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Chapter 379: You Want to Make Use of Me and Threaten Ah Jing

Dou Xiangling subconsciously stepped back.

Meng He seemed as if he had not seen her retreating and smiled happily.

“Ive finally figured it out now.

Rather than competing with you, its better to make you my woman.

In that case, Ill be able to be like you and get a green light from everyone wherever I go.”

Dou Xianglings expression instantly sank.

“Meng He, what do you think youre doing This is Count Alistairs house.

Do you know what would happen if you dare to mess around”

“Ha… Dou Xiangling, youre really a well-protected princess.”

“What do you mean by that”

When Dou Xiangling asked that question, she saw two bodyguards heading in their direction out of the corner of her eyes.

She knew that the situation did not look good and turned with the intention to leave.

However, Meng He grabbed onto her arm and prevented her from leaving.

“Meng He, let go of me!” Dou Xiangling struggled to get out of Meng Hes grip.

“I wont let you go.”

When Meng He said that, those two bodyguards had already made their way over.

One of them used a cloth sprayed with drugs and covered Dou Xianglings mouth.

Dou Xiangling wanted to call for help, but she had lost consciousness before she could even shout.

Living room.

Zi Yi suddenly felt a sense of unease.

She subconsciously turned to look at the dining area.

When she saw that Dou Xiangling had disappeared, she excused herself from Count Alistair and his group before she headed over.

The group of women, who were engaged in conversations, were surprised to see Zi Yi coming over.

Zi Yi asked, “Wheres my cousin”

One of them answered, “She was called out by Meng He earlier.”

Zi Yi furrowed her brows.

“Which direction did they leave in”

That woman pointed in a direction.

Under their surprised gazes, Zi Yi turned and strode over in large steps.

While walking, she ordered Shadow.

“Shadow, immediately look for my cousin.

Just as she reached the aisle, she saw Ansel coming over from one side.

“Miss Zi, what happened Your expression doesnt look too good.”

Zi Yi looked into Ansels eyes for several seconds before she said, “Its nothing, Im only going to look for my cousin.”

“Where did she go off to Why dont I follow you and well search together”

“Your backyard.”

Ansel nodded his head and led her in the direction of the backyard.

As they walked, he said, “Does Miss Zi know who Dou Xiangling left together with to the backyard However, our backyard is very safe and theres no need to worry.”

Zi Yi did not answer him and silently walked side by side with Ansel.

Just then, he asked in a casual tone, “Miss Zi doesnt seem to like talking”

Zi Yi tilted her head and glanced in his direction with a cold expression.

Ansel revealed a heartbroken appearance as he said, “Or perhaps Miss Zi does not like talking to me”

Zi Yi replied only after a few seconds, “Youre overthinking things.”

She shut her mouth after that and did not say anything else.

Ansel opened his mouth with the intention to say something.

However, he swallowed the words and kept quiet.

The two of them soon arrived at the backyard.

The backyard was very silent.

Not to mention Dou Xiangling and Meng He.

There was not even a single servant.

Zi Yi turned to look at Ansel at that moment and asked with a stern voice, “Mr.

Ansel, where did you bring my cousin to”

Ansel immediately revealed a puzzled and surprised expression.

“Miss Zi, why do you say that Could it be that you think I was the one who hid Miss Dou”


Zi Yi stood there and waited for Shadow to locate Dou Xiangling.

Ansel looked at Zi Yis indifferent expression.

She was still so charming that he could not shift his gaze away from her.

He then spoke in an extremely gentlemanly voice.

“Miss Zi, I heard that youre dating Lu Jingye, the President of the Lu Group”

Zi Yi furrowed her brows and said, “So what if I am”

Ansel revealed an even gentler smile.

“It just so happens that I wish to discuss a rather large project with President Lu.

Why dont you be our middleman”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes.

“You wish to make use of me and threaten Ah Jing”

“How could I possibly do that I only wish for you to be the middleman.

In that case, the chances of me meeting with President Lu would increase.”

Just then, dozens of bodyguards came over from several directions.

Zi Yi looked at the bodyguards and a sharp glint streaked across her eyes.

Her hands subconsciously reached into her bag and took out a circular ball.

She then looked at Ansel and asked again, “Wheres my cousin”

Ansel seemed to point in a direction out of kindness and said, “Right behind there.

Does Miss Zi wish to head over Mph…”

Zi Yi retracted her hand and looked at Ansel whose face turned ashen as he held his stomach.

She then coldly said, “If something were to happen to my cousin, I will make you regret it.”

Ansel never expected Zi Yi would suddenly punch him.

He disregarded the pain he felt and suddenly burst into anger as he shouted at the bodyguards, “Arrest her!”

Dozens of bodyguards quickly surrounded Zi Yi.

At the same time, Ansel reached out with the intention to grab onto her.

Zi Yis feet twisted and she threw the circular ball into the air.

A dazzling light that made the surrounding people unable to open their eyes flashed and Zi Yi ran in the direction where Ansel had pointed to earlier.

Zi Yi knew that Ansel would never give her the opportunity to return to the villa.

In that case, she might as well go and save Dou Xiangling first.

The Counts backyard was very large and there were numerous stone carvings.

The sound of footsteps soon followed and Ansel calmly ordered.

“Immediately send more people to search right away.

Check the surveillance too.

I dont believe she has the capability to escape from here.”

Zi Yi hid behind a large stone carving and took out her mobile phone to connect to all the surveillance in the Counts house.

She first checked out where Dou Xiangling was brought to.

When she noticed that Shadow had already located and rescued her, she directly gave Shadow an order.

“Bring my cousin out.

Wait for me in the car.”

She then quickly controlled all the surveillance equipment in the Counts house.

Just then, the sound of footsteps approached.

Zi Yi put away her phone and ran in a direction.

She wore high heels tonight and she could not take large steps due to the cheongsam she was wearing.

The moment she started running, she had been discovered.

“Shes over here!”

Someone nearby shouted and soon, the others had gathered around.

Zi Yi simply removed her shoes and picked it up while pulling up the cheongsam and quickly ran behind one of the large stone carvings.

She was regretting it deep down: I shouldnt have worn a cheongsam.

She noticed that under such a situation, wearing a cheongsam and running was simply cumbersome.

Just then, she heard barking sounds of German shepherds.

She clicked her tongue.

Do they honestly think that a few German shepherds can scare her

Zi Yi raised her skirt and ran towards the walls.

She took out a circular ball while running and the corner of her lips curled up.

She was not worried in the slightest that she would get caught.

When she had run around 100m or so, sure enough, several German shepherds had caught up to her.

They encircled her and barked.

Shortly after, a group of bodyguards had also caught up to her.

The men and dogs all glared at her like tigers watching their prey.

Just then, Ansels smiling voice sounded.

“Miss Zi, why arent you running anymore”


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