zi Yi thought about it for a second.

After she got Dou Xiangling to inform the driver about the specific address, she said, “When you see a dessert shop later, stop there for a while.”

The driver responded in understanding and turned the steering wheel as he drove in the direction of the location Dou Xiangling had informed him.

Along the way, Zi Yi got the bodyguard to buy some cakes and milk tea for them.

Zi Yi had a special fondness for milk tea, while Dou Xiangling clearly had never tasted such beverages that were so high in calories.

She had struggled deep down with whether to drink it or not as she held the drink in her hand.

She saw that Zi Yi was drinking the milk tea so happily and asked in worry, “Yiyi, youre drinking milk while having cakes.

Arent you worried that you will get fat”

“Whats there to worry about” Zi Yi saw her behavior of wanting to drink and yet, not daring to do so.

“Cousin, just eat and drink whatever you want to.

Ill write you a prescription that can slim you down and strengthen your body when we get back.

I guarantee you that no matter what you eat, you wont get fat, and instead, you will become healthier.”

“Then thatll be really great!” Dou Xiangling revealed surprise in her eyes.

She knew that Zi Yi had superb medical skills and immediately felt relieved.

“Ive often seen others drinking milk tea and I could only watch from afar for fear that I would grow fat from drinking it.

Because if that were the case, I wouldnt be able to wear my favorite clothes.”

Dou Xiangling loved wearing cheongsam and the types of fitted clothing that had strict requirements on the wearers figure.

Therefore, she did not dare to eat many things she had wanted to in order to avoid getting fat.

Zi Yi looked at her with a sympathetic gaze and reached out her hand to lift up the cup of milk tea in Dou Xianglings hand.

“Cousin, have a taste.”

Dou Xiangling took a sip and nodded.

“Its nice.”

“Hehe, then drink as much as you like.

Ill take responsibility if you get fat.”


Zi Yi sent Dou Xiangling to her destination.

When Dou Xiangling alighted from the car, she asked, “Yiyi, do you want to go in with me”

“Nah, I have something else to settle.

Give me a call when youre about to finish.

Ill get the driver to come over and fetch you.”


After she saw Dou Xiangling entering, Zi Yi said to the driver, “Head to Walda Street.”

The Walda Street Zi Yi mentioned was equivalent to Sanyue Street in the capital, where the entire street was crowded with bars.

The driver and bodyguard were very surprised to hear the location she wanted to go to.

The bodyguard even questioned het further, “Miss Zi, you really intend to go to Walda Street”


Zi Yi took out her phone and quickly swiped.

“Head over to No.18 Walda Street.”

“This… Miss Zi.

The bar here is very rowdy and if you have something to do there, why dont you get me to do it on your behalf instead.”

Miss Zi was very pretty and she would definitely encounter people who would try to hit on her if she headed there.

If the Second Young Master Lu knows that they accompanied Miss Zi to a street filled with bars, they did not know what consequences they would suffer from.

Both the driver and bodyguard did not dare to do so.

Zi Yi knew their thoughts and said, “I wont be entering any bars.

Just drive the car to the street behind No.18 Walda Street.”

The bodyguard and driver looked at each other and slightly breathed out a sigh of relief and they were even more curious as to what she was planning to do.

The bar streets of Country X were not as prosperous as that in the capital, but the activity level here was comparable.

The car directly went straight around the bar street and arrived at the street behind it.

The street behind Walda Street was a residential area.

There was a wall between the two streets and a walkway of more than two meters wide on both sides of the wall.

The street here was a passage for trucks making deliveries to the bar every morning and when it came to nighttime, it was for customers who headed out to have some fresh air, vomit, or to find some excitement.

“Miss Zi, weve arrived.”

Zi Yi heard the bodyguards reminder and responded.

However, she did not say anything else.

The bodyguard and the driver looked at each other.

The bodyguard then asked, “Miss Zi, who are you looking for Do you need me to go in and bring them out”

“Theres no need.

This person will be coming out very soon.”

The bodyguard and driver were both surprised, but they did not pry any further.

The three of them quietly waited in the car.

After a five-minute wait or so, a man wearing a sweater and a cap covering his head, had come out from the back door.

Zi Yi checked her phone at that moment and said, “Bring him here.”

Only then did the bodyguard and the driver realize that the feet of the guy wearing the sweater were hovering above the ground.

His body was struggling in an awkward manner.

As someone who was knowledgeable about some martial arts, they immediately noticed that the mans arms had been restrained.

When the manfloated over, they finally saw his face clearly.

It was a man that was considered handsome, but his skin was too pale without the slightest traces of color.

His dark eye circles were also extremely severe.

If this person were to walk down a street alone, those who would see his appearance would be frightened to death by him.

Zi Yi said to the driver, “Lets go.”

The driver subconsciously started the car.

But when he saw that the man was following behind their car as hefloated, the driver nearly crashed the car into the wall.

The bodyguard also had goosebumps all over his body.

Zi Yi faintly said when she noticed their reaction, “This person is being carried by my invisible robot.

Why are you afraid”

The driver and bodyguard: “…”

So embarrassing!

Before the car drove out of the street, Zi Yi said to the driver, “Turn into the next residential area.”

The driver was busy steering the wheel and as the car did a turn, he drove towards the next residential area.

Compared to the bright street on the other side, there were only old, several storey buildings here.

The street lights were also very dim, but the greenery here was well maintained.

The car stopped after it arrived here.

The man who had been carried by Shadow had also stopped.

Zi Yi pushed the car door open and alighted.

The bodyguard hastily followed along.

“Put him down.”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, the young mans feet finally touched the ground.

He hastily looked up at Zi Yi and traces of surprise flashed past his eyes.

Zi Yi looked at her and asked with a cold expression, “Who got you to use that mechanical robot to destroy my painting”


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