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Chapter 370: All the Best, Dont Lose too Badly When the Time Comes

Zi Yi just happened to turn her head and she saw Meng He standing at one of the easels while he organized his painting tools.

Coincidentally, Meng He had turned to look in their direction.

They made eye contact and Zi Yi suddenly gave him a smirk.

Meng He somehow felt that Zi Yis smirk was ridiculing him and his expression instantly sank.

He put down his painting tools and walked in their direction.

“Dou Xiangling.”

Dou Xiangling originally had her back facing him.

She turned around and looked at him upon hearing him call out to her.

Meng He looked at her, who was wearing a cheongsam, and his eyes shrank ever so slightly.

He then lowered his eyes before looking into hers and said, “All the best for the competition.

Dont lose too badly when the time comes.”

He turned around and returned to his position after having said that.

Dou Xiangling was not angered by his words.

Instead, she calmly located the position of her easel.

Zi Yi looked at her and said, “Cousin, lets torture him later.”

Dou Xiangling finally revealed a smile.

Her smile was gentle and full of confidence.


On the other side.

Andelu Corporation headquarters.

Feiya suddenly received a call from the board of directors and she knew that the incident of leaked documents was known by others.

She dressed herself well and expressionlessly went up to the highest floor of the company, the board meeting room.

While Feiya stepped into the room, the gazes from everyone were filled with ill intentions, as if they wished they could skin her alive.

Her father had even walked up to her and gave her a tight slap across her face.


Edward gnashed his teeth in anger and shouted at her in fury, “To think you leaked out the information of projects that are worth tens of billions!”

What followed was another tight slap.


“Take a look at what you have done.

How dare you touch the woman of the CEO of Lu Group Do you know that they have just unilaterally terminated all cooperation with us just moments ago”

After getting hit twice in a row, even though her cheeks were stinging in pain, Feiya merely tilted her head and was still expressionless.

However, after she heard what he said, after giving her the second slap, her heart suddenly tightened due to shock.

Edward was infuriated when he saw Feiyas indifference.

Everyone among the board of directors had launched a crusade on her.

In the end everyone unanimously decided:

“Since youre incapable of managing the company, let someone competent take over your position.”

Feiyas emotions finally collapsed when she heard that.

She shouted hysterically at everyone, “No way! The achievements of the company today are all created by me!”

Someone immediately snapped at her.

“The company is about to go bankrupt due to your ignorance! How dare you have the cheek to say that Feiya, the finance department is currently calculating how much the company has suffered due to your wildfulness.

You can just wait to pay the compensation.

If you are unable to afford the compensation, you can go and die.”

Many of them had all asked Feiya to meet her maker.

Feiya was already accustomed to these cold words that hurt her.

Her face was expressionless once again as she said, “I will think of a way to resolve this problem.”

“Think of a way What can you possibly do!” One of Feiyas aunts spoke in a shrill voice.

“Are you preparing to beg President Lu or his woman Are you worthy of even showing yourself before the two of them”

Feiyas sharp gaze swept across her.

The middle-aged woman felt her heart palpitating and when she finally recovered her senses, she became flustered.

“Edward, take a look at the daughter youve brought up.

How dare she look at me with such a gaze If we hand over the Andelu Corporation to her, does it mean that all of us will have to wait and be prepared to be dealt with by her”

All of their expressions were ugly to the extreme.

Edward pointed at the exit of the room and said with a livid expression, “Get lost.

Youre not allowed to interfere with the affairs of the company in the future.”

“Dad, you cant…”

“Get lost! If you dont leave right now, Ill get the security to throw you out.”

Feiya looked at the man opposite her who gave her a cold gaze.

A few seconds later, she turned around and left.

She was someone who could bow and submit, or stand tall in different situations.

As long as she could obtain control of the Andelu Corporation, she could do anything, even if she had to apologize to President Lu and his woman.

Art Museum.

The competition starts at 9 a.m and it is divided into three different rounds.

The first two rounds would happen today and the last round would happen tomorrow.

“The first round, Still Life Painting.”

The Chairman of the International Painting and Calligraphy Association pointed towards all kinds of antiques placed on the table before the participants and announced the rules.

“These are antiques we borrowed from museums and many of the antiques are from abroad.

Each and every one of them has its own historical background.

The first requirement of the competition is that you have to draw out the charm of one of the antiques within four hours.

Everyone will have half an hour of observation time.”

After the announcement, the Chairman left the stage and left the space to the contestants.

Zi Yi followed everyone and headed to the other side.

Many of these antiques had a history of thousands of years.

If one did not know the historical background and cultural traditions of the antiques of its era, it was useless even if they observed it.

Everyone held onto magnifying glasses as they observed the antiques.

Zi Yi was the only one who stood further away.

She had used her mental energy to observe all the antiques and the country, the historical background and cultural traditions of these antiques had surfaced in her mind all at the same time.

The contestants never expected such a difficult topic as the first round of competition.

The expressions of many looked bad after they observed it.

“Why should we draw these antiques for the first round of the competition We are ignorant of their historical backgrounds and even if we did paint them, they would be soulless!”

The contestants were not the only ones who revealed a troubled expression.

Even the people who had been watching the live broadcast had expressed sympathy for them.

“I wonder who was the one to have thought up this topic.

To think they would get the contestants to draw antiques.”

“Is that vase that is decorated with precious stones real If its real, how much is it worth!”

“Sure enough, the International Painting and Calligraphy Competition never fails to deliver.

Have you all noticed that other than that extremely pretty sister from the Dou Family in China, there is an even prettier sister.”

“Oh heavens, she must be an angel.

She is too beautiful and also quite young.

Its so unexpected that she could get into the finals of the International Painting and Calligraphy Competition at such a young age!”

“With such a girl participating in the competition, even if her painting is mediocre, I am willing to buy her work!”

“ 1”

In the end, there was a group of people who were willing to purchase her work regardless of if her painting was good or bad.

Competition venue.

Zi Yi soon checked out all the antiques and she partially tilted her head to look at Dou Xiangling who was keenly observing a piece of jade instrument from China.

She walked over to Dou Xianglings side and whispered to her about the background of the jade instrument and who had used it in that era.

A trace of surprise streaked across Dou Xianglings eyes and she quickly suppressed it.

Shortly after, Zi Yi told her the information about the several antiques beside her.

She had done it swiftly and the movement of her lips was also very slight.

Coupled with the fact that she knew how to avoid the cameras, everyone merely saw that she stood behind Dou Xiangling for a few moments and left.

Zi Yi returned to her easel and took up the brush as she started to trace the lines.


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