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Chapter 368: Yiyi, Pull Up Your Quilt And Cover Yourself

Just as Zi Yi was about to speak, the call was disconnected.

Before she had the time to let her thoughts wander, a video call soon came through.

Zi Yi closed her laptop and ran towards the bed with her phone in hand.

Upon reaching the bed, she grabbed the quilt and covered herself, only revealing her head, before she answered the video call.

When facing the man who had a stern expression on his face, Zi Yi revealed an exceptionally innocent gaze as she blinked her beautiful eyes.

“I went to the toilet earlier.”

Lu Jingye looked at her messy hair and reddish cheeks.

How could he not know that she was lying However, he did not expose her as he said, “Put your phone on the bedside table.

Ill watch you fall asleep.

Ill hang up when youre asleep.”

Zi Yi: “…”

Lu Jingye had a gentle gaze as he looked in her direction.

His cello-like magnetic voice sounded.

“Why Dont want me to Could it be that you were lying earlier”

“How is that possible” Zi Yi would never admit to her lies.

In order to prove that she had not lied, she immediately flipped the quilt away and revealed her pajamas.

“Look, Im wearing pajamas.”

Never had he imagined that the young lady would suddenly flip the quilt away.

Moreover, she must have been in a rush earlier and had made large movements as she ran to the bed.

Several of the buttons on her pajamas were loosened and it revealed a large area of her snow-white skin.

It made him…

It made his heart beat uncontrollably like galloping horses, as blood coursed through his body madly.

Lu Jingyes gaze darkened and his Adams apple rolled up and down.

His voice became hoarse as he said, “Yiyi, pull up your quilt and cover yourself.”

Zi Yi noticed Lu Jingyes strange reaction.

She lowered her head and took a look, before she then laughed.

She looked in his direction and quirked an eyebrow.

“Youll be seeing it in the future, so whats the difference between seeing it now and later”


Lu Jingye looked at the young lady with his deep-set eyes as he tried his hardest to suppress the inexplicable reactions surging forth from his body.

“Pull up the quilt.

Dont catch a cold.”


Only then did Zi Yi pull up the quilt and reveal her head.

Lu Jingye cajoled her.

“Close your eyes and sleep.”

Zi Yi obediently closed her eyes, only to open them several seconds later.

She turned her head to look at Lu Jingye reflected on her screen.

“I cant fall asleep.”

Lu Jingye thought for a moment and grabbed his phone as he walked elsewhere.

“What did you do today”

Zi Yi raised her eyebrows and recounted the events she experienced today.

When Lu Jingye heard that Abel wanted to hit on her, his eyebrows furrowed together, and he asked, “Which hospital is he in”

Zi Yi knew that he was angry.

“Ive already posted all the deeds he has done in the past on the internet.

His situation is similar to a rat crossing the street right now and Shadow did not hold back its punches against him.”

She then added, “Youre pretty busy, so dont bother yourself in this matter hmm~.”

Lu Jingye tightly closed his lips.

Zi Yi then recounted what had happened afterwards.

Lu Jingye no longer said anything as he listened to her seriously.

When Zi Yi was done explaining, she felt tired and said, “Ah Jing, Im going to sleep.”

“Go ahead.” Lu Jingyes voice was very soft.

“Ill end the video call later.”


Zi Yi closed her eyes after that.

Lu Jingye looked at the young ladys sleeping appearance for some time, before he reluctantly disconnected the video call.

After he put away his phone, his expression instantly turned chilly.

He then turned around and headed somewhere.

While walking, he took out a mask and wore it.

Instantly, a powerful aura quickly spread out.

When his subordinate approached him, he said, “Move out ahead of the planned timing.”


On the other side.

When Feiya received a phone call from her bodyguard, she learned that all the people she sent had the skin of their chests peeled off and were already sent to the hospital.

She then asked with a cold expression, “Who did this”

“Its that woman who has an exceptionally stunning appearance.”

A trace of killing intent streaked across her eyes.

“Immediately investigate which hotel they are staying at and get rid of them at once.”

The other party responded and she hung up the phone call.

Feiya walked out the study room following that and headed towards another room.

This was her private villa.

It was not particularly big, but it was decorated luxuriously.

There were numerous paintings hanging on the corridors.

If one looked carefully, they would discover that the paintings were all completed by a single person and.

There was a signature at the bottom, with the wordHe signed there.

Feiya stopped at one of the doors and knocked out of politeness before she stepped inside.

The inside of the room was a studio.

The studio was very wide and bright, and Meng He was currently looking at a stone statue as he painted.

Neither did he stop his brush nor look back when he heard the sound of her footsteps.

Feiya walked over and hugged his waist from behind.

“He, you still have a competition tomorrow.

Its time to rest.”

Meng He looked at the additional stroke on the canvas and groaned unhappily.

“Let go.”

Feiya did not release her hands.

Instead, her hands wandered upwards as she whispered in his ears, “Your nerves are stretched taut, its not beneficial for your competition tomorrow.

Why dont I help you to relax instead”

Speaking of this, her hands reached the buttons of his clothes.

Meng Hes nerves were indeed stretched taut these past two days.

After being teased, he simply turned around and pulled her to the front of the table, where the stone statue was placed.

After some time had passed, Feiya who was lying on the bed stared at Meng He who had fallen asleep.

She softly whispered in his ears as she guaranteed to him, “He, I will definitely let you emerge victoriously.”

However, the next second, her phone placed on the bedside table suddenly rang.

Feiya picked up her phone and answered it, “Speak.”

A panicked voice sounded from the other end.

“Miss Feiya, all the confidential information of the projects we worked on have been hacked.”

Feiyas expression turned stern and she suddenly sat up from the bed without a care if she was wearing anything.

She then wrapped herself in a robe before she headed towards the study, while giving commands as she radiated flames of fury.

The next day.

The first thing Zi Yi did when she woke up was to check the phone placed right beside her.

The screen was off and she picked it up to take a look.

Upon unlocking it, the screen was still on the video call with Lu Jingye last night.

The corner of her lips could not help but curl up.

She put down her phone, swept the quilt away, and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

When Zi Yi made her way downstairs, Dou Xiangling was already there.

She was currently preparing the tools needed for the competition.

The moment she heard the sound of her footsteps coming down, she turned around and smiled as she said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Zi Yi walked over to Dou Xianglings side and saw that she had everything prepared.

“What time did you wake up and how come you have gotten everything prepared already”

Dou Xiangling smiled and said, “I woke up half an hour earlier than you.

These things were already prepared for us when I came downstairs and I was only checking if there was any damage.”

Dou Xiangling had already checked everything and Zi Yi did not have to do anything at all.

And so, she said, “Cousin, lets go out for a morning jog.”

Dou Xiangling nodded.

Thus the two of them headed out of the villa.

It just so happened that Housekeeper Ye walked in from the other side.

When he saw that they were going out for a jog, he said, “Ladies, theres a large area behind the villa where its suitable for jogging.”

Following that, they headed towards the back of the villa.


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