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Chapter 393: Killers Are Used to Exercise Our Muscles

Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi altering the weapon in all seriousness.

He thought for a second and sat beside her as he also took a weapon.

“Ill alter the weapon with you.”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him.

“Dont you have to make arrangements for other things”

“Theres no need.

Well just wait for them to arrive and trap them inside here.

It just so happens that they can be used to exercise our muscles.”

Hearing what he had said, Zi Yi recalled the incident where he had held back the entire night.

She could not help but reach out her hand and poke his arm with her finger.

“Ah Jing, Ill prepare some more tonic soup for you when we return.”

Lu Jingyes expression stiffened and he only responded with a hum several seconds later.

Zi Yi watched Lu Jingye skillfully dismantle the weapons and thought about how he had been disguising himself and playing the role of his younger brother all this time.

“Ah Jing, has anyone noticed that it was you who pretended to be your younger brother”

“No.” Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and his hands quickly moved about.

“Yunxiao isnt fond of talking.

He would always wear a mask be it if he was facing his subordinates or if he was out on a mission.

He specializes in using a whip, so all I have to do is to meet these few requirements.”

Zi Yi thought about his appearance whenever he pretended to be his younger brother and the corner of her lips curled up.

“I feel that the most similar thing in your disguises is your expression.”

At that time, she did not recognize him at all.

Speaking of this, Zi Yi made a guess.

“Your younger brother must be very capable and skilled.”


Hes a disciple of a master in ancient martial arts and his skills rank in first place in the world master list.”

“Since your younger brother is so skilled, how did he suffer from such grave injuries”

“I dont know.”

Zi Yi noticed the solemn aura Lu Jingye radiated and reached out her hand to grab his.

“Well know what happened when we save your younger brother.”


Lu Jingye was familiar with all the weapons, but he did not possess the surreal skills Zi Yi had.

While she was modifying the weapons, she said, “Ive brought along some special blocking devices that can block bullets and weapons ten meters away from the human body.

Ill install the device on ten weapons and when the time comes, well get rid of their weapons first before we beat them up.”


Lu Jingye listened to her in all seriousness and he could not help but marvel at her suggestion.

At 10 p.m in the evening, all the lights within the villa had been shut off and only the night lights were left to illuminate the area.

The entire villa fell into a silent atmosphere.

The wind was blowing rather strongly tonight.

The branches were crackling, while the streetlamps outside the villa radiated an eerie luster.

The surrounding security system was working 24/7.

At 12 a.m, a large group of people dressed in black clothing soundlessly appeared outside the walls, surrounding the villas courtyard.

Their faces were painted with terrifying camouflage, while their movements were very agile.

None of them uttered a single word.

One of the guys made several gestures to the men behind him and immediately after, the group of men quickly scattered around the wall.

Around five minutes or so later, these people had soundlessly gathered together once again.

One of them spoke in a low voice.

“The surveillance system at the south wall has been controlled, we can enter through there.”

The leader swiftly gave out commands.

“One to 14 shall enter.

15 to 20 shall stay outside and provide aid.”

“Move out!”

As soon as the order was issued, everyone quickly acted.

15 individuals quickly climbed over the south area wall and very quickly surrounded the whole building.

A minute later, six people lurking outside had received instructions.

“All of you, come in.”

The six of them looked at each other and flipped over the wall without the slightest doubt.

The entire courtyard was silent and there were no traces of fighting at all, not to mention a single sound.

Shortly after, the six people felt an inexplicable creepy feeling.

The sixteen people who were preparing for an ambush were extremely surprised to see the six people coming in.

The next second, the whole villa was lit up and those killers lurking in the surroundings had nowhere to hide.

An ear-piercing electric current sound suddenly sounded in the communication devices worn on their ears.

Just when all of them had yet to react to the current situation, a crisp and sweet laughter sounded from the communicator.

It was simply creepy.

The twenty plus killers felt their hearts chill in that exact second and they all entered a state of high alert.

A crisp, female voice sounded from the device.

“Everyone, welcome to the Lu Familys villa.”

“All visitors are guests, do please come in and have a cup of tea in the living room.”

Her voice sounded and the entrance of the villa was opened.

None of the killers moved, but they held their weapons in preparation for any next movements.

That crisp and sweet-sounding voice sounded once again.

“Why arent you coming in The tea has already been prepared, it wont taste as good if it gets cold.”

She seemed to get angry after that and said in an adorable voice, “Ah Jing, they arent giving me any face!”

Another calm and heavy voice sounded.

“Then well get the bodyguards to invite them inside.”

As soon as his voice sounded, countless bodyguards flocked towards the killers lurking around from all directions.

A fierce battle instantly engulfed the villas courtyard.

Zi Yi, who was seated in the living room and enjoying her tea, had clicked her tongue.

“Its no fun.

I originally wanted them to come and drink the tea I had specially prepared for them.”

Lu Jingye looked at the young lady who was having fun and took the teacup from her hand before he put it down on the table.

In the end, he handed her a cup of milk.

“You might find it hard to sleep if you drink tea, so have milk instead.”

Zi Yi took a sip and saw Lu Jingye standing up.

She hastily held her cup of milk and followed suit.

Lu Jingye grabbed a gun and headed outside the entrance.

While walking, he said to Zi Yi, “Just stand by the side and watch and dont get yourself involved.

Pay attention to your safety lest youre accidentally injured.”

Zi Yi nodded her head as she drank the milk.

“Mmh, okay.”

The two of them walked out the main entrance.

The fight outside was rather fierce and people on both sides were very skilled.

However, Lu Jingye had more people on his side and the killers ended up being surrounded.

Lu Jingye stood there and spectated the situation for a moment before he unbuttoned his cufflinks and rolled up his sleeves to his elbow and said in a loud voice, “Everyone, move away.”

The bodyguards quickly stepped aside and Lu Jingye made his way over.

His footsteps were very elegant, to the extent that he did not seem to be going over for a fight.

Instead, it seemed as if he was going to attend a party.

The killers looked at each other and were prepared to capture him, so that they could escape.

They had already noticed that the security system in this villa was odd.

Moreover, all the weapons the bodyguards had were very powerful, to the extent it had exceeded their current knowledge of them.

Many of their weapons had also been destroyed.

They were unable to deal with them at all.

If they did not leave now, it was highly likely that they might suffer from a complete wipeout.

All of the killers had made up their minds to capture Lu Jingye.

However, one of the bodyguards threw him some nunchucks, when he came closer to the group of killers.

Lu Jingye took the nunchucks and waved them around as a warm up.

The force that it radiated caused their hearts to unconsciously turn cold.

In particular, the aura Lu Jingye currently radiated made him appear like a killing god.

It was powerful and chilly at the same time.

After the killers recovered their senses a second later, they quickly attacked.


However, they were horrified to discover that Lu Jingyes capabilities were simply unfathomable.

Especially since there were hidden weapons that would fly over from the side.

The hidden weapons coupled with the nunchucks made them realize that they were incapable of fighting back.



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