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Chapter 388: Drunk

Lu Jingye looked at him for some time before he suddenly said, “A killer infiltrated into your winery.”

“Who dares to come!”

Ian suddenly jumped up from the sofa.

His body swayed around due to the sudden movements and after he managed to steady himself, he headed towards the staircase in large strides.

Along the way, he said, “Do they honestly think my place is somewhere they can come and leave as they like Ill let them know what it means by having no chance of returning!”

Lu Jingye followed Ian who was walking upstairs in large strides.

The both of them soon arrived in Ians bedroom.

The moment he entered his bedroom, Ian started looking for his weapon.

Lu Jingye stood in the bedroom and scanned around the room before his gaze landed on the wardrobe.

“Do you have anything that cannot be seen in your wardrobe”

Ian was currently pulling out his weapon.

Perhaps due to dizziness, he did not manage to pull it out even after some time had passed.

He then heard Lu Jingyes question and said, “Its all clothes inside.

What is there that cant be seen”

Lu Jingye was relieved by his words and walked over to open his wardrobe.

At a glance, he saw several pajamas hung neatly inside.

There were all kinds of styles available.

He chose one of the most conservative pajamas and turned to look at Ian.

When he saw that he finally pulled out something, he was speechless.

Ian had pulled out his violin.

After he pulled out his violin, he headed outside his bedroom.

Lu Jingye looked on helplessly as he disappeared outside the door like a gust of wind and it took him two seconds before he walked out after him.

Ians walking speed was very fast.

Even though he had stumbled several times when he went down the stairs, he managed to steady his body and continued to descend down the stairs.

Lu Jingye said that he was headed outside the door and asked, “Where are you going”

“To deal with the killer.”


When Lu Jingye followed him to the door, he just so happened to see Ian shouting towards the air.

“All of you, reveal yourself! Otherwise, dont blame me for being rude!”

He then propped his violin on his shoulder and started to play a particularly passionate piece.

Lu Jingye looked at Ian for several seconds and recalled how he mentioned having Yiyi take off the outerwear he had given her, just so she could flaunt her figure.

He then turned around and walked back to his room heartlessly.

Lu Jingye returned to the guestroom with the pajamas in hand.

By the time he came in, Zi Yi had already put on his pajamas and was lying on the bed playing with her phone while she waited for him.

The moment she saw him, she smiled and said, “Ah Jing, youre back.”

Lu Jingyes gaze shifted to her slender white legs which were without any trousers.

His eyes deepened and asked, “Why didnt you wear pants”

“Your pajamas are pretty long, I can wear them like a nightdress.”

Zi Yi climbed out of the bed for him to take a look.

The pajama top just managed to cover one-quarter of her upper thigh and even just the slightest movement from her would reveal her undies inside.

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and suddenly walked over in her direction.

Zi Yi stared at him with that beautiful pair of eyes of hers.

Lu Jingye bypassed the bedside and grabbed the trousers she had placed there.

He passed them to her and said in a magnetic voice, “Be good, put them on.”

Zi Yi looked at his bottomless deep eyes and thought for a moment, before she decided to wear the trousers.

Only then did Lu Jingye head for the bathroom to wash up.

Zi Yi waited for him to go in, before she continued swiping her phone.

She had checked the whereabouts of Feiya and discovered that the Counts men had yet to locate her.

Therefore, she intended to give them some help.

When Feiya saw that the man she liked was thinking of sleeping with another woman in that kind of situation, her heart went cold.

After Shadow entered the room, she chose to turn a blind eye and left shortly after.

She had hidden herself after she left the place.

“Its no wonder they could not find her.”

Feiya had turned off all communication devices when she hid and it was not easy to locate her.

However, Zi Yi had soon identified the approximate range where she was hiding.

She then anonymously sent the information to the Counts men.

Shen then investigated the killer who had appeared tonight.

She discovered that the killer was waiting for them on the route back to Lu Jingyes villa.

By the time they reached Ians winery, Lu Jingyes men had met with those people.

The bathroom door opened just then and Zi Yi looked up to see Lu Jingye walking out as he dried his hair.

She put down her phone on the bedside table and knelt down as she reached out her hand.

“Ah Jing, hand me the towel.

Ill dry your hair for you.”

Lu Jingye looked at her expectant gaze and walked over to pass her the towel as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Zi Yi took the towel and knelt behind him while she dried his hair.

She was in extremely close proximity to him, with her chest against his back.

It allowed Lu Jingye to truly feel that she had not worn anything on top of her body.

While she dried his hair, her hands naughtily stroked his slightly reddened ears.

Immediately after, she saw that his ears turned redder.

Zi Yi found it novel and was about to touch his ears once again.

Yet, the moment she reached out towards his ears, her hand was grabbed by an incoming large hand.

“Naughty girl.”

Zi Yi laid on his back and giggled and she tilted her head to kiss him on his cheeks.

Lu Jingyes body stiffened for a second and the next moment, he turned around and pressed her beneath him.

Not only did she not push him away, she even held his neck tightly.

She felt the rapid change in his body and the corner of her lips curled up as she deliberately said, “Old-fashioned… umh-”

Zi Yi thought that this time around would just end with a kiss.

When the buttons of her pajamas were unbuttoned and a large palm landed on her bare skin, she felt a series of electric currents spread throughout her body.

The temperature of the room rapidly increased.

Seeing that the situation was about to escalate to a point of no return, Lu Jingye stopped at the end.

He pulled the quilt over and covered her up while hugging her over the quilt at the same time.

Zi Yi was panting at that moment and her cheeks were flushed.

She was momentarily stunned when Lu Jingye suddenly stopped.

Just then a hoarse and bewitching voice sounded in her ears.

“Yiyi, go to sleep.”

Zi Yi looked at him with eyes that were brimming with luster.

Her gaze caused Lu Jingyes heart to beat uncontrollably.

His Adams apple bobbed up and down several times before he said, “This kind of thing can only be done after marriage.

I wont let you suffer any grievances.”

Zi Yi leaned her head in the socket of his shoulders and moved her body.

“Youre hugging me too tightly.”

Lu Jingye loosened his grip slightly.

Zi Yis palms were placed on his scalding chest as she felt his rapidly beating heart.

Clearly, this man could not restrain himself anymore, and yet, he was still able to restrain himself at the very last second.

She asked with slight concern, “What if you suppress it too much until something goes wrong”[1]

A string seemed to have snapped in his head at her question.

He took a deep breath and buried his head in her shoulder socket before he said, “Therefore, dont tease me like that before we get married.”

The corner of her lips curled up and she said, “Ill hack into Chinas Household Registration Department tomorrow and register us as husband and wife.”

Zi Yis lips were bitten after she said that.

Lu Jingye only released her sometime later.

“My wife must be married to me openly.”

He then added, “Ill get my mother to choose a date for us when I return.”

“Didnt we say well wait until your younger brother wakes up”

“I believe in your capabilities.”

Zi Yi was in a joyous mood and she was finally willing to sleep in his embrace.

[1] This isnt factual.


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