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Chapter 392: Auntie, Dont Worry.

I Will Definitely Take First Place

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Lu breathed a sigh of relief.

She did not wish for Zi Yi to overthink things and added, “Little Zi, Im only casually bringing this up.

The most important thing for you now is to concentrate on the competition and do well.

Auntie shall wait for you to return with the first place position.”

Zi Yi revealed a confident expression.

“Auntie, dont worry.

I will definitely take the first place position.”


Lus eyes curved into crescent moons as she smiled.

Zi Yi got up and walked to the door while she said, “Auntie, Ive obtained a winery in Country X and the grape wine produced in the winery is very delicious.

Ill bring back some for you when I return.

When the time comes, Ill provide you with several recipes for dishes that utilize these grape wines.

I guarantee that your skin will be gleaming with luster.”

“Haha, alright then.

Ill wait for Little Zi to bring back some red wine for me.”

The two of them continued to chat for nearly half an hour before they ended the call.

Zi Yi put away her phone and headed towards where Dou Xiangling was painting.

Dou Xiangling set up an easel on one of the roads while she sat there and looked at the surrounding grape fields as she painted.

Seated beside her were a few young children.

All of them were looking at her with gazes of admiration as they watched her paint.

Dou Xiangling chatted with them as she painted.

The whole scene appeared very warm.

Zi Yi stood there and watched for some time.

She did not go over and disturb them and instead, she turned around and headed towards another path.

After she had walked for some time, her phone suddenly rang.

It was an alarm and it was the sound of a warning alarm.

Zi Yi quickly connected her phone and did a check.

What followed immediately afterwards was a sneer.

“It just so happens that I can use you to train myself.”

She had inserted several viruses into the killer organization network.

As long as they dared to plot against her or Lu Jingye, she would immediately receive news of it.

This time around, someone was planning to get rid of her in Country X.

Zi Yi checked up on the hackers and the sneer on the corner of her lips deepened.


Zi Yi called out and Shadow appeared before her.

Zi Yi gave him a command.

“Protect my cousin well in the following two days.”

“Yes, Master.”

Shadow turned invisible after responding.

Zi Yi did not have the spare thoughts to continue hanging around and she turned around to head towards the villa.

Lu Jingye and Ian had yet to come down from the study room.

Zi Yi called for Housekeeper Ye and asked, “Housekeeper Ye, hows the security system of the villa”

Housekeeper Ye had received a reminder from Housekeeper Zhang before Zi Yi had arrived and knew that Zi Yi was Second Young Masters future wife.

He then immediately answered.

“The security level in the villa is the highest amongst all the residential areas within Country X.”

Zi Yi nodded and asked, “How many weapons are there”

Housekeeper Ye was momentarily stunned before he gave her a number.

Zi Yi thought for a moment and decided to return to Lu Jingyes villa after he came down.

Housekeeper Ye had no idea why Zi Yi had asked for this information from him.

And so, he asked, “Miss Zi, do you have any orders for me”

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and said, “You can return to the villa first.

Ah Jing and I will most probably return before noon.”

Housekeeper Ye nodded and turned around to leave.

Zi Yi walked out of the main entrance and headed towards where Dou Xiangling was.

Dou Xiangling was currently carrying a girl who appeared to be four or five years old, while teaching her how to draw.

Zi Yi waited for some time before she called out to her.


Dou Xiangling turned around and looked at her.

The few young children had also done the same as they turned around.

One of the boys widened his eyes in shock as he said, “What a beautiful sister!”

Zi Yis lips curved up and walked over to them and said, “Thanks for your compliment.”

Dou Xiangling then said to the few young children, “I have something to discuss with this beautiful sister.

You can go and play around first.”

The young children obediently heeded her words and ran away to play.

Dou Xiangling looked at their backs as they ran about to play.

She then asked, “Yiyi, what do you want to say to me”

“Cousin, Ill be returning with Ah Jing to his villa shortly.”

Dou Xiangling nodded and was about to stand up and pack her painting tools.

Zi Yi stopped her.

“Theres no need for you to pack up.

You can stay in this winery today.”

Dou Xiangling immediately keenly sensed something and asked, “Yiyi, did something happen”

Zi Yi obviously would not tell her that there were killers coming for her.

Therefore, she deliberately winked and said to her, “I finally managed to travel abroad, so I wish to spend some alone time with Ah Jing.”

Dou Xiangling did not know whether to laugh or cry at her words.

She pretended to be angry and said, “So youre finding me a bother because Im being a third wheel”


Since Zi Yi had said that, Dou Xiangling would not insist on being a lightbulb.

She could only say, “Its not good for me to stay here alone.

Why dont I stay at a hotel instead”

“Whats there to be worried about Ian should also be leaving shortly and he has already said he would give me this winery.

This is mine now and whats mine is yours.

Whats the problem with staying at our house”

Dou Xiangling could not find any words to refute Zi Yi.

In the end, she smiled and said, “Alright then.

Getting someone to pick me up early in the morning tomorrow will do.”


After they came to an agreement, Dou Xiangling continued to sit down and paint, while Zi Yi stood behind her and observed her.

Lu Jingye and Ian only came down to look for them when it was about to reach 11 a.m.

Zi Yi saw Lu Jingye walking over and pulled his hand.

“Ah Jing, lets go back to your villa to spend some time alone.

My cousin and I have agreed that she will be staying here today.”

Lu Jingye noticed the hidden meaning behind her words and nodded his head.

Ian teased them and said, “You two are in the wrong.

You cant possibly leave Miss Dou here alone just because you want to spend time together.”

Zi Yis lips curved up as she said, “In any case, this place will soon belong to me.

Whats mine is also my cousins.

Whats the problem with her staying at her place”


Ian touched his nose and said, “Alright then, but Ill also have to return to the Counts house shortly.

Will Miss Dou find it boring if you stay here alone”

“I wont,” Dou Xiangling answered.

“There are many children here.

I like hanging around with them.”

Since Dou Xiangling had said that, Ian did not continue to object.

Soon, the three of them left the winery.

After the car drove out of the winery, Zi Yi informed Lu Jingye about what she had discovered.

Lu Jingyes expression turned serious and he took out his phone as he swiftly issued several orders.

Zi Yi waited for him to put away his phone before she said, “I will upgrade the security system and the weapons in the villa when we reach there.”


By the time the car returned to the villa, they were just in time for lunch.

After lunch, Zi Yi took out her laptop and her fingers quickly typed across the keyboard.

Lu Jingye led his men to whichever place Zi Yi told them required strengthening.

He then instructed the bodyguards to quickly modify and upgrade the equipment.

After they were done with everything, the two of them headed to the weapon storage in the basement.

When Zi Yi entered the armory, she was surprised to see the view before her.

“Why do you have so many weapons here”

“The arms restriction in Country X is not as strict as China, this is also a transit point for the Lu Familys secret forces to purchase weapons.”

Zi Yi smiled as she heard that.

She walked in and casually picked up a weapon to test it out.

“The lethality of these types of weapons is pretty good and it has high accuracy.

However, it can actually hold an additional bullet.”

She started dismantling the weapon immediately after saying that and casually said while her hands moved about, “Its been a long time since Ive played such games of paying back the opponent with his own scheme.

When the time comes, well let them suffer and doubt the meaning of life..

Ill see if they dare to accept business relating to us in the future.”


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